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Summary:  Carol is sorting items to donate for a Mission garage sale.   She keeps the best for herself and gives the rest to God.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 6min
Actors: 2F
Scripture:  Matthew 6:21  “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.

Carol:  flighty and self-absorbed
Kate: a mission-minded Christian

several boxes
a dress with an obvious red stain
fancy dress from a wedding
coat with fur
jewelry box
big ring
dress that coordinates with the ring
gold locket
crystal bowl
picture frame


(Two women are working among boxes and piles of clothes.  Set aside and separate from the rest are a small box and a dress with an obvious stain.)

Carol:  (somewhat flighty and self-absorbed)  Oh, Kate, I’m sooooo glad that you stopped by to pick up my donations for the Missions Garage sale.  Just look at all this stuff that I have here!  It’s way to much for me to keep and I really want to help raise funds for that lovely young couple to go to….. Africa?  Antarctica?  Asia?   Where did you say that they were going?

Kate:  Haiti….. they are going to a medical mission clinic in Haiti.  You certainly have a lot of things up here in your attic.   (jokingly)  How long has it been since you sorted through any of this?!?!

Carol:  Oh, it’s been a while, all right!  You know, I admire all those missionaries who are able to leave their families & possessions behind to do the Lord’s work.  I just couldn’t do that but I’m glad to help in any way that I can. (picking up items as she speaks then puts them back in the same box) Look at this dress!  I wore this as Cindy’s wedding, back in 1978.  And look at this coat.  You know, this is real fur!  (digging deeper and pulling out a jewellery chest)  This really brings back memories!  I haven’t worn this jewellery in over 20 years but it still looks like new.  I bought this ring at a charity auction for something or someone….. oh, I don’t remember the details but I remember that I bought it for a special dress….. now, where is it…..  Oh, here it is!  See how the colors compliment each other?

Kate:  (peers into the jewelry chest)  What is this…. a gold necklace?  Is it a family locket?

Carol:  No, it was a Valentine’s gift from an old boyfriend….. I don’t remember his name.  (opens the locket)  Hmmm…… I don’t recognize him but I remember that photo of me, taken when I was in college.  It is real gold, though, and valuable now. (opening box lids and looking in them) Yes, there are lots of memories in these boxes.  Not just clothes, either.  Here is a crystal candy dish from ….. I don’t remember when I got it but it is special, isn’t it?  ….and this hand-made photograph frame…

Kate:  (looking at her watch)  Carol, I hate to run but I do need to get your things to the church for the set-up.  I’m sure the Lord will bless you for your generous spirit!  Let’s get these boxes in my van, OK?

Carol:  (somewhat embarrassed but not humble)  Oh, I’m just glad to help!  

(Kate reaches for a box with one of the items in it and Carol reacts with surprise.)

Carol: Oh, not that box!  That one has special memories for me.  

(Kate reaches for another box.)

Carol: Not that one, either!  I just couldn’t part with that outfit.  You know, it has the matching shoes and handbag right there in the box.

(Kate reaches for a third box and Carol is beginning to get upset.)

Carol:  No, Kate, those boxes stay here.   (turning to the separate box and dress)  Here is what goes to the missions garage sale.  This box has some winter coats, sweaters, old shoes, and other things that I can’t wear anymore.  Do you have some extra black buttons at home?  One of the sweaters needs a button and I just haven’t had the time to look for some. (holds up the dress with the stain) This stain should come out easily.  It is just red Kool-aid.  If I remember correctly, that Kool-aid incident was in Vacation Bible School about 10 years ago.

(Kate is dumbfounded; Carol thrusts the box and dress upon her.)

Carol: You don’t think I could get rid of all these precious memories, do you?  Oh no, I can’t give up these special things.  They are a part of me and ….. well… I just might need one of these things again.  I have to hold onto  those things…..

(Kate turns to walk away, shaking her head is disbelief.)

Carol:  (talks to herself)  I’m going to have to clean out the attic more often.  God calls us to sacrifice for Him and I’m so glad that sacrificing my possessions can help a missions project.  That young couple going to Hawaii must feel the same joy as me with their sacrifice, too!


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