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Summary: Giving is not just about money. There are many ways in which we can give to God - and to those around us.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 4min
Actors: 2M/F
Scripture:  Hebrews 13:16  “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Barb,  a co-worker with limited knowledge of Christian stewardship


(Scene opens at a work place, with a large calendar nearby.  Props include several brightly colored Post-It notes and several light-colored Post-Its.  As the skit progresses, the Post-It notes are put on the calendar so that the darker notes form a cross and the lighter notes are placed around the cross for a visual effect of how our service to God should reflect the cross.)

Sarah:  Hey, Barb, do you want to come to Church with me this Sunday?  We are having a great series on how we can all work together for God’s kingdom.

Barb:  (emphatically)  No!  I saw the schedule on your desk and next Sunday is about giving.  Every church I have ever visited has talked about money….. and giving money….. and spending money….. just money.  Nope, I’m not going.  Maybe some other time.

Sarah (laughing):  Oh, Barb, we don’t just talk about money!  There are lots of other ways to give and giving is what God’s Word teaches us to do!  There are lots of ways to give without giving money.  Our tithes and offerings are an important gift to God but there is much, much more.

Barb:  More?  What else is there to give?  All I’ve heard about is money.  Money, money, and more money!

Sarah (thinking):  Hmmmmm….. how can I explain this?  (Gets an idea;  takes the calendar off the wall & puts it on the worktable.)   Please hand me those post-it notes.  Let’s see,  my small group is going to the nursing home to visit  here and here.  
(Puts Post-It notes on calendar after each comment.   (As the notes are placed on the calendar, put the darker, brightly colored in the shape of a cross.  Fill in the rest of the calendar with the lighter colored Post-Its.)   
Somebody brings in snacks for youth groups here, here, and here.
I hear the youth is having a work day for shut-ins here and here.
The Spaghetti Supper for  the Missions Trip is here and they need donations.  I shop on Saturday, so I can pick up food donations while I’m there.  
We always need greeters and nursery workers every Sunday.
You can also volunteer at the youth programs.
Volunteering at the church office…..
Donating used clothes to the needy….
Sending cards to shut-ins…..
Prayer ministries…..
Supporting our mission teams…..
 [add more ideas as fits your ministries]
See, Barb, there are lots of ways to give to God, and not everything involves money.  Some involve your time, some call you to pray, some call you to give of your possessions…. but all are giving to God.
(Holds up the calendar for the congregation to see the cross.)
But no matter what we do, the whole picture shows Christ to the world.  When we work together, we are better together and all of our gifts show God to the world.
Now, about Church this Sunday?!?!

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