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Summary: Facing an uncertain health situation, a woman wrestles with having trust in God.
Style: dramatic                     Duration: 5min
Actors: 1F

Theme: Trusting God to be with us, no matter what happens in our lives

Verse: Psalm 25:1
"To You O Lord I lift up my soul; in You I trust, O my God."

Characters: Kate, an adult woman (no particular age)

Set: Small table, 1 chair

Props: Pieces of assorted mail (magazines, envelopes, etc), cell phone


(Table sits center, chair to one side.)

(Lights up on Kate, holding a small bundle of mail. She stops by the table and starts to look through it.)

Kate - (dropping each on the table as she names them) Bill, bill...(pleased) Ooh, Food Network magazine...(she freezes for a few seconds on seeing the next envelope.) Well, I am the one who asked them to mail instead of calling.

(Keeping the envelope, she places all the rest of the mail on the table. She stares at it another moment or two. She is clearly anxious about this. She drops the envelope on the table and grabs her magazine instead.)

Kate - (looking at the cover, overly enthusiastic) 50 ways to make brownies, wow. I'd take even one right about now... (opens the magazine up to the recipes and starts reading with gusto) Black and white velvet brownies...choco-orange brownies...(makes a little face of distate) Ginger brownies - too weird...(starts to lose steam) zucchini brownies - ugh, too healthy.

(Losing interest, she sighs, putting the magazine down on her lap and glances over to the envelope again. She pulls out her cell phone and dials, then waits.)

Kate - Jill? Hey, it's Kate...Yeah, it has been too long. So how are you?...And Matt? ...Great!...Me? Well, I'm...(looks over at the envelope) I'm okay...well, not exactly okay. There's just been some personal stuff I've had to deal with lately, and it's ...(is interrupted by Jill) Oh - oh yeah, of course... No, that's fine, I don't want to keep you, we can talk another time soon...Sure, call me when you can. Okay...bye.

(She reaches over and grabs the envelope, pulls out the letter, glances at it, then stops again.)

Kate - I'm scared, Father. But I guess You knew that already. I want to be brave. I know I'm supposed to be - and peaceful and calm while I'm at it. (stands up and paces a few steps) I am not peaceful right now. (puzzled) And I don't get it. I've been praying more these last couple of weeks than maybe ever. I've been reading Psalms every morning, and memorizing passages. (to herself, to prove she can) "To You O Lord I lift up my soul; in You I trust, O my God." Psalm 25:1.

(looking upward) See? So why don't I feel any better? (pause)

(She sits again.)

Kate - Honesty time, Lord. I like being in control. I do. The plans, the daily to-do list, checking everything off in order - they make me feel good, like I'm out there getting things done. But this... (lifts up envelope) lately my to-do list has only had one thing on it- WAIT.

(angry) Wait for my next doctor's appointment, check. Wait to have my test done, check. Wait for the results - (lifts up the envelope) check. It's crazy how this thing has ripped control right away from me....

(She pauses, realizing something.)

Kate - Oh...You're trying to teach me something, here, aren't You, Father? Like maybe about...control? (thoughtful a moment) I remember some passages in Psalms about You having 'dominion', which I think is a fancy word for control. And there's nothing there about Kate having dominion over anything...yeah okay, I get it. (pause to let that sink in) But it's still scary. You're asking me to just trust You and not do anything? How can I do that when it's my body we're talking about?

(She stands up and takes a few steps as she thinks.)

Kate - (her spirits lifting) But You made this body - You created it "fearfully and wonderfully", right? And I've been reading Your promises for health and healing - they can be for me as well as anyone else. (to herself) But what if it really is bad news? Sometimes bad things do happen. (considers this, then brightens up) You know, bad things have happened to me before, and I've gotten through. (looking upward) Because You were there with me. And You're still here now.

(She looks at the envelope again, goes to sit down. She takes another deep but calmer breath, then looks upward.)

Kate - "In You I trust"...whatever happens next.

(She nods, opening up the envelope and unfolding the letter. She starts to read it as the lights go down.)

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