Summary: With the Olympic Games upon us, I was thinking about the olympics and the parables Jesus told and how they could be connected. I came up with this little play.   It is the parable of the sower in the form of an olympic event, the 100 meter hurdles.  The parable is found in Luke 8: 4-15, Matt 13: 1-9 and also Mark 4: 1-9.  It is set between the studio and the track and there are 7 characters in all.

Style: Drama.   Duration:  5min

Actors: 7 M/F




Commentator:  The next event on the track is the 100m hurdles and to be honest, from the look of some of them, I’m not sure they’re going to make it.  Let’s hope I’m proved wrong and it’s a photo for the finish.  In lane 1 – Will I Even Start?  In lane 2 – I Started So Well.  In lane 3 – I’m Not Going To Make It and in lane 4 – I’m So Gonna Win.  Well they seem to be ready in their blocks so I’ll hand over to the starter to get this race under way.

Starter:  On your marks (pause) get set (pause) go.

Commentator:  Will I even start has indeed started and got to the 1st hurdle, but what’s this, he seems to have stopped……………………………………

Will I even start:  Who put that hurdle in the way, no –one said there would be hurdles?  I’m not jumping over that, I may break a bone, or worse a nail.  No, no that’s it, I can’t possibly go on.

Commentator:  Oh dear, 1 down 3 to go, and look at I started so well, nearly at the half way mark and he’s flying over the hurdles, but what’s this he seems to have pulled up……………………………….

I started so well:  (puffing and panting) Gosh I’m pooped, where’s the end?  I don’t think I can take another step, never mind jump over anymore hurdles.  I didn’t realise 100m was so far or that the hurdles were so high.  I think I’m getting a nose bleed so, no that’s it, I can’t possibly go on.

Commentator:  Ah, another one down, 2 to go and look at this, I’m not going to make it is 1 hurdle away from the finish. Is he going to get to the end or he is going to live up to his name.  Seems he’s going to live up to his name as he’s hit that last hurdle and gone down……………………..

I’m not going to make it:  Oh yeah, I’m winning, I’m winning.  That gold medal will be mine; nothing can stop me now I’m flying.   Up, up and Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh, no, not the floor, I doh wanna hit the flo………………………….

Commentator:  Ooo, that’s gotta hurt.  I’m so gonna win has finished; he’s not let anything get in his way and made it to the finish line, but what’s this he’s carried on ………………………………….

I’m so gonna win:  Just one more hurdle to go and that’s, it I’ve won.  Don’t bob for the finish line just keep on running, and running.

Commentator:  Erm, an interesting race. I’m sure we’d all like to hear what the competitors have got to say, so I’m going to hand over to (Name of interviewer) who is with the competitors now.  (Name of Interviewer.)

Interviewer:  So will I even start – what happened, why did you stop?

Will I even Start:  No one said there was going to be hurdles in the way, I just thought it would be an easy simple running race from one end to the other.  I got scared.  Don’t get scared like I did.

Interviewer:  And I started so well, you started so well, but then stopped half way, why?

I started so well:  I started so well, but then I got tired and fed up of jumping over the hurdles, they are really quite high you know.  I started to wither.  Don’t wither like I did.
Interviewer:   (walking over to a stretcher) So, I’m not going to make it, are you ok?  That was a nasty fall at the last hurdle.  What happened?

I’m not going to make it:  Too busy thinking of the reward at the finish, lost concentration on that last hurdle and got tripped up.  Don’t get tripped up like I did.

Interviewer:  (Chasing after I’m so gonna win) Can you just stop a minute?  (Panting) So, I’m so gonna win, you won, how do you feel?

I’m so gonna win:  I may have won that one, but the race isn’t over.  I need to keep going and never give up.  Please come join me in my race.

Interviewer:  I will. That’s it from me, back to the studio.  Hang on then.

Commentator:   Thank you (Name of interviewer). That’s all we have time for tonight but it seems a decision needs to be made by us all, so I’m also going to join I’m so gonna win in his race and hope to see you all there.  Goodnight.

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