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A Christian version of “The Amazing Race” in which 7 teams go on a spiritual journey. They are required to build their faith on each leg of the race, with the team not completing or coming in last, eliminated.

Style: Drama  
Actors: 8M, 7F

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:5-8


Characters (7M 8F)


Phil Host

Reagan & Eleanor Husband and wife – highly educated intellectuals

Moon & Lemon Mother and daughter – hippies

Stanley & MildredGrandparents

Charles & SarahEngaged – very excited

James & Jonathan Brothers & business partners – go-getters

Priscilla & Sandy Best friends – kugels

Bill & Vanessa Newly marriedargue a lot




Scene 1:



Curtain open


Phil:I’m standing on the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is the world's longest man-made structure, stretching over 6 352 km, built between 5th century BC and the 17th century to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during the rule of successive dynasties.


In a few moments seven teams from all walks of life will be leaving here on the adventure of a lifetime. They have no idea what’s in store for them. The only things guiding them are clues that they will find along their journey and their faith in God!


Seven couples, seven cities, 40000 kms….Let’s meet our seven couples.


1st couple move stage right


Reagan:Hi! I’m Reagan. I’m 46 and I’m the CEO of one of the top law firms in the country.


Eleanor:I’m Eleanor. I’m married to Reagan, I’m 43 and I run my own advertising agency. We’ve been married for 19 years and we have two children. I’m hoping that this journey will help us to reconnect.


Reagan:Eleanor feels that we’ve spent our lives pursuing our careers at the expense of our marriage and family.I don’t really see the problem. I’ve always believed in a hard day’s work. You don’t work, you don’t eat! Our family has never lacked for anything. Our children are in the best private schools. We support our local church. Life is good!


2nd couple stage left


Moon:Hey! I’m Moon. This is my daughter Lemon.




Moon:We named her Lemon cos she was like, born under this like, huge lemon tree. It was like, so beautiful!


Lemon:Peace everybody!


3rd couple stage right


Stanley:I’m Stanley and this is my beautiful wife, Mildred.


Mildred:I met Stanley when I was 16. I can still remember the first time I saw him, walking into that old church building and my spirit leaping inside me. He looked so handsome. I just knew that God had brought me the man I would spend the rest of my life with. The man I’d spent so many hours praying for.


Stanley:The Lord has given us 47 wonderful years together and best is yet to come.


Mildred:We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren and they all said this would be a wonderful experience for us.


4th couple stage left


Sarah:Hi! I’m Sarah.


Charles:I’m Charles.


Sarah:We’re…….. (with great enthusiasm) engaged!


Charles:Sarah is such an amazing person. I can honestly say I’ve found my soul mate.


Sarah:We’re getting married in June.


Charles:We thought we’d go on this adventure to just, you know, get away from everything for a while. See a bit of the world, you know!


Sarah:I’m so excited!


5th couple stage right


James:We’re gonna win this!!!


Jonathan:That’s my brother, James. I’m Jonathan and as you can see we’re fairly competitive.


James:Yeah!! Bring it on!


Jonathan:Not only are we brothers. We’re business partners and we’re best friends although I make all the big decisions.


James:No you don’t!


Jonathan:Yes I do.


James:No you don’t!! (play fight ensues)


Jonathan:We really bring out the best in each other.


James:Yeah! This is gonna be a breeze!!


6th couple stage left


Priscilla:Those guys are cute!


Sandy:Pris, we’re not here to pick up guys!


Priscilla:Chill Sandy! I was jus being friendly ok? Hold my hand bag, will ya? (starts checking her makeup)


Sandy:I’m Sandy. This is my best friend, Priscilla.




Sandy:Just a warning to everyone; don’t judge a book by its title! Ok!


Priscilla:(confused) Ok?


7th couple stage right


Vanessa:Hi! I’m Vanessa. Bill and I have been married for almost 2 years. We don’t always see eye to eye on things.


Bill:That’s because you keep letting your mother make your decisions for you.


Vanessa:Anyway, we’re here to see if we can sort out our differences. I’m really hoping we can.


Bill:That’s half your problem, Vanessa. You always get so emotional about everything. You’re gonna have to learn to toughen up. That’s the only way we’re gonna win this. No pain, no gain!


Phil centre stage


Phil:There they are, the 7 couples taking part in our adventure. Over the next fortnight they‘re going to have to work together if they’re to become our eventual winners. Along their journey they will have to perform certain tasks correctly before they can progress. The last team to complete the task on each leg will be eliminated. If a team does not manage to complete a task they will also be eliminated. If the task is not completed correctly they will also be eliminated.


Well enough time wasting! (turns to couples) On my mark you will race to your bags, open your first clue and follow the instructions.


Teams, ready……………..GO!!!!!


Teams dash toward their bags falling over each other. They open their first clue.


Jonathan:“You’ve all been given a measure of faith…”


Reagan:“…. Fly to New York City…..”


Priscilla:(hysterically) We’re going to New York!!!!!


Bill:“….. and make your way to Wall Street where you will find your next clue.”


Lemon: “You have $100 for this leg of the race.”


Teams grab their bags and run off stage in different directions.


© 2010 Andrew Edgar, all rights reserved.

THIS IS NOT THE FULL SCRIPT. The full script can be obtained by contacting the author, at the address below. A royalty fee of R300.00 (£25) is requested. To obtain the full script, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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