Summary: When girlfriends talk about names, one questions the importance of a name, which opens the discussion for the ultimate Name.
Style: Light-hearted.              Duration: 5min
Actors: 3F 


 Characters: Sadie, Missie, Becca

Props: Table, 3 chairs, wallet size or 4X6 picture, 3 sodas with straws

Setting: 3 friends sitting around a table having a conversation, sipping on sodas. Missie’s holding a picture, showing it to her friends.


Sadie: So what’s his name?

Missie: Kyle.

Sadie: That’s not a bad name; don’t know that I’d want to name my son that.

Becca: WHAT son? Is there something you’re not telling us, Sadie?

Sadie: (laughing) No! It’s just that I think about names, you know, for my future kids.

Missie: Yeah? So what names do you like?

Sadie: I like strong names, at least for boys; like Steele or Seth.

Becca: Seth - as in the son of Adam and Eve?

Sadie: Yeah – I like the name – it’s kinda cool. She named him Seth because she was rejoicing when God gave her another son after she lost one.

Missie: You mean after his brother killed him! Ewwwww.

Sadie: Well it’s not like I’d be naming one of them Cain! Back in the time of the Bible, names had specific meanings.

Becca: So do you think my name means something?

Sadie: I’m sure it does. Becca is short for Rebecca – she was a wonderful woman of the Bible.

Missie: What does my name, Missie, mean?

Sadie: What’s your real name?

Missie: Missie.

Sadie: Uh...

Becca: Yeah, Rebecca was pretty cool; except for that deception thing.

Missie: Deception?

Becca: She had two sons and she helped her favorite son steal the other one’s blessing.

Missie: Oh, like Kristen Stewart? She seems nice, but was in those yucky Twilight movies!

Becca: Uh...

Sadie: Sometimes a name is just a name.

Becca: Except for Jesus. His name is above all names.

Sadie: Well YEAH…

Becca: So what does Jesus mean, anyway?

Sadie: “He takes away the sin of the world”.

Becca:  I’m glad He lived up to His name!

Sadie: Me, too!

Becca: And then some! Could you imagine if He didn’t?

(all three take drinks of their soda)

Missie: (brightly) But He did live up to His name! (slight emphasis on “did”)  Right?

Sadie: (warmly) Missie, you are so right! (Missie beams)

(all three resume drinking)

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