Summary: A version of the Last Supper for younger people. It is based on the scripture from Matthew 26: 26-56.  It is from the point of view of a mother telling her daughter a story.

Style:  Dramatic.    Duration: 15min
Actors: 2F, 4M +V



Beccy (her daughter)


Mum:  Come on Beccy, it’s time for bed.

Beccy:  But mum, I’m not tired.

Mum:  Well that’s just too bad, go on.

Beccy:  Well, can you at least tell me a story then, and not one of those Bible stories you keep trying to tell me -- they are boring.

Mum:  Ok, you go up and get ready and I’ll be up in a minute.  (Beccy goes upstairs to get ready).

Beccy.  I’m ready, mum.

Mum:  (entering Beccy’s room) Ok, are you comfortable.

Beccy:  Yeah, ready and don’t forget no Bible stories.

Mum:  Ok, there was once a young man named J and he decided to invite 12 of his best friends over for a fish and chip supper.

Beccy:  (getting suspicious) hhhhmmmm.

Mum:  As they were eating, J said:

J: One of you is going to tell lies about me which will get me into trouble.

Peter:  (a little upset) I hope you’re not saying it’s me.

John:  And I know you don’t mean me.

James:  Best not be thinking it’s me.

Andrew:  And you know I wouldn’t dare.

Beccy:  Mum, are you sure this isn’t a Bible Story, as those names are very familiar.

Mum:  No, of course not, shall I carry on?

Beccy:  Yes, but I still think you may be telling me little porkies.

Mum:  Anyway, one after another they all said to J that he couldn’t mean them.  So J said to them all:

J:  The one who dips his chips in the sauce with me is the one who is going to get me into trouble, which will lead to my death.

Beccy:  Aww mum, this doesn’t sound like a very happy or nice story, especially as it sounds as though J is going to die.

Mum:  I’m sorry darling, but this is how the story goes, and sometimes they aren’t very nice.

Beccy:  Well, it had better have a nice ending; maybe you should carry on so that I can see.

Mum:  Ok.  So one of J’s friends called Judas dipped his chips in the sauce with J and then had the cheek to say:

Judas:  Surely you can’t mean me, J?

J:  You have just said so.

Mum:  While they were still eating their fish and chips, J took a bread roll, said a small prayer of thanks then broke it and gave it to his friends.

J:  Take this and eat it, this is my body.

Mum:  He then poured some wine into a cup, said a small prayer of thanks and gave his friends the cup.

J:  Drink some, all of you; this is my blood which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

Mum:  After this J turned on the karaoke machine, so that they could all have a sing along, and then he decided he would walk his friend’s home.  But on the way he suddenly stopped and said:

J:  Later tonight all of you will run away and leave me on my own, I will die and you will all be scattered all over the place, but I will be raised up so that I can go on ahead of you.

Peter:  What are you talking about J, I will never leave you. We have been friends forever, and I’m not going anywhere even if the others leave.

J:  I’m telling you Peter, before the clock strikes 12 tonight you will tell people you do not even know me.

Peter:  No, no way will I say that, not even if I have to get into trouble and die with you.

Mum:  All of J’s other friends said the same thing.  No way were they going to leave J on his own.  They continued on their walk home, and J decided they should walk through the park as it was quicker.  Some of his friends decided to have a quick go on the swings, leaving J, Peter, James and John.  J said to them:

J:  I can’t go through with this, stay with me for a while.

Mum:  He wandered away from them a little and knelt down on the ground, saying:

J:  Dad, don’t let this happen to me, but I will do it if that is your will.  

Mum:  He got up and went back to where Peter, James and John were supposed to be, only to find that they were now on the swings messing about with the others. He said to Peter:

J:  I thought I could trust you, I thought you were going to stay with me, yet here you are messing around with the others. Please, you 3 stay with me, don’t leave me this time.

Mum:  Peter, James and John followed J once more, but J wandered away from them again, knelt down on the ground and said:  

J:  Dad if this is the only way, then so be it.

Mum:  Peter, James and John had gone back to the swings by the time J returned, as they couldn’t see where he had gone.  J once again took them with him, but then wandered away from them and for the third time knelt down on the ground and said:

J:  Dad if there is no other way, then so be it.

Mum:  J returned once again, to find his 3 friends back with the others messing about on the swings, and said to them:

J:  I see you are still messing about, thanks for that. But oh well, it seems the time has come for me to go.

Peter:  What you on about?

J:  Here comes Judas.

Mum:  Judas had arrived at the park, with a gang of thugs armed with bats and knives.  He had explained to them that he would show them which one was J by using a hug as the signal.  He then went over to J, hugged him, and said:

Judas:   It has been a pleasure to know you.

J:  Yeah whatever, just get on with it.

Mum:  The crowd then went over to J and grabbed him; Peter took out his own knife and stabbed one of them.  

Beccy:  Eww, mum.

Mum:  I thought you’d gone to sleep.   J told Peter to put his knife away and said:

J.  I only have to ask my dad for help, and he would get me out of this in a flash, but this needs to happen to make everything right.  

Mum:  As the crowd held J, J noticed that all of his friends had now run away and left him alone, just as he had told them they would. The end.

Beccy:  But that isn’t the end, is it mum?

Mum:  No Beccy that isn’t the end, but I haven’t got time to finish it tonight, as it’s time for you to go to sleep now, otherwise you’ll be all moody in the morning.

Beccy: Well, ok then, you can finish it tomorrow, even though it was a story out of the Bible.

Mum:  Oh, can I now?

Beccy:  Yes you can, for trying to con me.

Mum:  But I thought you said Bible stories were boring.

Beccy:  I did, but you can’t leave a story without a happy ending, now, can you?

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