Summary: Mother putting her son to bed talks to him about Jesus.
Style: Drama with light touches.  Duration: 8min.
Scripture: Based on John 14:12
Actors: 1F, 1C

Young son


Mom - Come on buddy, time for bed.

Declan - Aww Mom, just 5 more minutes, I need to see what happens with Superman and Lex Luther.

Mom - I thought maybe for a change I’d tell you a story from the Bible.

Declan - But it’s soooo boring, even Grandpa falls asleep in church.

Mom - But the Bible is about the ultimate superhero.

Declan - It is? Who?

Mom – Jesus.

Declan - Yeah right, is there any battles or swords or super powers?

Mom - Jesus does have super powers and there was a sword that was used to cut of a guy’s ear.

Declan - That’s kind of cool.

Mom - So you want to hear it?

Declan - Sure, I guess.

Mom -  A long time ago, God created the world, but an evil villain set out to destroy it.  God knew that He was going to have to do something to save it.  So He sent his son, Jesus to the world.  

Declan - I know that story, but he was just a baby in a manager, how would he ever save it?

Mom – Well, he didn’t stay a baby, he grew up.  And when He did, He began to use His super powers to help people.

Declan - Like what kind of super powers?

Mom - Well He healed the sick, blind, and lame.  He even fixed that ear that was cut off with the sword. One woman was healed just by touching the hem of his clothes.  And He raised two men from the dead.

Declan - What?  They were dead and he made them float?

Mom - No, that just means that he brought them back to life.

Declan - That’s pretty cool. So then what?

Mom – Well, people on earth thought that He was going to stage a big battle and over-throw the Romans, they were the people in power at that time.

Declan - Awesome, a battle.

Mom - Jesus didn’t want to take down the Romans, they were just the henchmen.  Jesus knew that who He needed to fight was the ultimate villain, Satan.  You see Satan is the power behind all villains.  

Declan -  How did He do that?  Nuke ‘em?  Super ninja skills?  

Mom – Nope, He died.

Declan - What???

Mom - He let them capture himself, beat him, mock him and ultimately nailed him to a cross where he died.

Declan - How can he beat a villain by dying?  This is a horrible superhero story.

Mom – Well, Jesus knew that the way to defeat Satan was to do it on Satan’s turf at Satan’s own game – death.

Declan - Death?

Mom - Yup, you see Jesus didn’t stay dead.  He beat Satan and death, by coming back to life.  

Declan – Whoa.

Mom - But the best part is, by coming back to live, He saved US from Satan and death, too. But here’s where it gets really cool.  He gave us His superpowers.

Declan - What?  

Mom  - Yup!  The Bible says, not only can we do what He did, but we will do even greater things than him. (John 14:12)

Declan - So when do I get these super powers?

Mom - If you believe in Jesus, you already have them.

Declan - Mooom.  I don’t have any super powers.  I can’t fly or bend steel or anything.

Mom - True, but if Jesus told you to do something, He would give you the power you need to do it.  Maybe even bend steel.

Declan - So they’re not my super powers???  

Mom - They are His, but gives them to us to use.

Declan - I’m confused, how am I supposed to use them?

Mom - Don’t worry, Jesus planned for that, too.  He left us his words as a guide.  Better yet, when he went back to heaven he left a mentor for us to help us learn about what we need to do.

Declan - You mean like Jarel and the fortress of solitude help Superman understand where he came from?

Mom - Kind of… Our mentor is the Holy Spirit and He is always with us.  Kind of like Jarel’s crystal or a cell phone He lets us communicate right with Jesus wherever we are and helps us know God's will and lets us access those super powers.

Declan – Sooo... Jesus died to beat Satan and gave us super powers and He will also help us know how to use them?

Mom - Basically.

Declan - And I don’t have to do anything???

Mom - Well, technically there are two rules to get all that.

Declan - I knew there would be a catch.

Mom - Not a catch really.  First, you have to love Jesus.

Declan - No problem, as long as I get super powers.

Mom - And you also have to use your powers to love and help others, even those you don’t like very much.

Declan - I understand, with great power comes great responsibility.

Mom - You got it.

Declan - Mom, that’s a pretty cool story.  It wasn’t tooo boring.

Mom - Good, glad to hear that.  Alright, time for my little superhero to get some sleep, Good- night, I love you.

Declan - I love you, too.  Hey Mom, maybe tomorrow night you can tell me another one.

Mom - (Flip off light and exit stage) Sounds good to me, maybe tomorrow night I’ll tell you the story of the dad who tried to kill his son as a sacrifice.

Declan - (Son sits straight up in bed) Mom!


© Michelle Patterson. All rights reserved.
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