Summary: This skit was performed by school age children from ages 4 to 12 with the exception of God's voice and the narrator.  I based the skit after the television series/movie: "Charlie's Angels".  God's Angels were given certain missions to accomplish culminating with the Nativity scene at the end where they were joined by a host of angels (all the children in the Sunday school) to sing "Joy to the World".
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 30min
Actors: 12+C, 1N, 1VO

Three Angels (Cherub, Gabriella, Angelica)
Three Shepherds
Three Wise Men
God’s Voice 


Scene I
Sound FX: Angel Chimes
(God’s three Angels are sitting on the stairs when the telephone rings, Cherub picks up the phone and listens for a few seconds)
Cherub:  Hey Angels, listen up! It’s God!
God:  Good Evening Gabriella, Angelica, and Cherub!
All Angels:  Good Evening, Sir!
God:  Are you Angels ready for your next assignment?
Gabriella: Yes, God, we’re ready and willing!
God:  Good!  This next assignment I have is just right for you, Gabriella.  I want you to find a young woman called Mary in Nazareth to tell her that she’s about to become a mother.
Gabriella:  That doesn’t sound hard.
God:  It’s going to be a little tricky, because she isn’t married yet… and her boyfriend Joseph is not the father.
Angelica:  Wow! That will be a tough assignment!  Maybe Cherub and I should go along with Gabriella to make sure things go okay.
God:  No, I think Gabriella will do just fine.  Besides, I’ll need one of you to go visit her boyfriend, Joseph.  Do I have a volunteer?
Angelica:  I’ll do that!
God:  Thank you, Angelica.  Okay, Angels, you’re on your way!
EFX: Angel Chimes
Narrator:  We are now in Nazareth, a town in Galilee, where Mary and Joseph live.
[Mary is in her home washing dishes when Gabriella appears]
Gabriella:  Greetings Mary!  The Lord is with you!
Mary:  [drops her towel in surprise] How’d you get in my house?  The door was locked!
Gabriella:  Oh, I have my ways [does a gung fu move].  I am Gabriella, one of God’s angels.
Mary:  What are you doing here?
Gabriella: God sent me!  Don’t be afraid!  You will soon be giving birth to a son, and you are to name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.
Mary:  How can that be?  I’m not even married yet, and I’m a virgin!
Gabriella: Listen up!  My mission from God is to tell you that the Holy Spirit will come upon you.  The holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.
Mary:  Well… I have total faith in God, so I believe that this is happening.  But… how will I explain this to my fiance, Joseph?
Gabriella:  Don’t worry, my partner, Angelica will deal with him.
[Gabriella leaves while Mary kneels and prays during "Mary’s Song"]
Song: "Mary’s Song":  written and sung by Jenise
[Dim lights and switch characters to Angelica and Joseph.  Joseph is hammering a piece of wood angrily]
Joseph:  [talking to himself] I don’t know what to do…. Maybe I shouldn’t marry Mary…. Hey, that sounds funny, "Marry Mary".
[hammer, hammer]  People are talking about us behind our backs because Mary is having a baby, and I’m not the father! [hammer, hammer]…   I’m just so tired of all this!  [throws the hammer down and lays down to take a nap]  [Enter Angelica}
Angelica:  Joseph, son of David…
Joseph:  Huh?  Am I dreaming?
Angelica: Do not be afraid to marry Mary!  The baby she is carrying is from the Holy Spirit.  You are to name the baby Jesus because He will save his people from their sins.
Joseph:  [pinches himself] Ow!  Maybe I’m not dreaming… Are you for real? [reaches over to pinch the Angel]
Angelica: [backs away] Hey, no pinching!  I’m just the messenger!  This is all taking place to fulfill what the Lord had said.  Mary will give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel, which means "God is with us"
Joseph: [thinks for a second] If this is God’s plan, then I’m in!  [Angelica and Joseph exits]
Song: "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"  (Congregation)

Scene II
[*Angel Chimes ~ Angels sitting on stairs when phone rings, Cherub answers the phone]
Cherub:  Hey Angels, it’s God.
God:  Good Evening Angels!
All Angels:  Good Evening, Sir!
God:  Good work, Gabriella and Angelica.  You’ve completed a successful mission: Mary and Joseph have married, and are headed to Bethlehem to have the baby.  Now, I have a new assignment for you Angels!
Gabriella:  Great, Sir! What is it you want us to do?
God:  I want you to go out into the fields and find shepherds watching over their sheep to tell them about your successful mission.
Cherub:  Shepherds?  Why them?  Why not the shop keepers, or tax people?
God:  Angels… you know I have my reasons!  Shepherds are simple, hardworking people who have been waiting for this just as much as the other people you’ve mentioned.  Now, get to work, Angels!
All Angels:  Okay, God!  [*Angel Chimes]
[Lights dim and angels exit]
Song: "Hark the Herald Angel" (Congregation)
[Shepherds are milling around with the sheep when the Angels appear, shining a bright light around them.  All the shepherds immediately fall to their knees in surprise]
Shepherd 1:  What’s going on?  Are you taking away our sheep?
Shepherd 4: Maybe they’re taking over our jobs!
Cherub:  Oh, no, we wouldn’t do that!  We’re sent from God.  Don’t be scared, we bring you good news of great joy that will be for everyone.  Today, in the town of Bethlehem a Savior has been born to you.  He is Christ, the Lord.
Shepherd 2:  I heard that this would be happening!  Where will we find him in Bethlehem?
Cherub:  I can only give you a clue:  you will find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.  God says that you won’t have any trouble finding him.
All Angels:  Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all!
Shepherd 3:  Let’s Go!
[Angels and Shepherds Exit]
(Choir Song)

Scene III
[*Angel Chimes~Angels sitting on the stairs, phone rings and Cherub answers]
Cherub:  It’s God!
All Angels:  Hi, God!
God:  Hi Angels!  Good job with the shepherds!  This time I have an unusual assignment for you!  I’ll need you to go undercover.
All Angels:  Undercover????
God:  Yes, I want you to be disguised as a Star.  There is a special team of people looking to find baby Jesus.  You, Angels, will be the sign for them to follow.  Do you think you can handle that?
All Angels:  Sure, God!  We’re on our way!
[*Angel Chimes ~ Angels exit]
Narrator:  And so it was…. Three special team agents went to Bethlehem to find the Christ child.  The men traveled for days when they noticed a particularly bright star…
Wise man 1:  Look, up in the sky!
Wise man 2:  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?
Wise man 1:  No, look at that bright star!  It seems to be calling us…
Wise man 3:  Let’s go follow it!
[** Choir sings “We three Kings” as the wise men and angels move together.  Angels, moving behind huge star, stop above where a manger lay.  Shepherds are also there around the manger.]
Wise man 1:  Is that…???
Wise man 2:  Is that…??
Wise man 3:  Is that…??
Shepherd 1:  I thought that you were the wise men!  Of course this is Jesus!
[The three wise men immediately go down on their knees and give the baby presents]
Shepherd 2:  You guys really came prepared!  We didn’t bring anything!
Shepherd 3:  That’s okay; we’ll give the world a gift by spreading the good news!
Shepherd 4: Let’s go!
Narrator:  So the Shepherds left to tell the world of the wondrous miracle that they had just witnessed:  Christ Jesus has been born!
Song: Joy to the World [led by the shepherds]
[*Angel Chimes ~ Angels sit on stairs for last scene]
Gabriella:  Well Angels, this was one of the most exciting missions I’ve ever been on!
Angelica:  No kidding, those flying lessons we took really came in handy!  I wonder what God will have planned for us next?
Cherub:  I don’t know, but will somebody else PLEASE answer the phone next time?
[All three angels begin laughing]
[Angel Chimes]
Copyright Peggy Woon, 2001, all rights reserved.
For questions, you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  This play was first performed at the Chinese Community United Methodist Church in Oakland, California during Candlelight services in 2001.