Summary: This is an informal, humorous and fun nativity play with songs interspersed.
When a group of children sing a song together they begin to think about what Christmas is really about. Some of their friends don't know the story, so they decide to act it out, commenting on it as they go. It was written for 21 children, but Mary, Joseph and the angels were split between children so there were more parts and some children played more than one part, so the number of parts can be increased or decreased as needed.
Style: Light-hearted   Duration: 45 min
Actors: 21C

Mary x3
Joseph x2
Angels x4
Friends x3
Inn keepers x2
shepherds x3
wise men/women x3
Animals in stable x4
Child1 through Child 20 (these can be same as characters above)


Very easy robes that slip on quickly. Angel can just put on halo. Animals can just put on ears or noses. And so on. These were passed out from a box at the side of the stage during the play.

All children had a pair of sheep ears in their pocket to use for the shepherd scene.

Many children have lines as children watching the play as well as a character. Any children can be selected to say these lines. I shared the lines out fairly equally, but you could give more to older children.

The songs can be purchased from Maynards Groovy Bible Tunes for a very small amount. They are named:
"Hush! There's a Baby."
"I'm an angel - ooh!"
"Joseph call him Jesus"Other songs are: "The 12 days of Christmas", which someone played on piano for us, and a worship song for the angels to sing. We used one called "Gloria".


To get an idea of the format of the play, here are the directions for the opening sequence. This should give enough of an idea to know how to do the rest of the play:
At the beginning the children stand in a U shape open to the audience and sing "The 12 days of Christmas" with actions.
They stay standing where they are to say their first line. They are in the order that they say them in, and after 'let's tell the story, if you know it then help out' they all go sit at the back, where some sit on blocks and others in front of the blocks on the floor.
When it is their turn, each only puts on one piece of costume because it is supposed to be a spontaneous play and they wouldn't have full costumes. Mary puts on her costume as the first lines are said. She goes behind the other children to put it on. The angel just puts on a tinsel halo.
The characters stand up and walk forward when it's their turn and go back to the same place.
When Mary and Joe are replaced they hand their piece of costume to the new Mary and Joe and help them put it on.

However, there may still be questions, so direct them to the author at the address at the end of the script.

(Children on stage in U shape- see note above)

(Sing "12 days of Christmas" with motions)

Child1 - I wouldn’t want maids milking cows or geese laying eggs for Christmas.
Child2 - Farm animals are very messy!
Child3 – I wouldn’t want any of those birds. Maybe a parrot.
Child4 - I don’t think I’d have room for the lords to leap in my house.
child5 - I’d look silly wearing 5 gold rings!
child6 - No, they’re not good presents at all.
child7 - But Christmas isn’t about presents anyway.
Child8 - Yes it is!
child9 - No it isn’t!
Child10 - What else is it about then?
Child11 - Father Christmas and his reindeer.
Child12 – Yes and leaving Father Christmas some food!
Child13 - Spending time with special people.
Child14 - Yes, and Jesus of course!
Child15 - What’s he got to do with it?
Child16 - Christmas is his birthday!
child17 - Let’s tell the story. If you know it, then help out.
(all go and sit down at back of stage)
Child18 - There was a girl called Mary, who was going to marry a man called Joe. (Mary comes forward with costume on)
Mary 1 - Hi, I’m Mary! I’m making Joseph his favourite cake. He’s been at work all day and he’s coming to see me soon.
Child19 - That’s not in the Bible is it?
Child20 - I don’t think so, but I like it.
Everyone - SHHHH!
Angel 1 – Hello Mary! (jumps out at her)
Mary 1 – AGH!
Angel 1 – Don’t be scared.
Mary 1 – AGH, it talks! (cowers)
Angel 1 – I said “don’t be scared.” Now you’re more scared. I don’t get humans. (Angel sings "I'm an angel -ooh"- words below)
I’m angel – ooh,
God’s messenger to you,
And I’m scary – Boo!
But what I say is true.
Don’t be afraid, it’s happening
That baby is God’s promised King.Hey – Mary! You’re
Gonna have a baby x3
And he’s God’s son.
[I'm an angel- ooh!
David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2007
Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes]
Mary 1 – Oh! Ok, if that’s what God wants. I don’t know what Joe will say.
Angel 1 – Don’t worry about that. Well, good luck!
(Mary 1 sits down and passes costume to Mary 2 and Angel 1 sits down and passes halo to Angel 2)
Joe 1 – Hi Mary!
Mary 2 – Hi Joe! I made you a cake. (gets cake in plastic wrap from pocket or nearby child)
Joe 1 – Thanks Mary! You’re the best.
Mary 2 – I have some news. An angel visited me today and we are going to have a baby.
Joe 1 – What? Have you gone mad? A baby? Aghhhhhh! (runs few steps, returns, gets cake, exits)
Mary 2 – Wait, come back! (knock on door- or just have Ruth enter)
Ruth – Hi Mary. I just saw Joe running down the street. Is everything ok?
Mary 2 – Yes, he’ll be ok, I hope. Would you like some tea?
Ruth - Yes please. I guess there’s no cake. Joe just tripped over and put his face in it! (both laugh)
(Mary2 changes to Mary3, both sit)

Child2 -So what happened next? What made Joe change his mind?
Child14 - God had a plan! Watch.

Joe 1 – (enters) What am I going to do? A good night’s sleep will help I think! (lies down front of stage and goes to sleep)
Angel 2 – Hi Joe! I’ve got a song to sing you.  Listen carefully.
(Angel sings first verse and chorus of "Joseph call him Jesus"- words below")
Joseph! You don’t have to be afraid
Joseph! You just need to trust the Lord
Mary! Don’t you leave her, she’s the one
Mary! Is gonna have a baby son
And you’re gonna give him a name that is great
It’ll be a name that they never forget.
A name that means he’ll save the people from their sins
Call him Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
A name to treasure above the rest
Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
A baby boy who’s gonna be the best
Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
Joseph call him Jesus
[Joseph call him Jesus
David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2011
Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes]

Angel 2 – God’s got it all under control. Just trust him!
(angel sits. Joe1 switches over to Joe2)
Joe 2 – (to standing Mary) I’m sorry about the other day.
Mary 3 - That’s ok Joe. What made you change your mind?
Joe 2 - A singing angel!
Mary 3-I see! (Esther and Naomi come forward)
Esther - Hi Mary. Hi Joe. Are you leaving for Bethlehem today?
Joe 2 – Yes. There couldn’t be a worse time to have a census!
Naomi -Bethlehem is so far away.
Mary 3 - There’s no point complaining about it. We still have to go.
Esther – At least you have a donkey. We have to walk!
Naomi – I feel sorry for that donkey: she has a lot to carry!
Donkey – Eee Awww! (nodding)
Esther - Well goodbye. Travel safely.
Naomi - We will find you when we get there. We want to see the baby.
Donkey -Well here goes! (Joe, Mary and Donkey Walk around the audience, or stage, as inn keepers and sign holders get into position)
Mary 3 – Are we nearly there yet?
Joe 2 – No, not yet.
Mary 3 – How about now? Are we nearly there now?
Joe 2 – Sure. Here we are. (They stop at Joke Inn) Knock knock. (Joke Inn stands one side of stage with sign held above her head "joke inn", Miss Inn sits on the other side.)
Joke Inn (back turned) -Who’s there?
Joe 2– Joe.
Joke Inn – Joe who?
Mary 3 – Joe and Mary.
Joke Inn - (turns to face Joe) Well that wasn’t a good joke was it?! Try me. Knock knock.
Joe 2 - Who’s there?
Joke Inn – Atch.
Mary 3 – Atch who?
Joke Inn  – Bless you! Sorry I have no room here. Try next door. (Joke Inn, Mary, Joe and donkey sit down)

child10 - That joke still wasn’t funny.
Child11 -No! Why did the dog cross the road?
Child7 -I don’t know.
child 11 -He was stuck to the chicken’s back!
Child10 -Oh dear!

One of the shepherds - Is it time for the shepherds yet?
One of the wise women  -What about the wise women?
Angels -No! Be patient!

(Miss Inn stands and Mary and Joe stand and turn to face her. Sign is held above Miss Inn's head reading "Come Inn")
Miss Inn  – Hello, welcome to Come Inn. (Joe tries to walk in but stopped by inn keeper)
Joe 2– Thank you.
Miss Inn – No I mean welcome to “Come Inn”. (Points to sign above head) Do you have a booking?
Joe 2 – No.
Miss Inn  – You didn’t make a booking when the town’s this busy? We accept pigeon mail you know. We are very modern here.
Joe 2– I just didn’t think about it. Don’t you have any room?
Miss Inn  – No! I’m afraid all I can offer you is the stable! (laughs)
Joe 2 – We’ll take it!
Miss Inn – What? Oh, you’re not joking. Ok this way.
Mary 3 – Joseph! (they sit)

Child6 -If I was Mary I’d be very cross. Her baby has to be born in a stable!
Child4 - Yes. With the smelly animals. Poor Mary.

(Angel sings verse 2 to the end of "Joseph call him Jesus"- words below)
Joseph! There’s a census don’t you know.
Joseph! Off to Bethlehem you go.
Mary! The inn is full but there’s a shed.
Mary! A manger for your baby’s bed.
And you’re gonna give him a name that is great
It’ll be a name that they never forget.
A name that means he’ll save the people from their sins
Call him Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
A name to treasure above the rest
Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
A baby boy who’s gonna be the best
Jesus  J-E-S-U-S
Joseph call him Jesus
[Joseph call him Jesus
David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2011
Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes]

(Shepherds Sue, Sally and Sheila stand- everyone else on the floor as sheep with sheep ears on)
Sue  – Ok, you’re new around here so I will give you some tips on how to count the sheep.
Sally – I don’t need tips on how to count the sheep. I can count.
Sue – Go on then, let’s see how far you get.
Sally – Ok. 1, 2, 3, 4… (snores)
Sue – I told her.
Sheila – Wake up! Now will you listen?
Sally– Oh, whoops.
Sheila – What’s that noise? I can hear singing.
(Song – Gloria- any pretty worship type song can be sung here. Sung by all the cast or just angel 3 and 4 if they are confident enough.)
Angel 3 – Hello Shepherds!
Angel 4 – Stop it! Why is everyone scared of us? We’re not wolves or anything.
Shepherds – Wolf! Where?!
Angel 4 – There’s no wolf, I was just saying… oh never mind. We’ve got some great news.
Shepherds– Ooooh, what is it?
Angel 3 – The baby king who will save the world has been born in Bethlehem.
Angel 4 - You are on the guest-list. So go and worship him!
Shepherds -Ooooh!!! The baby King! Let’s go!
Sue – Wait! Where will we find him?
Angel 3 – In the stable behind “Come Inn”. Long story.
Shepherds - Ok. (Start to leave)
Sally – What about the sheep?!
Sheila – Oh yeah. (round up sheep and sit down)

Child20 -Everyone’s scared of the angels!
Child8 -Except Joe.
Child16 -But he was asleep!
Child5 -I think I'd be scared if an angel appeared in front of me! Just imagine.

Wise women:
Wanda – We are lost Wendy.
Wendy – We are not lost Wanda. We are here!
Wilma -  Where is here exactly Wendy?
Wendy – Where we are supposed to be Wilma!
Wanda – Do you really think the baby king would be born in a place like this?
Wilma – Look! It’s dirty and everyone is poor!
Wendy – But this is where the star led us Wilma.
Wanda – Maybe we got it wrong then Wendy.
Wilma – Let’s ask for directions.
Wendy – And say what Wilma? Hello, we’ve followed that star for thousands of miles to this place.
Wanda -But it doesn’t seem to be the right place, so do you know where I can find a baby king?
Wilma – Good point. So what now?
Star(stood on blocks at back of stage) -Hello! I’m giving you a clue here! (Pointing off the stage)
Wanda – I think the star is trying to tell us something.
Wendy - Yes. Let’s go in there!(exit stage left)

(Mary and Joe go to front of stage and kneel, Mary holding baby. Animals surround them)
Goat - He’s so cute!
Cow - Yes. Look how tiny his fingers are!
Cat -I want to cuddle him.
Ram - Come and see, donkey!
Donkey -I ache so much! I can hardly move! The baby is quite cute though.
Cow - But he can’t be a king.
Goat - No. kings aren’t born in stinky stables.
Ram -  If he’s a King he deserves a palace.
Cat -  And lots of visitors and presents!
Naomi & Esther- (enter from back and sit one side of Mary and Joe)  Oh Mary he’s so sweet!
Inn keepers (stand behind Mary and Joe)- It’s such an honour to be here.
Shepherds - (sit at one side) We’re here to see the baby king! He’s such good news!
Wise Men - (enter and kneel) Let’s bow and worship him!
Angels - ( stand to one side) Let’s sing him a song to celebrate!

(all sing "Hush there's a baby"- words below)
Hush! Shh! There’s a baby.
Oooh. Ahh. In the stable.
Hush! Shh! Baby Jesus.
Oooh. Ahh. There’s a danger
That we’re gonna wake him up.
He’s such good news we can’t shut up.We’re gonna sing with the angels
A heavenly sound.
Shout with the shepherds
Tell what we’ve found.
Worship with the wise men
Bow right down.
Jesus is born and he’s such good news.Shout and sing and worship the king.
Shout and sing and worship the king.
[Hush! There's a baby.
David Heath-Whyte
Copyright © 2009
Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes]

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