SummaryA monologue (based on John 9) The scene is a roadside in palestine. Just an ordinary day until Jesus and his disciples turn up. |
tyle: Dramatic.       Duration: 10min



A healed blind man


I was just sitting by the roadside, begging. Just another day, like all the hundreds of others, but little did I know how dramatically it would change my whole life…

Suddenly I heard a large crowd coming towards me and I hoped that they would be kind and give me alms.

Then I heard them all stop and I heard a voice say: “Teacher, why was this man born blind?”

I remember thinking, what a cheek – they’re are talking about me as if I’m not here, that I don’t exist!

Then another man spoke: “Was it because he or his parents sinned?”

I was really annoyed by this time, until I heard a fresh voice speak... The voice was soft, full of compassion... And love (I later learned that it was Jesus).

No, it wasn’t,” Jesus answered, “but because of his blindness, you will see god work a miracle for him”

Jesus said other things, too, but I was so excited at the possibility of regaining my sight that I didn’t really listen. Then I heard someone spit and I felt someone smear, what seemed to be mud, on my eyes. (Later I learned that it was indeed mud!)

Then I heard Jesus speak again: “Go wash off the mud in Siloam pool.”

So I got up and staggered off down the road to the pool of siloam, and when I washed by eyes – I could see! I was so happy but some of my neighbours weren’t happy at all! They did not believe that I was the blind beggar, their neighbour, and when I said that Jesus had cured me me they demanded how?

I told them how Jesus had made some mud and smeared it on my eyes and then told me to wash it off in the pool of Siloam and when I did that – I could see!

Where is he now?” they demanded? I told them that I didn’t know.

It had been the sabbath day when Jesus healed me, and some of my neighbours dragged me off to the pharisees, who asked me how I was able to see.

I told them. The pharisees got very annoyed and said: “This man Jesus doesn’t come from God. If he did, he would not break the law of the sabbath!” But others asked: “How could someone who is a sinner work such a miracle?”

The pharisees got very agitated and could not agree. Then they ask me for my opinion: “He is a prophet!” I told them, and this made them madder still!

They sent for my parents and asked them: “Is this the son that you said was born blind? How can he see?”

My parents did not deny I was their son but did not know how I was cured. They suggested that the pharisees ask me (because the pharisees had already agreed that no one was to have anything to do with a person who said Jesus was the messiah).

They then called me back and said: “Swear by god to tell the truth! We know that Jesus is a sinner.” I relied: I don’t know if he is a sinner or not. All I know is that I used to be blind, but now I can see!”

The pharisees still kept asking me how Jesus had cured me, and I asked why they wanted to know again.

Then I dropped a bomb-shell, although I didn’t realise how serous it was! I said: Do you also want to become his disciples?”

The leaders hurled insults at me and said: You are his follower! We are followers of Moses. We are sure God spoke to Moses, but we don’t even know where Jesus comes from!”

How strange!” I replied. “He healed my eyes, and yet you don’t know where he comes from! We know that God listens only to people who love and obey him. God doesn’t listen to sinners. And this is the first time in history anyone has ever given sight to someone born blind. Jesus could not do anything unless he came from God.”

The pharisees were furious by now and said: “You have been a sinner since the day you were born! Do you think you can teach us anything?”

I remember thinking, nobody can teach you lot anything, but kept my mouth shut! The pharisees then banned me from the synagogues.

Not long afterwards Jesus found me and asked: “Do you have faith in the son of man? I said, “Sir, if you will tell me who he is, I will put my faith in him.” “You have already seen him” Jesus answered and right now he is talking with you.”

I felt overwhelmed: “Lord, I put my faith in you!” And I just fell at his feet and worshipped him.

Jesus told me: “I came to judge the people of this world. I am here to give sight to the blind and to make blind everyone who can see.”

The pharisees, nearby, asked: “Are we blind?” Jesus answered, “if you were blind, you would not be guilty. But now that you claim to see, you will keep on being guilty.”

Meeting Jesus was an awesome experience – it changed my life and it also taught me to rely on god for guidance not man. I followed Jesus for many years until his death and resurrection and I heard so many wonderful teachings from him. But the one I remember most vividly was: “apart from me you can do nothing.”


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