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Summary: A monologue looking at the feeding of the 5000 men plus women & children, but from the perspective of the boy who gave up his packed lunch, now an old man in a wheelchair. He is handed a loaf of bread that takes him back to the exciting day when Jesus performed the amazing miracle.
Style: Dramatic.   Duration: 5min
Actors: 1M

Old man


Setting: The old man is wheeled from the back of the church to the front in a wheelchair.  The carer parks the chair just slightly off centre facing the audience, and hands the old man a small loaf of bread, then leaves. The carer will return at the end to wheel him away again.

Old Man:

(He holds the loaf of bread fondly in his hands and deeply inhales the smell.)

I was only eight years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. It all comes back to me every time I see a loaf of bread.  

I awoke that morning to the most amazing smell of my mum's freshly baked bread. I rushed down excited, for today I was going out with my father for the day.

My mum handed me a cloth bundle which contained two small fish, and five of mum's freshly baked loaves. I could still feel the warmth of the bread through the thin cloth.

I walked alongside my father and was pleased that he was holding my hand as there were lots of people there that day and without him I am sure I would have got lost.  

They later said there were 5000 men, not to mention the women and all of us children.

Dad & I found a perfect spot just a short distance from Jesus under the shade of a palm tree.

Jesus was so easy to listen to.  He told great stories, that had real meaning.  Time just flew by, and soon it was late in the afternoon, and we were all getting very hungry.

Jesus’ disciples suggested that he send us all away to the towns and villages to get some food, but Jesus said, “You feed them”.
They started to ask around for any food, and that’s when I tugged the coat of one of his followers and handed him my packed lunch.  He looked at it and laughed at me, but he gave it to Jesus.

Jesus smiled at me – smiled at me – then he gave God thanks for the gift of bread and fish. He broke the bread and fish into small pieces and the Disciples started to give it out.  It just kept coming, more and more. Soon everyone, all 5000 men, and the women and us children had all had our fill, and what’s more, when he finished, there were leftovers! 12, yes 12, baskets of leftovers afterwards.

It was incredible, you know that day Jesus fed us all with two small fish, and five loaves of my mum's freshly baked bread.

(As he says this he drops off to sleep, and this is the cue for the carer to wheel him back off stage).


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