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Summary: In this modern day version of the parable, a young man counts everything of less value than the treasure he is searching for. Keywords: Treasure, pearl of great price, Kingdom of Heaven.
Style: Dramatix. Duration: 7min
Actors: 4M, 1F
Scripture: Matthew 13:44

Tommy – a young man on a mission
James – Tommy’s best friend
Sally – Tommy’s girlfriend
Mr Black – Tommy’s boss
Farmer Cameron – owner of the field


(Lights fade up. Enter TOMMY with metal detector, searching intently for something. Enter FARMER to centre stage)
FARMER: Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is like treasure hid in a field”.
(FARMER exits stage right. Enter JAMES, Tommy’s mate, from stage left)
JAMES: Hi, Tommy.
(TOMMY ignores him, concentrating on the search)
JAMES: I said hello Tommy.
(TOMMY continues searching, oblivious to James’ presence)
JAMES (shouting): Tommy!
TOMMY: (Tommy jumps) For goodness sake, James, there’s no need to shout.
JAMES: What are you doing?
TOMMY: I’m waiting for the number 27 bus. What does it look like I’m doing?
JAMES: OK. Daft question. So, what are you looking for?
TOMMY: It’s something really valuable, and I know it’s around here somewhere.
JAMES: (greedily) Is it treasure?
TOMMY: (starts enthusiastically, but wanes) Yeah! …Well, sort of…. At least I think so.
JAMES: Let me get this straight. You’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for? What’s the point in that? Just give up right now and come with me to the football.
TOMMY: The football! I’d forgotten about that. It is tempting…but…no. I have to keep searching until I find what I’m looking for. Why don’t you stay here and look with me?
JAMES: Eh – I don’t think so. I’m off for a game of footie. (to audience) I think he’s lost the plot. Doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but looking for it anyway… (Exit stage right)
(Tommy continues searching. Enter MR BLACK, stage right. James bumps into him – no apology. Mr Black glares over shoulder at James - mutters)
MR BLACK: There you are Tommy. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. We’re a bit short staffed at the moment, so I could do with you working an extra shift today.
TOMMY: Oh, Mr Black, I’d like to help – and I could do with the extra money – but I’m searching for something very precious at the moment.
MR BLACK: Come, come. I’m sure you could resume your search later – tomorrow perhaps. I would look on it as an immense personal favour.
TOMMY: Sorry, Mr Black – but this search is really important to me right now.
MR BLACK: (getting annoyed) You do realise this could influence my decision over your  promotion prospects
TOMMY: (pauses & thinks) Well, you must make your decisions as you think best. And so must I – I have to keep looking for this treasure and I won’t give up until I find it.
MR BLACK: Very well. Consider yourself fired. (to audience) Don’t know what’s come over the boy. A good worker, but he’s become obsessed with this treasure hunt. Obsessed… (Exits stage left)
(Enter SALLY, Tommy’s girlfriend from stage left. Brushes past Mr Black, who looks over shoulder at Sally)
SALLY: (coyly) Oh, Tommy.
TOMMY: Hi Sally. (Does double take) Wow! You look great. Where are you going?
SALLY: Tommy Jones! Don’t you wind me up like that. You know very well today’s our anniversary. We’ve been going out for a whole month now. And you’ve booked us a table for two at our favourite restaurant, haven’t you Tommy
(TOMMY has been getting embarrassed & fretful. Looks at Sally, then stares at floor.)
SALLY: You have remembered it is our anniversary & you have booked the restaurant, haven’t you?
TOMMY: (nervously) Well, of course Sally, my dearest darling, I had meant to book the restaurant, and – and I would have remembered it is our anniversary, if I hadn’t been so busy searching for this treasure.
SALLY: (angry & upset) You’ve forgotten? – you swine. I’ve hardly seen you this week because you’ve been looking for your stupid treasure. Right Tommy Jones. It’s decision time – come with me to the restaurant now or … or you’re chucked
TOMMY: What!
SALLY: You heard. It’s either me or that treasure. Your call.
(TOMMY is torn between the two. He puts down the metal detector & walks slowly to Sally.)
TOMMY: Sally, this last month with you has been the happiest of my life. But this search for treasure is very important to me  right now. Stay with me – search with me.
SALLY: Me or treasure. Not both.
TOMMY: (reluctantly, but deliberately) OK. Goodbye Sally.
SALLY: What!
TOMMY: Sorry, but you made me choose.
(SALLY exits stage right – inconsolable)
(TOMMY sighs – then goes back to searching. Pauses – finds something. Bends down slowly – awestruck. Picks up ‘treasure’, hidden to audience.)
TOMMY: I’ve found it – it’s more beautiful than I ever imagined. I’ve got to have it. But really, it’s not mine to take. It belongs to the person who owns this field – old farmer Cameron. I must buy this field from him, then the treasure will truly belong to me.
(Tommy buries the treasure. FARMER enters stage right)
TOMMY: Oh – Farmer Cameron. Just the person I wanted to see.
FARMER: (eyes Tommy suspiciously) Aye.
TOMMY: I was wondering if you’d be willing to sell this field of yours.
FARMER: Maybees aye, maybees naw.
TOMMY: What’s it going to cost me?
FARMER: How much have you got?
TOMMY: I’m willing to give you …. everything I own.
FARMER: It’s not enough. You see, I know what’s in the field.
TOMMY: But I’ve got to have it. What else can I give you apart from everything I own?
FARMER: There’s one more thing you have, aside from your money & possessions.
TOMMY: You’re speaking in riddles. What have I got that I do not own? (slowly dawns on him) I know – my life, my self. You want me to give you my life to gain this treasure. That’s a high price to ask – (pauses, counting the cost) but it’s worth it. I’ll serve you with my life, with all my heart if I can have this treasure.
FARMER: Well, Tommy, if you are willing to pay the price, you are worthy of receiving the treasure. Consider it yours. (Farmer exits stage left)
TOMMY: Wow. That’s the best news ever – I had to make some difficult decisions in order to gain the treasure, but it was worth it. You see, the treasure is eternal life which you can only have through the Lord Jesus Christ. Go look for the greatest treasure ever. You’ll never regret it.
© Barry Brannen, all rights reserved.
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