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Summary: Tamar runs away into her room to pray to God after Amnon uses her. She is confused and looking for answers.
Style: Dramatic.    Duration: 3min.
Scripture: Based on 2 Samuel 13
Actors: 1F



I… I shouldn’t of made that bread. I shouldn’t have went in that room alone. I should of seen he wasn’t really sick. How could I be so stupid! I shouldn’t of been so close to Amnon. I should of fought back harder. Who cares if he was stronger than me? I should of pleaded harder. Maybe then he would realize how wick he was acting. I shouldn’t have torn my dress. I should of acted like it never happened. I shouldn’t of told Absalom. I saw the anger in his eyes. I bet the anger was at me. “Be quiet for now. My sister; he is your brother. Don’t take this thing to heart” was all he could say to me. I trusted Amnon. I trusted him too much. That was the problem. Yeah, I must of done something wrong… right Lord? I saw how Amnon looked at me… he hates me! It was as if we were never friends. As if I did something wrong. But I didn’t. HE asked me to make him food. HE asked me to come into his room to feed him. My father told me that Amnon WAS sick. I DID fight back. I TOLD him that this was wicked. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT… but now what? What about me, God? Where do I go to get rid of this disgrace? No one will ever marry me now. I went from king’s precious daughter to this. Where do I go now? … I will go to you. You are my God and saw what happened. I am YOUR precious princess even if the world cannot see it. I will spend the rest of my days praising you because you are the only thing that does not change.


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