Summary: An attempt to show the tug of war which goes on inside as we wrestle with decision making.  In this case the prodigal son is trying to decide whether to go home or not.
Style: Dramatic.  Duration: 5min
Actors: 1N, 2M, 2VO
Scripture: Luke 15:11-32

Prodigal Son
2 voices

GUIDELINES: The narrator stands in the pulpit.  Voice 1 and Voice 2 at the front, allowing space for the son to walk between them and hover there, taking time to think.  The father’s voice must sound from the back of the church or hall.


Narrator: You may remember the story of the prodigal son.  You will see him in a moment on his way home, very tired, unwashed and starving.  You may remember how he took his share of his father’s money and spent it all.  His so-called friends deserted him, his life went from bad to worse, here we see him on his way home to his father.

Voice 1: Wait a minute, where are you going?

Son: Back home to see my father!

Voice 1: You can’t go waltzing in there expecting that everything will be all right, look at what you’ve been up to.  You’ve made nothing of your life so far.  You don’t deserve to have such a kind and loving father, you broke his heart when you left.

Voice 2: But he could go back and say sorry.

Voice 1: Get away, he probably just wants a bath, clean clothes, more money, then he’ll be off again, you mark my words!

Voice 2: Aah, give him a chance, his father will certainly be delighted to see him, he’s been waiting and watching for him for ages.

Voice 1: But can you imagine what everyone is going to say?  His father might want him back, but will everyone else?  Imagine the looks on their faces when he walks into the room, just out of the blue.

Voice 2: Well I don’t know. I think it takes a lot of courage to admit you’re wrong, to say you’re in need.  It takes a lot of courage to say sorry.

Voice 1: He’ll need all the courage he’s got when his brother gets his hands on him!  He’s worked and slaved on the farm for years, and hasn’t had a penny.  Hasn’t let his father down once, solid, firm, reliable, that’s what he is.  Even if his father does forgive him, his brother won’t.

Voice 2: Yes, I suppose all the odds are against him. The hardest part of the journey is the last few steps.

Voices 1&2: Too high a mountain for him to climb!

Voice from the back: Son!

Son: Dad!

(Son hurries down the aisle to greet his father, or better still show the father running to his son)

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