Summary: A sketch performed in 3 parts to explore the resurrection.
Style: Light-hearted.   Duration: (designed to be integrated into a normal service)
Actors: 5M, 1M/F
Scripture: based around John 21: 1 - 8

Simon Peter


Part 1   

Narrator:     Later, Jesus appeared again to the disciples beside the Sea of Galilee. This is how it happened. Several of the disciples were there—Simon Peter, Thomas (nicknamed the Twin), Nathanael from Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two other disciples.

[The scene opens with the disciples skimming stones and looking thoroughly bored and lacking motivation. The same words as before re- appear on the screen (see above)]

Peter:        Hey, that was alright John, but I reckon I can better it.

John:        OK then, have a go, but Nathaniel holds the record of five skips.

Peter:        When did you do that Nathan?

Nathaniel:   Just a few minutes ago when you were over there checking those nets.

Peter:        Well I reckon I can get five skips.[skims stone] – Ugh, that was rubbish! Let me try again.

John:        Suit yourself but you’re not going to beat it.

Peter:        [skims stone] – still only four skips. Nothing seems to work properly since Jesus died.

John:        Yeah! It’s just like being becalmed out there – just floating; adrift without any steerage or direction,

Peter:        It’s difficult to know what to do with ourselves. [pregnant pause] By the way what’s got into Thomas – he seems a bit moody,

Nathaniel:   He feels guilty for not believing the rest of us when we told him that we had seen Jesus.

Peter:        Yeah, but that was over a week ago now.

John:        Oh, just leave him. He’ll get over it.


Peter:       [with resolve] Well, I’m not going to sit around all day like some rudderless boat. I’m going to catch some fish – at least that’s something I can do.

John:        That sounds a good idea. I’ll come with you.

Nathaniel:    I’ll come as well and we’ll pick up Thomas on the way. Better than skimming stones, and at least my record remains in tact.

Narrator:     So they went out in the boat, but they caught nothing all night.

Confession – Like Mary at the empty tomb, We fail to grasp the wonder of your presence Lord forgive us. Christ have mercy.
Like the disciples behind locked doors We are afraid to be seen as your followers Lord forgive us Christ have mercy.
Like Thomas in the upper room, We are slow to believe Lord forgive us Christ have mercy.
Like Peter and the other disciples beside the Sea of Galilee We have not learnt to live life to the full in the light of your resurrection Lord forgive us Christ have mercy.
 May God who loved the world so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, to die for us forgive us our self-centredness and help us to serve him in the world through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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Part 2

Narrator:    At dawn Jesus was standing on the beach, but the disciples couldn’t see who he was. He called out…

Jesus:        Hi…over there…have you any fish?

Peter:        Hey John, there’s some guy shouting at us from the beach? Can you see who it is?

John:        I’m not sure…but he seems to be asking about our catch.

Nathaniel:    Not much to tell him there then.

Peter:         No – it’s pathetic. I used to know how to fish these waters. We’d have been toasting breakfast on the beach long before now in the old days.

John:        Yeah, well this isn’t the old days and we’ve caught nothing.

Thomas:    Hey look, that guy’s shouting at us again.

Jesus:        Friends, you haven’t caught any fish, have you?

Nathaniel:    Did you hear that?

Peter:        Yeah! The cheek of it. Nothing like rubbing salt into the wound.

Thomas:    [calling back] No we haven’t. It’s not been a good night.

Jesus:        Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.

Peter:        Who does that guy think he is, trying to teach me how to fish? I always cast on the left side and it has served me fine over the years.

John:        Maybe he can see something we can’t see.

Nathaniel:    Like a shoal or something?

Peter:        [pig-headedly] Over my dead body.

John:        Oh don’t be so pig-headed Peter. We’ve got nothing to lose.

Thomas:    Yes, let’s give it a go. We’ve tried everything else.

Peter:        [with a shrug] Well suppose we can’t do much worse than what we’ve done already. [pause…then resignedly] OK, let’s give it a go.


Affirmation of faith

[the actors/ readers are now sat in the front row of the congregation with Jesus standing at the front]

Narrator:    So they cast their net and now they were not able to haul it in because there were so many fish.

Nathaniel:    I think the net has caught on something.

Peter:        I knew we should never have listened to that guy.

Thomas:    No, look! It’s teeming with fish. Quick, give us a hand.

Peter:        [gobsmacked] How on earth…

John:        Look Peter, it’s the Lord!

Narrator    When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on some clothes, for he was naked, and jumped into the lake. But the other disciples came in the boat, dragging the net full of fish, for they were not far from the land, only about a hundred yards off.

Jesus:         [wheels out a kettle barbeque from behind the altar] Right, let’s fire up the barby and have breakfast.


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