Summary: A Narrator struggles to tell to the story of creation to two easily distracted listeners.
Style:  Light-hearted.   Duration: 8min
Actors: 3M/F



NARRATOR: In the beginning, God created the universe.

Sam:  (looks at Narrator, then at Meg) How did He do that?

Meg.    I dunno, but there must have been a terribly BIG BANG! (drum is banged loudly, they jump in shock)

NARRATOR: The Spirit of God was helping in the creation.

Sam:  Ooh! sounds exciting. (looks around for what’s going to happen)

NARRATOR: Then God said…(pauses)

Sam:        What? What did he say?

Meg:        Yes, come on, we want to know what happened next!

NARRATOR (loudly)  Let there be light! And light appeared.  (Mime bright light shining in  their eyes, they are dazzled and put on sunglasses and pretend to roll up sleeves, trying to get a tan)

NARRATOR: And God saw that it was good. (Sam and Meg rap “And God saw that it was good” twice. They dance around in happiness, removing sunglasses on the word “saw”)

NARRATOR:Then he separated the light from the darkness, and he named the light …

Sam:         Wait, don’t tell me….I know this one – DAY.

NARRATOR Clever clogs! And the darkness?

Sam:     (Meg and Sam shut their eyes and stretch arms out as if blind) I can’t see!

NARRATOR: Open your eyes then. What did he call the darkness?

Sam:     NIGHT. (Meg still has her eyes shut and is walking towards edge of stage. Sam does not notice)

NARRATOR God did all that on the first day.
Sam.         He did all that in one day?

NARRATOR: Well a day is like a thousand years to God, so it may have taken much longer! (Sam sees Meg is about to fall off edge of stage and rescues her)

Sam:     Careful Meg, you nearly fell in the water.

NARRATOR: Talking of water, the next day God did something special with that. He made the sea and clouds and sky.

Meg & Sam: (Rap) He made the Sea and clouds and Sky.

Sam:        Like Sky TV?

Meg:        No, silly there were no TVs back then.

Sam:        So it was a very long time ago?

Meg:        A very, very, very, very, very, very long time ago.

NARRATOR: (impatient) Yes, a very long….can I get on please?

S&M:        Sorry.  (they stand to attention trying to be good)

NARRATOR: Then God made the sea and land. (make it sound a bit like New Zealand)

Sam:     New Zealand?

Meg:        Eh?

Sam:     Did he say New Zealand?

Meg:        No, he said the Sea and land.

NARRATOR: (thinking) Well, God did make New Zealand, actually. (impatient) Can I get on please, it’s only the third day and there’s a whole week!

Sam:        Alright, alright, don’t get your sheets in a bundle!

NARRATOR: Then God started on the detail. (To audience) What came next? Any ideas ? Things that grow? (S&M take flower/plant ideas from audience )

NARRATOR: And God saw that it was good, (S&M encourage audience to join in “And God saw that it was good”) Then God made the sun and moon and stars.

S&M:     (mime in rhythm) God made the sun and moon and stars,

Meg:         I thought he already made the universe in the BIG BANG, (drum)

NARRATOR: Yes, but we are now talking about this planet – he is getting specific to earth, to this solar system.

Sam:     My music teacher’s got this system you know.

Meg:         What, a solar system?

Sam:     Yes, honestly, (sings) Do re me far SO LAR tee do.

Meg:         I don’t think he means….

NARRATOR: (angry) This should not be taking this long. What day are we now?

Sam:     (to audience) What day is it ? (responds to them) Oh, Thursday!

Meg:       He means which day of creation. (To narrator calmly) I think you are up to day 4.

NARRATOR: Thank you! Is that all? (Quickly) Next he filled the air with birds.

S&M:     Tweet tweet tweet. (they flap their arms)

NARRATOR:  (Quickly) And the sea with fish. (S&M do guppy impressions)

NARRATOR: What day… was that day 5?

Sam:     Does it matter?

NARRATOR: Of course it matters!  It all had to be done in a certain order. God was bringing order out of total and (gesticulates) utter chaos! (stamps his feet frustrated)  Can I please finish?

Sam:     Sorry. So what happened on day 6?

NARRATOR: He made the animals, big and small, creepy crawlies and all.

Meg:        (in trepidation) Does that include… spiders?

NARRATOR: Of course.

Meg:         (runs round the stage in fright, looking around) Ooooooh! A spider, a spider.

Sam:     (sternly, he points at his feet) Meg come here! There are no spiders here. (Meg comes to Sam, still looking around)

NARRATOR: And God saw that it was good. (Sam only raps “God saw that it was good”. Meg does not say it. She is pulling a face and shaking her head)  
Now for the best bit. (He looks expectantly at S&M who are clueless and shrug) You really don’t know what he made on day 6? What’s left? Then you’d better “ask the audience”.

Sam:     Excuse me all you lovely boys and girls and mums and dads and….. (realizes) Oh, of course. God made man.

Meg:         Not just man. He made woman too!

NARRATOR: And he told them both to look after the animals, and fish and birds and enjoy the plants and fruit, etc etc.

Sam:     And sweets? Did he make sweets?

NARRATOR: He also made all the things that all the things are made of!

Sam:      Like sweets?

Meg:         And houses?

NARRATOR: He made people creative like him, so they could use their imagination to make all sorts of other stuff. (S&M still looking expectantly for the answer) Yes, sweets and houses.

Sam:     And did God say it was good? When he made the people, I mean.


S&M:     No?

NARRATOR: No. God said it was very good. (picks up the script and starts to exit) Phew. That’s it. It’s taken ages to do that creation!

Meg:     What about the 7th day? (calls after him) Hey, what happened after that? (NARRATOR is already walking off stage and exits)

NARRATOR (shouts from off stage) Then God had a rest – that’s where I am going. To have a rest.

Meg:         To Everest? That’s a mountain isn’t it?

Sam:     Yes, and God made that too. (feels in his pocket) Ah hah! sweets! (gets out a packet of love hearts) Fancy one of God’s creations?

Meg:         Ooh, what are they?

Sam:     Love hearts. (Sam offers her one)

Meg:         Oh, Love hearts because God loves us? Yey!

Sam:     God made the world and everything in it! And he loves it all, and especially the people like you and me. (Rapping) He loves the people like you and me (pointing at audience) God loves the people like you and me (freeze pointing at the audience)

(NARRATOR enters and they all bow.)                                          


© Copyright Pam Norman 2011, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
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