Summary: The story of the transfiguration of Jesus, seen through the eyes of the disciples.
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration:  10min

Scripture: Luke 9: 28-34, Mark 9: 2-10
Actors: 6M, 1M/F, 1VO


JESUS: Himself
JAMES: Has a mobile phone in his pocket. Anxious
PETER: Leader has a walking stick. Paper and pen in his bag/pocket
JOHN: Very much wanting to be in control. Has map and compass.
VOICE OF GOD: Loud through PA
PLANT: in audience has 3 pairs of sunglasses,
MOSES (non speaking)
ELIJAH (non speaking)



[JESUS enters R and walks across stage. Just as he exits L, JOHN, JAMES and PETER enter R. PETER is leading. JAMES and JOHN stop. They are tired from climbing the mountain. They both moan about their legs, and being tired]
PETER:    [notices the others have stopped] James! John! Come on, keep up or Jesus will be so far ahead we’ll lose him.
JAMES:    He’s such a fast walker, I wish he’d slow down a bit. Are we nearly there yet? John, have a look at the map will you.
JOHN:    [consults map, looks around and holding up the compass to get his bearings] As long as Jesus is aiming for the summit, we need to go that way. [he points ahead]
PETER:    John, does the map show a quicker way? Maybe we could take short cut to catch Jesus up.
JOHN:    To be honest Peter, I thought I knew where we are, but now I’m not really sure.
JAMES:    Wait a minute. [takes iphone out of pocket, boasting] I’ve got satellite navigation on my phone. Let’s have a look.
PETER:    Ah, but have you got any signal?
JAMES:    [wanders round holding phone up] No…yes [presses buttons] No, i’ts gone…yes, no!
PETER:    An intermittent signal then. That’s not much use.
JOHN:    Shall we stick with the “old-fashioned” way? [shows map and compass] I think we’d better get going or we will get too far behind. [They start walking again] I can just see Jesus. [Bright light shines towards JOHN. He holds up the map to shield his eyes] Aargh! Look out you two, lightning! [PETER and JAMES see the light and are startled]
JAMES:    That can’t be lightning, it’s still there!
PETER:    What is that? [Shielding his eyes with this hands] I can just make out… it’s Jesus. The light is coming from him. [he goes nearer] His face is as bright as the sun!
JOHN:    And his clothes are so white! What is happening?
JAMES:    It looks like there are other people with him. Who are they? [Disciples move forward, still dazzled. JESUS enters on the edge of the stage with MOSES and ELIJAH and inaudibly talks with them.]
PETER:    I don’t know why, but I just know that is Moses and Elijah.
JOHN:    Cool, let’s get a closer look. [he beckons to JAMES and they move forward]
JAMES:    I’m scared. [he holds on to JOHN] It’s so bright we could get burned. [he yawns]  Although I’m suddenly really sleepy.  I’ll just sit down here for a minute [he sits down]
PETER:    I’m tired too. It must be the climb. [he sits]
JOHN:    What are you both doing? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s go and talk to them! [He grabs them both, trying to get them to stand]
JAMES:     I am not sure that is the thing to do John.
JOHN:    But I want to ask Moses about the Red Sea and all those plagues.
PETER:    [gets up] Don’t get any closer John. It’s dangerous.
JAMES:     [To audience:] Do you think we could get closer? It’s like the sun over there, and my Mum told me never to look at the sun. What do you think?
PLANT     [holds sunglasses up] Here! Have these! [JAMES goes over and gets the sunglasses] What do I do with these? {You put them on your nose} [he puts them on upside down] Is that right? {no}[He puts them on correctly then goes to the JOHN and PETER]
PETER:    Where did you get that? What is it?
JAMES:    I dunno, but I can now look at the light and it doesn’t hurt my eyes. [He turns to the light]
JOHN:    Cool. Can I have one?
PLANT:     Here. Have these, too. [PLANT hands 2 pairs of sunglasses to JOHN and PETER who put them on]
JOHN:    So, are we good to go? [JAMES and PETER face the light and nod]
PETER and JOHN: Yes! [They link arms with JOHN and slowly walk towards the light. They are overwhelmed with fear and cling to each other, not sure what to make of it. They all approach JESUS, ELIJAH and MOSES.]
PETER:     [Frightened and not knowing what to say, but feeling he should say something] Er…er Rabbi, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah
JOHN:    Good idea. [He walks away looking around for wood etc]
JAMES:     I could ring IKEA and see if they will deliver. [Turns away and starts fiddling with phone]
JOHN:    They do home delivery, not mountain delivery.
JAMES:    They say they deliver anywhere, anytime. [they argue about this]
PETER:     Right, I’ve got some paper, let’s draw a plan of it then we can work out what we need to order. [A cloud descends and the disciples start peering around unable to see.] I can’t see what I’m drawing. [They start to shiver and wipe their glasses, then remove them, ad lib about not being able to see and being cold. They move away from Jesus]]
JOHN:    The clouds have come down. I can’t see a thing now. [He gropes around, arms in front of him walking to stage edge. PETER follows him feeling with his stick]
JAMES:    Mind you don’t fall off the edge! Come back. [JOHN and PETER turn towards JAMES]
BOOMING VOICE: This is my son whom I love. Listen to him! [They put their hands over their ears as the voice speaks. Visibly shaken, they run to each other, huddling together in fear. ELIJAH and MOSES quietly exit. The fog lifts and the disciples can now see. They stand up and looking around, then over at JESUS who is standing alone.]
PETER:     Where have Moses and Elijah gone?
JOHN:      What just happened? That was a weird experience.
JAMES:      What.. who… where are we? [He runs to Jesus for reassurance] Jesus?
JESUS:     It’s okay James. [He hugs JAMES. He hugs PETER and JOHN saying their names as he does] Don’t be afraid, that was my Father’s voice. [The disciples are still in a daze] Right, let’s get off this mountain so you don’t get too cold. I think you are all suffering from shock? You mustn’t tell anyone what you have seen today. Not until the Son of Man has risen from the dead. [They look at Jesus uncomprehending, JESUS goes ahead and exits]
PETER:     James, what does he mean about rising from the dead?
JAMES:     I dunno. I haven’t the foggiest.
JOHN: [mishearing] It was the foggiest I’ve ever seen, too. [He sees a landmark] Aha! Right, now I know where we are [he opens map] It’s this way. [points stage L
JAMES:     Are you sure ? [gets phone out] Yes! I’ve got signal! Let me check with my sat nav.
PETER:     Come on lads, this way. Oh, no! Jesus is way ahead of us all again.
JOHN:     Yes, but that’s always been the case hasn’t it?
JAMES:    Way ahead of us.
PETER:     Way, way ahead. [They laugh and slap each others backs and exit R]

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