Summary:    2 sphinxes discuss the story of Joseph.
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 6min
Actors: 2M/F
Scripture reference:    Genesis 45-47




Sophie (sphinx)
Finklestein (sphinx)

(The 2 sphinxes sit motionless side by side)

Sophie: Well…

Finklestein: That’s a deep subject, Sophie.

Sophie: You’re right, Fink, but I meant, well, who’d have thought it?  Joseph and all that.

Finklestein: That’s a deep subject too.

Sophie: Oh, stop being so enigmatic.  What do you mean?

Finklestein: Well…  The place where it all started.  First act: Thrown into a well by his brothers.  Second act: Sold as a slave to Egypt.  Third act: Sent to prison.  Fourth act: his rise to power.  And now the stage is set for the climactic fifth act.  His brothers have come to Egypt to buy food from him.  He recognises them, but they do not recognise him.  Now is his time to exact revenge for the wrongs they have wreaked on him.  There will be blood.  The gods will be appeased.

(dramatic pause)

Sophie: Actually it hasn’t happened like that.

Finklestein: I beg your pardon?

Sophie: Joseph’s just forgiven them.

Finklestein: Impossible… Unthinkable!

Sophie: You really must curb your dramatic tendencies. Sorry to disappoint you, but that is what has happened.  He’s just forgiven them.

Finklestein: But why?  What would prompt him to do such a thing?

Sophie: God.

Finklestein: Which one?  Anubis?  Horus?  Osiris?  Isis?  Ra?

Sophie: None of them.  I said God, as in the one God of the Hebrews.

Finklestein (disdainfully): The Hebrews.  They’re so minimalist.  Why have one when you can have a pantheon?

Sophie: Don’t mock.  This Joseph story was all part of his plan.

Finklestein: What do you mean?

Sophie: God let Joseph’s brothers sell him as a slave so he could come here, rise to power and rescue his family from the famine.

Finklestein: Really?  How do you know?

Sophie: Joseph himself said it.  I overheard him when he was talking to his brothers – just after he had revealed who he really was and forgiven them.  It all goes to show that no matter how things might seem, God is still in control.

Finklestein: Well…

Sophie: That’s a deep subject.

Finklestein: No, I meant, well, who’d have thought it?

Sophie: That’s what I said.  But you were right, it is a deep subject.

(There is a reflective silence between them)

Sophie: I suppose you could say it’s all’s well that ends well.

Finklestein: Oh very good.  Very drole!



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