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Summary: What happens to Adam and Eve in their old age? How do they view the events of so long ago? Keywords: Fall, Garden, Eden.
Style:  Lighthearted. Duration: 10min
Actors: 2M, 2F, 1M/F
Scripture : Genesis 1-2.

Old Adam and Eve
Young Adam and Eve

(Adam and Eve sitting on couch—Adam with a remote, Eve with some knitting—both are Old and Grumpy. There is a coffee table in front of them with a large bowl of apples. Adam keeps flicking channels and Eve stops knitting and stares at him - Adam takes a while to notice - when he does he does a double take )

Adam: (Looking at Eve like he thinks she’s gone batty) What?

Eve: Nothing. (both go back to what they were doing then stares at him again - repeat whole process)

Adam: What is it Eve?

Eve: Adam, You’ve been staring at that T.V screen all day! When are you going to get off this couch and make yourself useful!

Adam: Look woman—for the past 60 years I have been slogging my guts out working on the farm, and you tell me off for taking some time in my old age to rest! Some people just aren’t happy unless you’re lying on your death bed from exhaustion!!

Eve: Fine. Sorry I said anything. (puts down knitting—investigates an apple, then takes a huge bite out of it)

Adam: (looks at her the whole time) Typical.

Eve: What?

Adam: Just typical. Old habits die hard, don’t they Eve?

Eve: What on Earth are you talking about?

Adam: Have you forgotten? The tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? You took some fruit from it— remember—when you weren’t supposed to—remember? And then we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden? Remember?

Eve: What’s your point?

Adam: You’re the reason I have to go out on the farm in the first place! Before then, there was no need to plough—there were no weeds or pests— everything was perfect! And now it’s all hard work and it’s all your fault!

Eve: Hogwash! I think you’re remembering the story all wrong! As I recall, it went something like this!

(The young Adam and Eve come out and stand next to a big tree – Adam a bit further away occupied )

Eve: What a lovely garden this is.

Adam: Yes. Quite lovely


Both: And we are so in love (sigh).

Eve: What shall we do with ourselves on this most lovely of days?

Adam: Well I was thinking I’d go and frolic in a meadow somewhere. Why don’t you go and hang out by this tree?

Eve: I don’t know Adam. God did say to stay away from it!

Adam: No he didn’t, He just said not to eat the fruit. It’ll be fine.

Eve: Alright Adam, If you insist! (Adam Exits, Eve hangs around the tree)

Serpent: Why don’t you have some of the fruit?

Eve: But evil and manipulative serpent—that’s not allowed.

Serpent: Eat the fruit or this bunny gets it!

Eve: Oh no, not the bunny!

Eve: Oh well—seeing as I have no choice in this at all I’ll eat some. Hey this doesn’t taste too bad. Adam! Adam!

Adam: Yes dear?

Eve: I would like to offer you some of this fruit in a way that is not pressuring in any way.

Adam: Sure, I’ll have some, and I want you to know that this was completely my own decision and I don’t feel pressured in anyway.

(old) Adam: Hang on! That’s not how it happened at all!

Eve: Yes it is.

Adam: No it’s not! You made it sound like you had no choice at all! It was me who didn’t have a choice...this is how it really went…

Young Eve: What a lovely garden this is.

Adam: Yeah—I appreciate it in a completely manly way.

Eve: What should we do on this most lovely of days?

Adam: I was going to do some incredibly manly running in that field over there.

Eve: Why don’t I hang out by that tree?

Adam: Oh I don’t know, God did say to stay away from it.


Eve: No he just said not to eat any of the fruit—that’s different you know.

Adam: Well I don’t think it’s a good idea—but if you insist.

Serpent: Why don’t you eat some of this fruit?

Eve: Oh—I’m not allowed.

Serpent: Well I wouldn’t want to pressure you in anyway...

Eve: O.K you twisted my arm. (takes a bite) Hey this fruit tastes really good. Hey, Adam!!!!

Adam: (enters) What is it dear?

Eve: Have some of this fruit.

Adam: I don’t think so. No that’s a really bad idea.

Eve: But Adam it’s really good.

Adam: No!

Eve: Look. Eat the fruit or the bunny gets it!!

Adam: Oh well, seeing as I have absolutely no choice in this whatsoever I guess I’ll have some!

(old Eve) : That is such a load of rubbish!

Adam: So! So was your version! (Moment of silence as they fume then calm down)

Eve: I guess we both have part of the blame—don’t we Adam?

Adam: I suppose. Doesn’t seem to matter now anyway. Whoever’s fault it was— we’re still stuck here in a world that dies—we’re getting old now Eve—we’ll be dying soon too!

Eve: What are we going to do Adam?

Adam: I don’t know Eve, I don’t know.

Eve: What I can’t understand Adam, is this empty feeling I have on the inside now. It never used to be there.

Adam: I miss Him, Eve.

Eve: Yeah, me too.

Adam: It’s just not the same anymore, without Him right there, all the time.

Eve: And what happens when know…

Adam: What?

Eve: Well you

Adam: What?

Eve: You know..

Adam: We kick the bucket, Eve? Breathe our last? Die and then slowly decay?

Eve: All right Adam, don’t be so crude.

Adam: ...well I’m not sure what happens... and I don’t think I want to find out.

Part 2 — After Jesus’ death on the cross

Adam: Wow, look at this place.

Eve: It’s incredible.

Adam: And yet I feel strangely at home...

Eve: Heaven eh?

Adam: Yep. Heaven...

Eve: Who knew we’d end up here?

Adam: I know.

Eve: All because of what He did.

Adam: We didn’t deserve it, Eve.

Eve: I know, but he did it anyway, kind of just blows your mind, doesn’t it?

Adam: Yeah.

Eve: I feel kind of undone by it all really (tender moment)... So this is what happens when you ask Jesus into your life and you like..



Adam: What?

Eve: Well, you know.

Adam: What?

Eve: Well you know.. .like...die.

Adam: Yep. This is what happens. Pretty cool huh?

Eve: Yep. No sin.

Adam: No pain.

Eve: No suffering.

Both: And no stupid farm work…

Eve: You know, Adam, I could spend forever here.

Adam: So could I, Eve, so Could I.


© Caroline Campen, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.

This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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