Summary: A monologue in which the sister of the Prodigal Son tells what happened. 
Style: Drama.  Duration: 5min
Actors: 1F
Scripture Reference: Luke 15:11-31 Setting: Set in the room that held the welcome home party, the morning after the night before.  
Characters: one young woman
Oh, hello, you startled me.  If you are looking for my brothers, and my father they’ve finally gone to their rooms to sleep.  But you are welcome to sit here and wait…(continues cleaning up)  
Such a mess isn’t it?  The party went all night, too bad you weren’t here yesterday; I think everyone for miles around was invited!  (pauses as if listening to visitor) You didn’t hear?  Well, my father had a huge party for my brother who came home.  And what a homecoming it was.  We never thought we’d see him again, so it was quite the celebration.  (takes on a gossipy tone, looks around to see if anyone will overhear) Of course, my eldest brother wasn’t very happy about it.  You see, some time ago my younger brother was unhappy here at home.  He was bored and said he needed to go (very sarcastically, with fingers as air quotes) “find himself”.  So he actually demanded my father give him his part of the inheritance so he could go start a new life.  He actually thought he could do better out there in the world, silly boy.  But my father, being so loving and supportive, (disbelieving tone) he did it; he gave him all his inheritance right then.  Very soon after he got his money, he disappeared.  Just up and left!  We didn’t even hear from him until we got word yesterday he was just over the hill to the south of the farm.  Apparently while he was gone he made some new friends, if you can call them that.  I’m sure he was being a bit of a show off - he’s like that you know - probably flashing his coins around; jingling his purse.  Yeah, like he was a real big wheel or something.  Long story short, he lost it, all of it.  His inheritance, my father’s money, all gone.  (quieter, like it’s a secret) I overheard some of the men talking last night, and they said he ended up working for a pig farmer, and he was so hungry, he actually coveted the pigs’ food!  Can you imagine?  He traded all this (gestures around) for that kind of life.  I guess he decided he should eat crow instead of pig food, because he came home.  
One of the hired men came to the house to tell my father that he was walking over the hill.  Father was so excited!  (getting excited too) He ran out right away to meet him, he was shouting orders as he went, he wanted us to prepare a feast, and he had my mother go tell all the neighbours that his boy had returned to him.  I always knew my father was a good man, but even I was surprised at this.  I thought there would be some punishment for his behavior, but no, Father was just overjoyed at his return, he had us put together this big party.  He even turned down my brother’s offer to work the farm and live with the hired men.  He wouldn’t hear of it. As soon as they got to the house my brother was given a beautiful robe and treated as if he never left.  
He went to rest, he‘d had a long journey after all.  And my older brother came in from the field.  Wow, you should have heard that discussion!  He was so angry!  He was almost yelling at Father, reminding him of all the work he has done around here, especially how much he had done since his spoilt little brother left.  Yup, that’s what he said.  He couldn’t understand why this delinquent was getting a party, while he had toiled away without reward all these years.  Father took the wind out of his sails, though.  He reminded him that everything he had would one day be his, but that we should celebrate because his lost son was home.  He said it was like his child had died and had come back to life.  I suppose if you think of it that way, it really is something to celebrate.  You’d celebrate, too, if you lost something really important and then found it… Like, (thinking of example) hmmm, if I lost a silver coin, even if I had nine more, I’d still be happy if I found it.   
My father loves us all unconditionally - to have extended such grace to my brother even though he fell very short of his expectations is truly amazing.  
I’m sure he’ll always tell the story of how his lost son returned home. (sighing) But when he does, he probably won’t remember to mention me, cooking the feast and now cleaning up the mess… nope, nobody will ever know I was here….

(NOTE: The word amazing can be changed to better fit the message being delivered…for instance: humbling, awesome, remarkable, wonderful, or astounding, will all give a different feeling. )
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