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Summary: A modern-day take on the coming of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever thought of how very weird that day of Pentecost must have been? All these people, believers, followers of Jesus Christ, sitting, praying, waiting… And then, something like wind, fire, they all appeared drunk as they ran out to the streets to tell the Good News. What if that happened today? Would you sit, waiting and praying for 10 days? What about work? Your family? And then, once The Spirit came upon you, would you have the courage to go wherever you were called to tell the truth of Jesus?  Keywords: Pentecost, Holy Spirit, tongues, other languages.
Style: Dramatix.   Duration: 7min
Actors: 4M/F
Scripture:: Acts 2:1-13

Person 1 (Believer)
Person 2 (Cynic)
Person 3 (Rebel)
Holy Spirit dressed in flowing robe, red/ fiery trim, fiery pom poms
Each Person with notepad and pencil, 2 has cell phone, sparkly confetti


(Setting : Boardroom with long table, four chairs)
(1,2,and 3 are seated in a boardroom waiting with varying degrees of interest/expectation. 1 looks expectant, if a bit nervous, 2 slightly annoyed, impatient, 3 totally disinterested, quite annoyed.
1: What are we waiting for?
2: Not sure, not a lot of info on this memo…(takes out memo) Gathering in Boardroom 9 a.m. Doesn’t even say who called this meeting, and what’s with the word gathering anyway?
3: Yeah, well if this is about that power outage in March, (or April depending on when Easter fell) I’m outta here. They’re gonna try to pin that on my I.T. guys, I know it. I don’t know what that was about, but the network had nothing to do with it.
1: I doubt it’s that. I have a strange feeling about this…
2: Well, it is strange. The memo, for starters, what’s with the red paper? And it isn’t signed, and did you notice…(pointing to memo to show others) there isn’t even a date for this meeting, yet, we all showed today…weird.
(All wait…1 looks around nervously, 2 rereads memo, 3 twiddles thumbs)
3: This is ridiculous, (gets up) I’m going back to my desk, if anyone shows, come get me
1: No, you can’t go, I’m telling you, whatever this is, it’s going to be big, I just know it.
(3 makes face, but sits again)
2: How do you know? Do you know something about this that you aren’t telling us? Come on fess up, what did the boss tell you? I knew you were in with him…
1: I don’t know anything, really. I just have this feeling, there’s something…I don’t know…in the air…or something. Can’t you feel it?
2: I don’t feel anything, (looks at 3)
3: Me neither, except boredom…(puts head on table)
(Waiting…1 paces floor, 2 starts texting, 3 remains with head on table)
(Sound of wind blowing, Holy Spirit bursts into room)
Holy Spirit: (With firey pom poms, runs in, very excited waving poms around, and touching people on their heads) Hey guys! Woo hoo! I’m here, I’m finally here! Yeah! (1 looks excited about the visitor, 2 nervous but curious, 3 very annoyed with poms being waved in his/her face)
1: (staring wide eyed, in shock) Who are you?
3: (Accusingly) Yeah, how’d you get in here anyway?
HS: What do you mean, who am I? It’s me…the one you’re waiting for.
2: We’re waiting for our boss….I thought, (looks to other two for support)
3: (Looks on with arrogance) You called this meeting?
HS: Sort of, no, not really, but it is me you’ve been waiting for, you know how God said “I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” ? Well, that’s me, pouring out…on you…(waves poms like water falling over them) And I have to make sure you got the message
1: What message? (sits ready to listen)
2: You don’t look like you know much about business, what could you possibly have to say to us?
3: What is this? Some kind of joke? You blow in here, all happy and way to excited with some sort of message apparently, but you don’t even work here, do you?
HS: Well, no I don’t, but this is really important. You are supposed to take the message, and tell EVERYONE!
1,2,3: EVERYONE?
2: Like who? The rest of the company?
HS: No, (solemnly) the whole world.
3: (Getting up, and challenging) The whole world? Are you kidding? I just got transferred here, I only know like (gestures to 1 & 2) maybe, eight people in this town, I can’t even tell my neighbours this message, I don’t know them!
2: (cynically) What’s the message?
1: (amazed) Yes, what is it?
HS: (stands on chair for big announcement) Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He lives, and whoever believes in Him shall also have eternal life.
1: (in awe) WOW! That is amazing!
2: (to 1) Are you serious?
3: (to self) You gotta be kidding me?
HS: (Gets off chair) Wait, wait don’t make up your mind yet….I’m going to help you! That’s my job…Don’t you get it? (Only 1 looks remotely interested, 2 is cynical, 3 looks as if not listening at all, HS realizes he is losing them) I’m the one Jesus promised, He said you would be baptized with the Holy Spirit (gesturing to self) That you would receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes on you …(throws confetti over each one, 1 looks at it with wonder and amusement, 2 surprised and confused, 3 just annoyed) And, I’m going to be with you forever to help you, and you get these gifts see, gifts I give you to help spread The Word.
3: (looks interested) Gifts?
2: Like what?
HS: Well, lets see, (counting on fingers) for instance, there’s prophecy, and wisdom, healing, oh, and tongues. (like this last one is very impressive)
3: Tongues? Listen, I’m not telling the world anything for less than a new truck.
2: How about cash, can you give me cash, you know, beat the taxman and all that?
1: (Has obviously been thinking throughout this exchange, hanging on every word HS says) (Raising hand, jumping up) I’ll do it, I’ll do it! That is the best news I ever heard! It’s so exciting, Jesus is alive! (grabs HS by shoulders, looks in eyes) You are serious about that aren’t you? (HS nods emphatically) Oh, I always knew it, (telling 2&3) I knew it somewhere in my heart, but I didn’t dare believe! Now I believe, I really really do! You are right, I have to tell everyone! (Takes one pom) I want everyone I know to live forever! HE LIVES! (Jumping around boardroom, waving pom, woo hooing) Praise to God! (should end this speech at front and center stage, 2 &3 move in on either side)
(HS getting excited, nodding and waving pom pom)
2: Are you ok?
3: Are you drunk?
1: (in disbelief to 3) No, I am not! (turning to 2 also) Don’t you get it? This is it, this is what we’ve been waiting for, this is what the world has been waiting for, our Savior, Jesus lives, and we can too, FOREVER, with Him…we have to tell everyone. You are going to do it aren’t you? (looks out to audience) Well? Aren’t you?
© Copyright Deana Reimer, all rights reserved. The script may not be reproduced, translated or copied in any medium, including books, CDs and on the Internet, without written permission of the author.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at:
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