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Summary: This is a modern version of the 'Road to Emmaus' appearance of the risen Jesus to the disciples. Keywords: Resurrection, Emmaus.
Style : Dramatic.  Duration : 5min
Actors: 3M/F, 1M, 1VO
Scriptures: Luke 24:13-35, Psalm 16:10, Isaiah 53:4-12.

 Voice of Newsreader


The scene is the staff canteen in a workplace (a small factory or similar), with a table and four chairs and a radio on the table.

(Joan enters carrying a tray with teapot and mugs. Ken and Pat enter on cue.)
Joan: Tea's up. Come and get it.
Ken: Just the job. Thanks, Joan.
Joan: Come on, Pat - Tea break.
Pat: Thanks, Joan. What's on the news? (switches on radio)
Newsreader: (fade up).......that concludes our report from Parliament today. The mystery deepens surrounding the death of the young preacher who was murdered last week. This morning his grave was found to be open and the coffin was empty.
Ken: Turn that thing off.
Newsreader: Several followers of the preacher have claimed that they saw him alive in the cemetery.
Ken: (switches off radio) Load of nonsense.
Joan: Why did you do that? It's interesting.
Ken: Rubbish. All this talk of a man being murdered and then coming back to life.
Pat: It's here in the paper as well. (shows newspaper) Look there's even a photo of the empty grave.
Ken: Anyone can dig up a grave. Vandals! The man's dead now. Why can't they leave him in peace?
Joan: Well, I don't know. Drink up your tea.
 (Stranger enters)
Stranger: Is this where we come for our tea-break?
Pat: Yes. Sit yourself down there.
Joan: Here's a mug - and there's the sugar.
Stranger: Thanks. What were you talking about just now?
Joan: About this young preacher who was murdered, and they're saying he's come back to life.
Ken: It's all a big con. You'll see.
Pat: Well, I think it might be true. Look (shows newspaper) this photo shows the grave and the empty coffin in the bottom of it.
Joan: (to Stranger) What do you think?
Stranger: I think that if God decides to bring a dead man back to life, why shouldn't He do it?
Joan: But things like that just don't happen, do they?
Stranger: You know, it says in the Bible that God will not leave the man He has chosen in the grave.
Joan: Does it really?
Stranger: It also says that God will send a man who will have to die for all the wrong that everyone has done; and then God will raise him from the dead.   
Joan: And do you think that this preacher might have been the man God sent?
Stranger: I'm sure of it. (drinks) Thanks for the tea. I must be getting on. (Stranger exits)
Joan: Yes, come on you two. Tea-break's over. Back to work.
Ken: Strange bloke that. Who was he anyway?
Joan: He must be new here. I haven't seen him before.
Ken: What's up, Pat?
Pat: (Pat has been staring at the newspaper) Look! There's a photo of him in the paper.
Joan: Photo of who?
Pat: The preacher who was murdered.
Ken: So what?
Pat: Don't you recognise him? It's that man who was sitting here talking to us.
Joan: You're right! So he really is alive.
Ken: Well, it looks like him, but I don’t.....
Pat: Of course it's him. He's alive. He was sitting here drinking tea and talking to us.
 (Joan stands up)
Ken: Where are you going, Joan?
Joan: To phone the newspaper. If a dead man has come back to life, that's news! Everyone ought to be told!
 (Joan exits. Pat and Ken stare at each other, then follow)

Copyright John Hastings, all rights reserved. This script may be used without paymen, provided no charge is made for entry to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. He may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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