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Summary: A shopaholic wife returned from a buying binge and a bored husband find their day is turned upside down when their beloved Daisy is taken by a stranger.  Keywords: Palm Sunday
Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 6min
Actors: 1M, 1F

H: Husband
W: Wife

 (H seated in chair reading paper. W comes in with loads of shopping bags. She is a shopaholic, he is less than impressed. )
W: Honey I’m home!
H: (sarcastically) Hello dear, how was the shopping?
W: (starts showing him what she bought as she talks) Well, I could only pick up a few things because I forgot to take Daisy with me, so just two pairs of shoes, this lovely dress, some handbags, a necklace, three scarves ...
H: Hang on, back up a minute, what did you say?
W: Only two pairs of shoes, and they’re Manolo Blahsteins so you’re paying for the quality of course ...
H: No, no, not about the shoes, although we’ll come back to that later. What did you say about Daisy?
W: Oh I forgot to take her with me to help me carry things so I wasn’t able to buy the Laura Ashman quilt or those lovely decorative crystal Sabbath candle holders I saw, they had these darling little pearl drop ribbons and satin backed seder stands ... but don’t worry, I’ll pick them up next time I’m in town (she sees his face) ... or not.
H: I’m not worried about that... but if you didn’t take Daisy, then where is she?
W: What do you mean where is she? Here of course. She was in the front yard when I left.
H: Well, she’s not there anymore.
W: (walking over to look) What do you mean she’s not there ... oh no Daisy’s gone! My darling Daisy! We have to go look for her. Quick!
H: (getting up slowly) Your darling Daisy! Five minutes ago you were ready to load her up like a pack horse.
W: Don’t say such terrible things about Daisy, she’s an absolute blessing to me in my sartorial pursuits, she is. Who would have taken her? Something terrible must have happened!
(They walk outside the house.)
H: What in tarnation .... have a look at this! Someone’s cut all the branches from our palm tree. What is going on here? Something’s not right.
W: Oh now it’s your beloved garden, you’re worried.
H: (pointing) Hang on. What’s that going on there down the street? What are all those people doing? Is that Daisy with that man in the middle of the crowd?
W: (panicking) It looks like a crazed mob. Oh my word, it’s a riot! Oh my poor Daisy!
H: A crazed mob rioting with palm branches? I don’t think so! They’re waving to him. I think they’re welcoming him. And look, there are clothes strewn all over the road.
W: (perking up) Did you say clothes?
H: Shh! Listen, I think I can hear them calling out. What are they saying? It sounds like Susannah?
W: (almost hyperventilating with excitement) And Trinny??  Could it really be?
H: For goodness sake. Trinny and Susannah? I don’t think they’re going to be giving out fashion advice for a couple of thousand years. Which play are you in?
W: Sorry, got a bit carried away there.
H:  They’re not saying Susannah, it’s Hosanna. What does that mean again? We do speak Hebrew in this country remember?
W: Hosanna ... um ... is that the code word for fire? Riot? Crazed mob with palm branches? It’s something to do with calling out for help!
H: Help? Of course, that’s it, it means Save us. It’s the word people use when they think the Messiah has come!
W: Messiah? Saviour? Maybe it is Trinny & Susannah.
H: Not that kind of Messiah. THE Messiah, the one God promised our people generations ago. The King, the Son of David, the Saviour of the world. Do you think he has finally come? That he could really be here?  (pause) And with our Daisy?
W: What would a King want with our Daisy? I mean I love her to bits and all, but surely a King would want something a bit classier, a bit more regal?
H: Well, maybe He’s not exactly the kind of King everyone has been expecting. Let’s go find out for ourselves.
(They head off into the distance)
Wife (to crowd): See that donkey the Messiah’s riding? That’s my Daisy!
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