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Summary: Sheriff Goody, J.I. Jill, Rap the Raptor, Bobbie Doll, Mrs. Tomato Head, Walkie & Talkie are toys that want to be loved by children at Christmas. However the prospects don’t look good with one shopping day left. In their attempt to escape a lonely Christmas in the store (not to mention fleeing from their arch nemesis Knock’m Bop’m Robot), they come across a rare nativity doll named Mary who points them to the real meaning of Christmas. This encounter re-evaluates their purpose resulting in joining their comrade Fuzz Lightfear in “Operation Toy Drop”. Follow the antics of our plastic and plush toy friends as they try to rescue Christmas.

Style: Light-hearted.  Duration: 70min
Actors: 5M, 5F, 3VO


A royalty payment is requested for this script. To read the 1st Act free of charge, click here.