By Debra S. Coughlin


It is easy sometimes to wear a mask, but God knows the condition of our true heart.
I Sam 16:7
for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.


5 young women (Susan, Gloria, Rock Garden Princess, Shopper 1 and Shopper 2)
One young Doctor
One Doctor: (never actually speaks)


(Enter Shopper 1 and Shopper 2 carrying shopping bags)
Shopper 1: Did you hear that theres a new cute doctor down at the hospital?
Shopper 2: Yea, I heard, and guess what.  Hes open for a free clinic today.  I think hes checking for heart disease.  I heard theres free stuff and prizes, too.
Shopper 1: You want to get a bunch of us together and check it out?
Shopper 2: Why not, it might be fun. Meet you back here in an hour - well both make some calls.
Scene 2 Doctor's rooms
(Enter five young women.  Doctor enters on the other side with clipboard)
Shopper 1: Hey, Susan why dont you go first.  Everyone knows your heart is fine.  Youre engaged to the most promising lawyer this town ever saw.  Not to mention your Daddy is the richest man in town.
Susan: The fact that I can beat you all on the tennis court makes it pretty much a sure bet its a good ticker too.  Alright, it will be good for a laugh, Ill go first.
(She wanders over to the doctor and he points her to behind the screen.  As she stands behind the screen she holds up a broken heart shown with a flashlight.  The doctor shakes his head and writes on his clipboard and motions for her to return to the group.)
Shopper 2: Ok, Gloria, you go next.  I know heart disease runs in your family, but dont be scared. Besides Im sure you dont get too much cholesterol eating down at the silly soup kitchen you run.
Gloria:   That soup kitchen feeds many of our towns poor and its good enough for me.  Im not scared.
(As she stands behind the screen a perfect heart is shown and the doctor is all smiles.  He motions for her to come out and shakes her hand as she leaves the stage.)
(Next person notices the doctor waving them on.)
Princess: Ok, I guess Im up.  Gloria can get back to her charity work.  Not that shed ever ask me to help - she knows I could never work with those people.
(She walks behind the screen, and the shadow of a big hard rock can be seen.  The doctor looks very concerned and motions her back to the waiting room.)
(Last but not least are our two shoppers.  The first one looks worried.)
Shopper 1: Why dont you go next.  Ill wrap it up at the end.  I dont even know why we did this in the first place.
Shopper 2:  Because its fun, silly.  Why, if hes cute maybe I will just fake a heart attack.  That would get his attention quick wouldnt it.
(She giggles as she goes to the screen. When she gets behind the screen the doctor looks puzzled as if hes looking for something he cannot find.  The light shines but there is nothing there.. her heart is completely empty - just a shell.  He motions for her, too, to return and the last shopper to come up.
The Last shopper nervously heads for the screen.  When she is behind the screen there is her heart for all to see - wrapped in bandages.  Wounded. In sadness, the doctor puts his arm around her and returns her to the chairs. The doctor has his back to audience as the women look at him with shock on their faces. He mimes talking to each of them, then he walks off the stage. The women gather their belongings.)
Shopper 1: Why, the nerve of that man. Someone should see he never practices medicine in our town!
Susan:  I know I am going to speak to my father.  How dare he ask if he could help ME.  ME!  I have everything.  Its I who could have helped him if he had any sense at all..
Rock Garden Princess:  Did you hear him tell me I should reach out to others more! Like I dont have more important things to do!
(They start off the stage with the wounded heart sadly following behind.)
Susan:  Come on (yells to the Wounded Heart) We are going to be late for choir practice.  You know how Pastor counts on us sitting there in the front as an example for the rest of the congregation.
Copyright Debra S. Coughlin, all rights reserved.
This script may be used without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for entry. In return, the author would like to be told of any performance. She may be contacted at coughlin@rowan.edu