Grandpa's Box

 By Fred Lane


Two girls, Dawn and Angela, are cousins whose grandfather just died.  Dawn is mainly interested in finding our what is in the box; Angela is mainly interested concerned with her family.




(Setting: They are at the old home after the funeral, and the action is in the parlor.  There is a lamp, a small table with table cloth, a medium-sized box gift wrapped with a removeable top._

Lights up:  lamp and table on one side; Dawn at table handing the box, Angela enters talking....

Angela: Oh, am I glad to be back here.  I really feel weird riding in a hearse and standing around a grave.

Dawn: (Puts down the box with care) Yeah, I know.  I don't know hardly any of those people.  All the crying and stuff is just too much for me.

Angela: But I did feel so sorry for grandma and my mom.  They were so upset...I just want to hug them and tell them that I love them.

Dawn: (Picks up box again and examines it as she talks) Well, I love grandma and my mom, too.  But I don't understand why they're so upset.  I mean, grandpa was no great person. (pause) In fact, he was pretty rough on them. (Puts down box)

Angela: Yeah, he was. Mom used to tell me about growing up and how mean grandpa could be.  She even cried sometimes. But, he changed, remember?

Dawn: So?...(Angela looks at Dawn surprised)...It doesn't change what he did.  If I grew up with him, I don't think  I'd cry at his funeral...(She looks directly at Angela)...Did you?

Angela: Yes, I did...Although I didn't really know grandpa, I felt really sad for my mom and grandma.

Dawn: Okay, what ever...(pause)...So, what do you think is in grandpa's box? He said he was going to put the most important thing he had in here for us.

Angela: I don't know (picks up the box and looks it over as Dawn looks on)

(short pause)

Dawn: Hey, why don't you give it a shake?  Maybe it's jewelry or money or something (act mischevious) really valuable!

Angela: No way! (Puts down box quickly) That's really sick, Dawn! I mean, grandpa just died and you are trying to find out what he left for you!!!!!

Dawn: Aw...come on!  Who's it gonna hurt?....Grandpa??

Angela: I It just might hurt grandma and our mothers!!! Even if you didn't  care about grandpa, at least have some feelings for them. What if it's breakable and it's something for grandma?

Dawn: And how about if it's something for me or you? I really want to know!

Angela: (hands on hips, or something like that) You know the whole family is supposed to open it together. (pause, shaking her head and turns to leave) Look, I'm going to check on mom and grandma....You really need to think about what you have already that's valuable.

(Angela leaves cross stage and sits down out of sight; Dawn slowly picks up the box, looks it over, puts it down and looks around to see if anyone is watching)

Dawn: Who would know if I took a peek inside?  Maybe it is something especially for me!

(Slowly opens the box.....looks inside and is mildly surprised)

Dawn: There's......there's only a piece of paper....

(She reaches in slowly, retrieves the paper and pretends t read it; she slowly lowers it and stares off in disbelief)

Dawn: I....I can't....believe it!

(she raises  the paper and reads...)

Dawn: To my wonderful family I leave the greatest treasure I have.  At all times and everywhere love, truly love each other.  There is no greater gift I can give.   Signed, Grandpa

(In shock, slowly whe puts the paper back in the box and puts the lid back on; at this time Angela enters calling and walking toward Angela from cross stage...)

Angela: Dawn....Dawn...can you help me in the kitchen? Mom asked......(She sees Dawn's face)...Dawn, are you okay?

Dawn: (absentmindedly) What...what...? Oh, what?

Angela: (carefully checking out Dawn) the kitchen?

Dawn: Oh,...okay, sure.

Angela: Are you sure you're okay?

Dawn:  Yeah, (brightening up) yes, I'm fine. I think helping in the kitchen will be a great thing to do!

(Dawn walks out smiling, Angela is left on stage and she picks up the box as lights go down)


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: