The wrong way to read the Bible

By Andy Lund


Neil gets some poor advice on how to approach reading the Bible.



Narrator 1: You know, I'm feeling quite depressed at the moment, Mandy.

Narrator 2: I'm sorry to hear that, Neil. You know what you really need to do is read the Bible. That always helps, I find.

Narrator 1: What do you suggest I read. There's an awful lot of books in there.

Narrator 2: 66 actually.

Narrator 1: There you are. It''s difficult to know which one will help me.

Narrator 2: I suppose it's best to start at the beginning.

Narrator 1: What, in Genesis. Well, here goes (Opens book towards beginning) How about this - Genesis Chapter 30 verse 14. 'During wheat harvest Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants which he brought to his mother Leah'. Mm - I don't know if that's going to help me a lot.

Narrator 2: Well - the thing is - you have to meditate on it a lot. Really think about it.

Narrator 1: (Thinking hard) Err - it's no good, Mandy. I keep thinking: What is a mandrake?' Do you know?

Narrator 2: Err, well actually - no. Perhaps you should try the New Testament. You know starting from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Narrator 1: Right. What do you suggest?

Narrator 2: Oh, I don't know - just open the page at random. See what you are led to.

Narrator 1: (Cautiously) Well .... All right here goes. Matthew chapter 27 verse 5. 'Judas went away and hanged himself.' That's not terribly helpful. In fact it's making me feel more depressed.

Narrator 2: Yes, but you really have to think deeply about it. Let's write it down so you can. (Writes it down on OHP). Anyway it might only be part of God's encouragement for you. Flip the Bible open at another page and see what you get.

Narrator 1: I don't know. I'm not sure this is how you should read the Bible.

Narrator 2: It can't be wrong. It is the Bible, after all.

Narrator 1: OK. Here goes. I'll read it, you write it. Luke chapter 10 verse 37. Jesus told him : Go and do the same.' (Narrator 2 writes it down)

Narrator 2: Right - let's see what God is telling you for your depression. (Reads it out)

Narrator 1: Great!


© Andy Lund
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