Truth of Life Zone - Three-In-One

By Josh Langner


The Body, Mind and Spirit of little Jimmy Baker are in constant dialogue (and often disagreement) as Jimmy awakes to start his new day.


Twilight Person
Jimmy Baker's Body
Jimmy Baker's Mind, 
Jimmy Baker's Spirit


( Scene: Mind and Spirit are in bed. Jimmy's Body is still up. Twilight enters, serious and important)
Twilight: (monotone) 2:03 am. (pause) Just like any other night Little Jimmy/Jamie Baker brushed his teeth (Body acts it out) and washed his face. (pause) 2:09 am. (pause) Just like any other night Little Jimmy Baker said a prayer, (Body, act it out) and went to bed. (pause) 2:18 am. (pause) Not like any other night in Little Jimmy Baker's life (excitement growing) (lights strobe slowly), Little Jimmy Baker slipped through a mystical tear warped through the very fabrics of time and space, a portal if you will ! A portal to a place of awesome truths to be uncovered and lies to be revealed and shattered. (voice rising to an insane excitement) Changing normal lives forever, making them totally useless to the traditional worldly ways, Diminishing the deadly grip of religion, society, and every evil of all around. (monotone) An incredible place where you can find love, (lights strobe faster)  not of this world (voice rising again) But a love of mercy and grace. (screaming) The love of GOD ALL MIGHTY!!!! Hem, hem, (monotone) 8:33 am. (pause) Little did Little Jimmy Baker know that when he awoke he would find himself learning about himself in the TRUTH of LIFE ZONE.
(Lights strobe as fast as possible, then suddenly stop pitch dark) (Twilight walks slowly off stage).
(Mind Body Spirit under blanket, in synchronization sit up, stretch and yawn)
Body: 5 more minutes, mommy/
Spirit: Praise the Lord ! Another day to live, another day to shine! Thank you Jesus for ever..............(cut off by mind)
Mind: No time for that now (throws off blankets) we overslept so...(looks at clock) that leaves us with 15 minutes that's 10 minutes to shower...5 minutes to pack. I guess we can drop prayer and skip the breakfast ...... leaving just enough time to catch the bus on time.
Body/Spirit: (synchronized)  What??
Body: I'm hungry
Spirit: So am I
Mind: OK, I can be reasonable. I'll shorten the shower 5, minutes leaving us 5 minutes to either pray or eat a healthy well balanced meal. I would choose the breakfast, but don't let me influence you.
Body: I have to choose!!
Mind/Spirit: Yes
Body: Well I am hungry and need my noot....nutritty....uh..... my healthy stuff, but I also know man doesn't live on bread alone..................uh.......I......uh......OOH I have an idea!
Mind/Body: You Do??
Body: Yes, We could eat breakfast then pray in the shower.
Spirit: Brilliant.
Mind: Hold it! That's disgusting!
Spirit: (exaggerating sarcasm) What? God may need to cover His eyes?
Mind: Ha. ha. but no washing and praying don't mix! What if while praying you are distracted and end up missing a spot?
Spirit: So?
Mind: So the spot you miss will become a spot of manifesting bacteria multiplying and growing until we get some disease! And I don't think I'm prepared to handle something like that.
Body: Well maybe we can eat in the shower?
Mind/Spirit: Quiet!
Spirit: Well maybe we can skip the shower.
Mind: (mockingly) Yeah, but isn't cleanliness next to Godliness.
Body: I'm too hungry; showering can wait, and who needs to pray? (spirit drops to knees in prayer)
Mind: (clutch head)  Noooo! I'm Losing control!
Body: Hey! shut up its my body.
Mind: (falling apart) You are just a bag of bones I'm the smart one.
Body: You are the one who kept us up all night! That's why we overslept.
Mind: It was improving our street smarts.
Body: It was the COPS marathon!!
Mind: So, What's your point!
Body: uh....I.....uh
Mind: Dumb and speechless as usual (holds up clock) and now it's two minutes to SHOWER.
Body: NO, it's two minutes to eat my corn pops.
Mind: Yeah, well......(cut off by spirit)............
Spirit: ( reveals ref. shirt and blows whistle) All right boys, listen up! If we just follow God we will have a much better day. He will strengthen me, provide for you, and give you the mind of Christ. In the long run it will be much better off! So choose now! Follow God or be a slave to your worldly needs!
Body: Uh....I.....uh....
Spirit: Well?
Body: I will follow God (pauses). Hey, my hunger is easing up. I can barely feel it........ No wait, it's gone.
Mind: (sniffle- meekly) I lost control.
Spirit: All righty then, we will follow God (Mind cries), and we will like it (Mind stops crying).
(Pray about stuff - Body picks up Bible)
Body: Galatians 5: 7-18 (covers up ref. shirt and smiles, mouthing Bible verse) For the Flesh wars against the Spirit and the Spirit against the Flesh and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do what you wish, but if you follow the Spirit you are not under the law.
Mind: Deja vu.
Body: What?
Mind: Never mind.
Body: I'm sorry Lord, Let me be led by the Spirit, amen.
Spirit: Awe!! (Group Hug)
( Mind, Body, Spirit  freeze- Twilight enters)
Twilight: 8:48 am. (pause) So ends another life changing trip to the Truth of Life Zone. Little Jimmy Baker now understands that if he is led by the Spirit he can do the things he wishes without being lead into darkness (demon enter)
Demon: Wait, Wait! What is that supposed to mean?
Twilight: It means if we follow what God is telling our Spirit Man to do, we will not end up being led around by the likes of you!
Demon: But that's not fair!
Twilight: Well, well, well. All is fair in love and war. This is both. (James Bond shot)
Demon: NOOOO (runs off stage).
Twilight: (laughs) I always enjoy doing that! Uuntil the next bizarre case of Spiritual teaching in strange ways to the unknowing ...  Farewell ..
Copyright Josh Langer, all rights reserved.
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