Stir Up the Gift Within You

By Mike Orlowski


An absent minded professor uses a Biblical discovery to explain how to reawaken your spiritual gift.

Scripture Reference

2 Timothy: 4-8



The doctor's office.


Lab coat, thick eyeglasses, a large pot, dry ice, four large signs in black and white and four in color, each with one of the following gifts printed out in bold lettering: Teacher, Servant, Leader, Giver; one large sign with the words 'Ministry Opportunities' printed on it in bold letters, a desk with 5 chairs, sunglasses, cassette of a short clip of appropriate music or song.


(Miss Guided [Professor's assistant] is seated at the desk. Enter Teacher, holding his black and white sign so people can see it.)

Miss Guided: (A heavy German accent would add to the effect) Yes. May I help you?

Teacher: (Obviously depressed) I'm here to see Professor Imaklutz. I was hoping that maybe he could help me.

Miss Guided: What seems to be the trouble?

Teacher: Well, I've been teaching, you know, and well I was doing well for awhile and then I just started getting worn out, you know. Those junior high kids really can take a lot out of a person. Now I'm depressed and, well I was hoping I could get a new gift. I really don't think this is my gift. Maybe someone else could use it. (Holds up gift)

Miss Guided: Well, the professor is very busy with a new discovery, but I will check with him. Perhaps he will see you. Please take a seat.

(Enter Servant also holding up his sign for all to see. He is angry.)

Miss Guided: How can I help you?

Servant: It's about time somebody asked me for a change! I'm sick and tired of doing all the leftovers that nobody else wants! I help everybody! Who helps me? Huh? Who? I need a new gift - like sleeping! Where's the professor?

Miss Guided: I see. Just take a seat and I will see if the professor will see you.

(Enter Leader wearing sunglasses and with his sign visible. He is acting paranoid and keeps looking around as if there is someone trying to get him.)

Miss Guided: Are you here to see the professor?

Leader: (Looks around the room suspiciously) Is this room bugged?

Miss Guided: No, but you people are beginning to bug me! Are you all from the same church?

Leader: I'm sorry, but they can't know that I'm here.

Miss Guided: Oh! I suppose not. Whoever they are! Is there something you wanted to see the professor about?

Leader: (Discretely takes off sunglasses) Oh sure. I have this gift here. I think it might be the wrong one, you know. Nobody listens to me anymore. In fact, I think they're out to get me. (Looks over at the two others waiting and quickly puts sunglasses back on) Who are they?

Miss Guided: Sir, they are other patients of the professor. Why don't you just go over there and sit while you wait for the professor to see you.

(Enter Giver wearing old torn and tattered clothes. His sign is visible.)

Giver: How much will it cost to see the professor?

Miss Guided: The cost is nothing if you do what he says.

Giver: Good. Cause I am broke! This giving stuff has tapped me out. I have nothing left. (Pulls out his empty pockets.) I think I've lost the touch. Does the professor have any other gifts I could get?

Miss Guided: You'll be able to ask for yourself in a few minutes. He should be available shortly. (Enter professor, wearing lab coat and glasses. He is holding the pot with dry ice in it. It has the sign 'Ministry Opportunities' taped onto the front so it is visible.) Ah, there he is now! Professor Imaklutz, would you mind seeing these patients? They all seem to have the same problem. They think the gift God has given them is the wrong one for them and they want to trade it in for a new one.

Imaklutz: (With a heavy German accent) Ah Hah! What a coincidence! I just made an important discovery that may have great bearing on your problem! Look what I have found in the Bible in 2 Timothy, chapter 1 and verse 6. 'For this reason I remind you to STIR UP the gift of God which is in you - ' You see, all you have to do is put your worn out gift in this pot of ministry opportunities and then STIR IT UP! (Emphasize the phrase loudly each time it is used.)


Imaklutz: Yes! It is truly amazing! Just STIR IT UP and something wonderful will happen! You will see! Come now! Put your gift in this pot of ministry opportunity and then STIR IT UP!

(Each of the gifted ones then in turn put their gift in the pot. Each time the prof then coaxes them to STIR IT UP.)

Imaklutz: Yes, yes! That is it! Now, STIR IT UP!

(Each time the prof says this the others repeat it.)

All: STIR IT UP! (Make a stirring motion,)

(Each gifted one in turn then reaches into the pot and pulls out the color sign which represents his or her gift. Each one responds in turn.)

Teacher: God has just given me something and I've got to go share it with those kids! I AM a teacher!

Servant: Does anybody need any help with anything? I gotta start doing something! I think I'll go make coffee!

Leader: (Take off sunglasses) What am I wearing these for? I won't be able to read my agenda for the meeting with these on. Speaking of agenda, we have to organize that new committee.

Giver: Hey! Lookee here! I just found a five spot in my pocket! I think the missions committee could use this!

Play cassette. (We used a 50 second clip from the song "Spin" by Lincoln Brewster.) All actors express their excitement about their revived gift, dance briefly, and then exit.

Imaklutz: (To the audience)Well, it seems they have all left me. That is good! Now they all are out there using their gifts! I think some of you have dried up a little in your ministry. Maybe you feel a bit burned out. Maybe you don't feel gifted at all. Put your gift in the pot of ministry opportunities and STIR IT UP! STIR IT UP! STIR IT UP!!! (exit)


© Copyright Mike Orlowski, all rights reserved.
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