Letting Go

By April Bennett


The conversation that most people are to afraid to admit they have with God at some point in their life. Vague on details of pain once inflicted. Clear on the bitterness that has set in.


Husband and wife


(Setting Ė Husband and wife comes home from a party. Wife is clearly upset.)
Jim: (trying to comfort wife) Do you want to talk about it?
Sarah: Talk about what?
Jim: Come on, it was clear from the time that Larry made that statement. You bristled up like a wild boar.
Sarah: Oh how lovely to be compared to a boar.
Jim: Donít change the subject. (Pause) Sarah, you have to let it go. It happened years ago. I know it hurtsÖ
Sarah: Iím fine. Iím just tired that is all.
Jim:  So you became immediately tired right after Larry saidÖ
Sarah:  I said Iím fine.
Jim: Well great, you're fine. I will leave you to deal with your fineness. But Sarah, if you're not going to talk to me, at least talk to God about it.
Sarah: Talk to God. You donít know anything about what I feel. I said Iím fine.
Jim:  Fine! Goodnight. (exits)
Sarah:  (bustling around, straightening anything in sight) Everyone is always concerned about Sarah. Iím fine. Iíve dealt with it. I can handle it. ďLetís talk about it.Ē ďYou need to let go of it.Ē Iím fine. Iím fine. Iím fine. Talk to God? Why do I need to talk to God, it is over and done with. Iím FINE!
(She breaks down at this point)
Why? Why? I donít want to go here. I donít want to feel this. How could you, God? I trusted you. How could you allow that to happen? Everyone says, ďGet over it!Ē I donít want to get over it. It hurt, bad! It still hurts. Why?
Iím never letting you go there again God. That is my place. You are not going to hurt me there ever again. Iím going to keep this pain to remind me how you disappointed me. I will pray to you. I will go to church. I will tell others how you love them. I will be a good wife and mother. I will be a good Christian. But, You will never hurt me like that again.
(She sits down defeated) I canít live like this. Oh, God it hurts. (finds a bible in reach) ÖÖ. Show me God. Show me how to live in your kingdom. Show me how to give you all of me. Show me.
Copyright April Bennett, all rights reserved.
This script may be used free of charge, provided no entrance fee is charged for performance. In return, the author would appreciate being told of any performance. She may be contacted at april@v3f.com