Gino's Gutter Gaffe

By Glenn A. Hascall


The Portalini family is having trouble with a son who does not seem to willing to obey. This script is designed to allow you to pull the cast from the crowd. The only part that needs to be planned ahead is the Narrator.


Royal Bearer of Bad News,
Town Crier.


A stick horse, a ladder made from cardboard, bowl of peas, chair, apron - other props as desired


NARRATOR: One upon a time in a land far, far away in a place called Potential Mayhem there was a young man named Gino, who seemed very submissive, willing to help in anyway possible.

GINO: You need help, I'm your guy.

NARRATOR: One morning, the court bearer of bad news approached Gino and said…

ROYAL BEARER OF BAD NEWS: The King wants you to clean the royal gutters.

GINO: I'll get right on it….

NARRATOR: Gino said with a smile as he ran to his barn to retrieve a ladder. (Wait for him to run to a visible location on stage and pick up a cardboard ladder - point it out if necessary). Once the horse thundered out of his yard (Hand Royal Bearer of Bad News a stick horse and wave him off stage), the ladder was replaced and Gino sat down for a delightful bowl of fresh frozen peas. (Wait for Gino to put ladder back and hand him a real bowl of peas) Guiseppi, his father came to him later in the day and said,

FATHER: Gino, I need you to feed the cattle.

GINO: Yes, Father!

NARRATOR: Gino rose from his chair with a smile. (Gino rises.) His father was barely out of sight when Gino sat back down to contemplate conjugated verbs and other unexplained literary phenomena.

GINO: Let's see is this verb indicative, subjunctive or imperative? Ah, I give up!

MOM: Gino!

NARRATOR: Came the call of his mother, Josephine.

GINO: Yes, Mama!

MOM: I need you to go to town and trade some of our grapes for a few eggs. You will do this thing for me?

GINO: Of course.

NARRATOR: Gino said with a hurt look in his eyes.

MOM: It is settled then.

NARRATOR: Josephine replied as she wiped her hands on his apron. (Hand her an apron)

MOM: It is your sister Corinna's birthday and I need the eggs for the cake. Hurry now!

GINO: All right, Mama.

NARRATOR: Gino chuckled (Gino chuckles - nudge him if needed) as he walked out the gate of the Portalini Villa. It wasn't long before he got sidetracked and forgot all about the eggs as his friends invited him to join them in a rousing game of rock- paper - scissors.

GINO: Paper!

NARRATOR: He said as he slammed his palm against his other hand. He left with no grapes to trade.

GINO: Bummer.

NARRATOR: He was headed home when he heard the sound of rain. He raced homeward as quickly as possible (He runs around the stage).

MOM: Where are the eggs?

GINO: Uh, the rain, I couldn't get to town.

NARRATOR: He lied.

MOM: Is this true, Gino?

GINO: Don't believe everything narrators say.

MOM: What am I gonna tell Corinna?

CORRINNA: Let me guess - rock, paper, scissors - and like that - no cake. Eh, so what's new?

NARRATOR: Mama clucked her tongue and waved her hands in broad sweeping gestures of frustration. (Wait for her to do so - repeat the line if needed)

FATHER: Gino! Didn't you feed the cattle?

GINO: Well…"

FATHER: They were so hungry they broke through the gate and trampled Mallorini's garden.

NARRATOR: Suddenly horses thundered into the outer courtyard.

ROYAL BEARER OF BAD NEWS: (Rides in on stick horse) We call forth Gino Portalini.

NARRATOR: Gino's face went pale as he walked out the front door of the villa.

ROYAL BEARER OF BAD NEWS: Were you not advised to clean the King's gutters?

NARRATOR: Gino simply hung his head.

ROYAL BEARER OF BAD NEWS: With today's rain, the king now stands in water in the royal palace because you did not do what you were commanded.

GINO: I am sorry. (All except narrator and town crier walk off stage)

NARRATOR: There was no cake, a broken gate and a flooded palace - promises made and broken. Gino learned a hard lesson - and a very public one. The town crier was heard to say…

TOWN CRIER: It's thee o'clock and all is well except for the recent incident when Gino Portalini refused to obey the King's command and left the king to look for a shop-vac - not to mention a nasty garden trampling and an eggless cake. More public humiliation next hour. Other than that - all's not half bad.

(Fade to black)


Copyright 2005 Glenn A. Hascall. Should you use this script would you be so kind as to let us know oif its use? glenn.hascall<a>