By Janelle S. Ponte


Anger, Bitterness and friends turn up to bring their "comfort" to a girl who's parents are divorcing. She welcomes them at first, until she realises they stand between her and Peace.



(Setting: The girl's bedroom. She has just been informed of her parents divorce and is visibly angered by it.)

Girl: Darn you Mom!! Darn You Dad!! OH!.....You make me so mad! I could just scream!! How could you do this to me??!!

Anger: Hi!

Girl: (surprised) Who are you?!

Anger: (still standing at a distance) I'm Anger, don't you recognize me when you see me? So, talk to me, what's wrong?

Girl: You won't believe what I was just told! My Mom and Dad are getting a divorce and I have to go live with my Dad who works all the time and my Mom is just leaving to go party all the time!!

Anger: (moves closer as the girl is talking) WOW! What a bum rap. What awful parents you have, that is so unfair! (stands in front of girl's face) They act like kids. Let's just stay up here in your room forever!

Girl: Thank you, Anger (embraces Anger), at least you understand.

Anger: Well, I'm not the ONLY one who understands. I have a close friend who understands too. (looking off stage) HEY! Bitterness get in here!

Bitterness: Hi. (arms crossed stubbornly) I was listening to what you were telling my friend Anger. You know, maybe you should just stop going to church. What good did it do your parents? You could probably teach your parents a lesson by not going to church, or youth group or bible study. In fact, if you start hanging out with the wrong crowd that'll teach them!

Girl: Good Idea Bitterness!....come here.

(Bitterness grabs the girl and clings tightly with both arms. The girl is a little taken aback)

Anger: You know, we make a great team. Together Bitterness and I can introduce you to Hate and Resentment! We could have a terrific party!

Bitterness: OOOOH YEH! And then Hostility can come!! Hey, Anger what about those twins....Destructive Behavior, she'll really like them!

Anger: Yea! Remember that time we got Destructive Behavior and Illegal Activity together. Man, that was a party.

(The girl is looking a little worried that their excitement)

Girl: This is all great, and I'm glad you're here...but, I miss Peace.

Anger: PEACE!! (sarcastic laugh)

Bitterness: What can Peace do to help you?! Do you think Peace would help you cut up all your pictures of you and your family??

Anger: Peace won't give you any of the ideas that we have for you......think of it, you can get violent, and nasty ... even commit murder, or suicide. Think about the revenge you can take on your parents!

Girl: (very fearful now) But, I really miss Peace.

(Forgiveness enters, but keeps a very safe distance)

(Anger and Bitterness continue to ad lib...mentioning sins that maybe the audience is struggling with etc....getting very excited about how much damage they can cause. The Girl is tries to push them away to see Forgiveness. Anger and Bitterness continue to cling, and then Anger looks to see what the girl is looking at.)

Anger: HEY!! Who let you in here???

Girl: Are you Peace?

(Forgiveness quietly shakes her head, no)

Girl: Who are you then?

Anger and Bitterness: She's nobody, never mind her! Ignore her ... she's not important.

Girl: Hey! (talking to Anger and Bitterness) Wait a minute! (talking to Forgiveness) Who are you?

Forgiveness: I am Forgiveness.

Girl: How did you get here?

Forgiveness: Well, you said you wanted Peace. God sent me, because Peace cannot come without me first.

Bitterness: HEY! Don't trust Forgiveness! You never know what's gonna happen.

Girl: (to Forgiveness) What will happen?

Forgiveness: Well, they have to go far away first. Anger can stay for awhile. But he has to stay way over there. He cannot come close. Bitterness has to leave, completely, or I cannot come near.

Girl: Bitterness, GO!

Bitterness: (clinging tighter) NO ... I won't go!

Forgiveness: I don't mean to intrude, but, you really should ask God to help you. After all, God is the one that brought me here.

Girl: (In prayer) God, Please loosen Bitterness' grip on me so Forgiveness can come.

Bitterness: (looking up at God) Okay, Okay! I hear you, I'll let go! I know a wonderful little church that could use me right now anyway. (Cackles as he exits)

Girl: Now, Anger, go over there. (points to the side, Anger doesn't move) God, Please help me!

Anger: (looking up at God) Okay, Okay...but I'm not leaving yet! I have a right to be here!

(Caution enters. Caution has the appearance of a bodyguard)

Girl: Are you Peace?

Caution: No, I'm Caution. I have to stand between Anger and Forgiveness so you won't get hurt.

Forgiveness: I can come to you now.

(Forgiveness and Girl embrace, Love enters)

Girl: Are you Peace?

Love: No, I am Love. I have to come first. (Love and Girl embrace) Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

(Acceptance enters)

Girl: Are you Peace?

Acceptance: No, I am Acceptance. I come right before Peace. (Acceptance embraces Girl).

Girl: Wow, this is so wonderful. I have forgiveness, love, acceptance, and you were all sent by God?

(While girl is talking Peace enters and whispers in Caution's ear. Caution whispers in Anger's ear and they walk off together. Girl notices Peace)

Girl: There You are!! (She holds her arms out to welcome Peace.) You are so much better than Anger and Bitterness. They were really starting to scare me. You should have seen and heard the things they were talking about.

Peace: Anger and Bitterness can become very destructive.

Girl: (looking around at Peace, Forgiveness, Love and Acceptance) How often can you come see me?

Peace: As often as God sends us.

Girl: How often is that?

Peace: As often as you ask.


© Copyright Janelle S. Ponte, all rights reserved.

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