Chicken Sketch

By Simon and Sue Kingham


Two chickens discuss whether to stay cooped up or to aspire to life as a free-range chicken. Aim: to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. (A little reminiscent of the famous Morecambe & Wise chicken sketch.)



1: Morning.

2: Morning, how ya doin' today?

1: Fine, and you.

2: Fine.

1: How's life with you?

2: Fine, and you?

1: Fine, anything happening?

2: Well, not a lot, I've just been streching my left leg. Do you know I had forgotten what it felt like. I think I'll strech my right tomorrow.

1: Oh, you want to be careful. I stopped that ages ago. I haven't felt my legs for years.

2: Well, I've been stretching 'cos I'm thinking of becoming one of those other types of chickens.

1: What's that, then?

2: You know, those ones that walk about.

1: Oh you mean Free Range Freda and her lot.

2: Yea, sounds like a good life. You get to walk about, sleep where you want, look for corn, chat with other chickens. I think I'd be good at that.

1: No mate, you don't don't know when you're well off. What do you want to go looking for corn for? We don't even have to move to get corn here.

2: Yea, but look at Freda, she's so perfect and everything.

1: Perfect? have you seen her legs? She looks like she's on steroids.

2: We're the ones on steroids.

1: Well it ain't done me any harm.

2: How do you know? you've never done anything. All you do is sit around all day.

1: What's eating you?

2: I can't believe you said that.

EFX: Rooster crow

1: Oh, I love it when he says that.

2: I've heard you even get that out there.

1: It's a rumour

(Egg is laid by chicken 1.)

2: Don't you ever get broody, want a little chick, a family?

1: No way, they're just mess and noise. You never get a moment's peace.

2: But it must be great out there - all that excitement.

1: It's not all it's cracked up to be, you know.

2: What do you mean?

1: Yyou never know where your next meal is going to come from, or whether you'll get a bed for the night.

2: Only a small problem

1: And it's dangerous out there.

2: Like what

1: Foxes.

2: It all adds to the excitement.

1: You don't want that. You want to stay in where it's nice and safe and secure.

2: I just think there's got to be more than this.


© Copyright Simon & Sue Kingham. All rights reserved.
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