Are You Talking To Me Lord?

By Kathy Graff


A choir is singing in front of the congregation, "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Hymnal). God gets Jenny's attention and they engage in a conversation. Nobody else hears Him. He is so loud in her head, she thinks it's somebody in the choir interrupting her.


2 or more choir members
God (voice only)


(Choir is singing Holy, Holy, Holy with hymnals in their hands.)

GOD: What are you doing?

(Jenny looks at the person to her left at CM1. As they talk, the rest of the choir keeps singing.)

JENNY: What do you mean what am I doing. I'm singing!

(Choir member 1 (CM1) looks at her strangely.)

CM1: I didn't say a word.

(They resume singing. There is a short pause.)

GOD: Jenny....

(Jenny looks at the person to her right.)

JENNY: What?!

(Choir member 2 (CM2) looks at her strangely too.)

JENNY: Did you hear that?

CM2: I didn't hear a thing. Now leave me alone, I'm trying to praise the Lord here.

(They resume singing. There is another short pause. As they begin to talk, the rest of the choir fades and slowly walks off stage leaving Jenny alone talking to God.)

GOD: Jenny

JENNY: All right. Who is that?

GOD: It's Me.

JENNY: Is it You....Lord?

GOD: What are you doing?

JENNY: I'm singin' a song. You know. To you.

GOD: Are you?

JENNY: Well, this really a good time to discuss this right now. I'm in the middle of worshipping you.

GOD: Are you worshipping me?

(At this point the music fades out and the other characters move slowly off of the stage.)

JENNY: Well, yeah. I guess. We sing this song every Sunday before the offering. It's a big tradition in this church. See, I can even do it without looking at the hymnal.

GOD: Why are you here?

JENNY: Well, Leo called me and asked if I would fill in for Lois in the choir because she's not feeling well, otherwise I'd be sitting right over there in my cushy little pew. (Points at her pew). See right there.......

GOD: No. Why are you HERE?

JENNY: You mean, here in church? (Pause). Well, I guess I've been coming so long, I've gotten used to it. I like it. Makes me feel good. And it's a good boost for the week ahead.

GOD: Where is your heart?

JENNY: Well, I don't know where my heart is but I sure know where my mind is. It's on that $1500 I owe the IRS. On top of that my car is in the garage, only You know how much it's gonna cost. The washer is broken. You know how busy I've been with the revival, and I had to baby sit the last 2 nights. I'm exhausted.

GOD: So you haven't prepared yourself for worship this morning.

JENNY: Prepare?

GOD: Why haven't you talked to me this week about your problems?

JENNY: When? I haven't had time. I've been so busy.....(hesitates)…worrying about them I guess.

GOD: Have you forgotten the promise I made to you through my Son?

JENNY: Which one?

GOD: "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest for your soul."

JENNY: I remember that one. That's one of the first times I really felt you were talking to me. But Lord, things are different now. My life is so crowded with commitments.

GOD: What about your commitment to me? To love me and worship me with all your heart, mind and soul?

JENNY: (Pause)You're right Lord. I want to be close to you, but I've forgotten how. I want to see you in my heart but I can't just drop everything at the door and turn my focus on you. That's so hard. What do I do?

GOD: (Pause) Try asking me for my help.

(Jenny pauses, bows her head and closes her eyes and begins to pray silently.)

GOD: Give me your burdens.

(Tape of "I See The Lord" song starts to play.)

GOD: Now, worship me.

I SEE THE LORD (Maranatha! Music)
I see the Lord, seated on the Throne, Exalted
and the train of His robe, fills the temple with glory
and the whole earth is filled, with His glory

Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy is the Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy is the Lord


© Kathy Graff 1998, all rights reserved This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. She may be contacted at: