Am I Late?

by Joanne Miller


A man is always late for his meetings so a co-worker gives him the gift of a new alarm clock, which he fails to open - so he is late for the next dayís meeting again.  As 2 of his co-workers find out, he keeps a lot of his gifts unopened and unused because he likes the way they look all wrapped up.


Jack Ė who is always late.
Carol- coworker whoís learning how Jack operates.
Janet Ė coworker whoís familiar with Jackís ways.


Carol: I canít believe he isnít here yet.

Janet: I can.  When has he ever been on time?

Carol: But heís an hour and ½ late!

Janet: Thatís nothing.  Iíve known him to come into this meeting over 3 hours late.

Carol: Well, weíre going to put an end to this in a big hurry.

Janet: We are?

Carol: Yes.

Janet: How?

Carol: With this. (pulls out present with a big bow)

Janet: Whatís that?

Carol: Itís a birthday present for Jack.  Today is his birthday and I bought him the  loudest, most obnoxious sounding alarm clock I could find.

Janet: And you think that will get him up on time?

Carol: Iím sure it will.  Wait until he hears it!

(Jack comes rushing in.)

Jack: Hey, sorry Iím late.  My alarm clock didnít go off again.

Janet and Carol give each other a meaningful look.

Carol: Weíre glad you finally made it, Jack.  Youíre only an hour and ½ late.

Jack: Yeah, well, what do we need to discuss?

Janet: We were just going over the plans for the new stadium.  Andy and Tim had a few questions.

Jack: Like what?

Carol: Hereís a list.  Maybe you could go over them and we could meet again tomorrow morning, on time that is!  I have some other things I have to take care of right now.

Jack: Great.  Iíll see you tomorrow at 8:00am sharp.

Carol: Wonderful.  By the way, Jack, I have a little something here for you.  Happy Birthday.

Jack: Thanks, Carol.  You didnít have to do that.

Carol: Oh, yes I did.

Janet: I think sheís right, Jack.
(The next day)

Janet: I guess your gift didnít work.

Carol: I canít believe it.  He couldnít possibly have slept through that.  It sounds like an air raid siren.

Janet: If anyone could sleep through it he could.

Carol: Iíll give him 5 more minutes and if he doesnít show up, Iím leaving!

Janet: What about the stadium?  You know as well as I do that we need his help on that.

Carol: Donít I know it.  If we could get this done without him believe me I wouldnít still be sitting here right now.

(Jack comes rushing onstage.)

Jack: Sorry Iím late.  That stupid alarm clock didnít go off again!

Carol: Your brand new alarm clock didnít go off???

Jack: I didnít get a new alarm clock.
Janet: What about the one you got yesterday?

Jack: I just told you I didnít get a new one.

Janet: What about the one Carol gave you?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Carol: Didnít you open the birthday present I gave you yesterday?

Jack: Oh that.  No, I didnít open it yet.

Janet: Why not?

Jack: I like to keep gifts around unopened.  They look so nice in the wrapping paper and bows.  Iíve still got Christmas presents from 3 years ago that I havenít opened.

Carol: Youíve got to be kidding.  What good are they if you donít open them and use them?

Jack: Oh, theyíre good to me.  They make me feel that Iím loved and special to the person who gave them to me.  I like to just look at them and try to imagine what may be inside of them.

Carol: Well, you can stop imagining on mine.  Itís an ALARM CLOCK.  I gave it to you so you could use it and stop being late for every meeting in your life!

Jack: Gee, that was very thoughtful of you, Carol, but I probably wonít use it anyway.

Janet: Why not?

Jack: I have to use my old alarm clock because itís a wind-up clock, and I canít sleep without the ticking.

Carol: So give me the new one back and Iíll go buy you a new wind-up alarm clock.

Jack: Iíve already tried that it doesnít work.
Carol: Why not?

Jack: On the new ones the tick, tock isnít the same as my old one, which Iíve had since I was a kid.  I canít sleep without the old tick, tock.

Janet: So just use both the new one and the old one.  At least the new one will go off in the morning.

Jack: Iíve tried that too, but if I do that I still canít sleep.

Carol: Why not?

Jack: I feel like Iíve insulted one of my best friends.  Iíve had that alarm clock for so long!

Carol: Arrgh!  I canít believe this!

Janet: Jack, you donít still have my present to you from last Christmas do you?

Jack: As a matter of fact I do.  Itís the nicest looking Christmas present I have so I didnít open it yet.

Janet: Well, youíd better not open it at all now.

Jack: Why not?

Janet: Because itís a block of cheese!

Jack: Uh, oh.

Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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