by Joanne Miller


4 women are playing cards and talking about an incident from yesterdayís church supper.  One church member threw a piece of pie at another church member.  Gossip played a big part in starting the fight.  As the women gossip they condemn one of the other women for gossiping.




(Scene opens with 4 women playing cards.)

Jill: Did you hear what happened at church yesterday?

Mary: You mean at the potluck supper?

Jill: Yes.

Mary: I heard Linda threw a piece of pie at Sherry Stirling.

Jill: She sure did, and her aim was very good.

Mary: Tanya told me that Sherry has been asking for it for a long time.

Teri: Thatís for sure.  I donít know why Linda hasnít done it before now.

Jill: Lindaís very easy going.

Mary: Maybe not any more, at least where Sherry is concerned.

Anne: I guess Iíve been out of the loop.  What did Sherry do?

Jill: She was gossiping about Linda and saying what a lousy cook she is.

Anne: Gossip is a terrible thing!  What happened next?

Jill: Sherry took a bite of Lindaís chicken casserole and told everyone around her that it was the worst thing she'd ever tasted.

Anne: No!

Jill: Yes!

Teri: Yes, but thatís not why Linda threw a piece of pie at her.

Jill: Itís not?

Teri: No.

Anne: Then why did Linda throw the piece of pie?

Teri: I heard it was because of Cindy Lou.

Mary: Cindy Lou Jennings?

Teri: Yes. Cindy Lou and Linda are the best of friends, as you all know.

Jill: Yes, we know that.

Teri: Well, I heard that Sherry was making remarks about Cindy Louís weight and Linda heard it.

Anne: Shame, shame on Sherry.  She shouldnít be gossiping like that.  Of course, anyone can see that Cindy Lou has really put on the pounds this past year or so.

Teri: I heard Cindy Lou has gained weight because her husband has been away on business too much Ė WITH his secretary!

Mary: No!

Teri: (Knowingly) Thatís what I heard.

Mary: Thatís terrible, but I heard that Linda threw the piece of pie at Sherry because of Brian.

Jill: Brian?  Lindaís Brian?

Mary: Yes.  I heard that Sherry was being VERY friendly to Brian, if you know what I mean.

Jill: Wow!  At the church supper?

Mary: Thatís what I heard.

Jill: Thatís terrible.

Mary: Someone told me that Sherry asked Brian to come over and fix her kitchen sink for her.

Anne: Brian is a plumber.

Mary: Yes, but so is Sherryís husband.

Jill: He is?

Mary: He sure is!

Jill: Well, maybe her husband doesnít have time.  Havenít you ever heard about the cobblerís children having no shoes?

Teri: Sure, Jill. Iíve also heard about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus!

Mary: We werenít born yesterday, Jill.  Where thereís smoke thereís fire.

Teri: And Iíd say there was a lot of smoke at that church supper!

Anne: I just hope that Sherry has learned her lesson.  She should mind her own business and stay out of gossip!

Mary, Jill, and Teri: Amen to that!

Lights out.

Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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