Help Please

by Joanne Miller


(This sketch is intended to be used as showing the Holy Spirit as the helper.)  A man is trying to rearrange some furniture in his house and his friend drops by.  The friend offers to help but the man keeps telling him he doesnít need any help as he strains to move his couch and set up some stereo equipment.  At the end the manís wife calls to tell him she has changed her mind, please leave the couch where it is.


Andy: Canít seem to accept help
Paul: Willing helper but canít get Andyís permission


(Scene opens with Andy trying to move a couch and set up some stereo equipment.  Doorbell rings.)

Andy: Come in.

Paul: Hi, Andy.  Whatís up?

Andy: Julie told me to move this couch so we could set up this stereo equipment.  She said it should probably go on that wall. (Points to opposite wall from couch.)

Paul: Here, let me give you a hand.

Andy: No, no.  Iíve got it. (Obviously heís straining to move the couch.  He goes from one end to the other to move it a few inches at a time.)

Paul:  I got those tickets to the game this weekend.

Andy: You did? (Working as he speaks.) Thatís great!  Where are the seats?

Paul: Right down the first base line 5 rows up. (Change to Football, soccer etc. seats if desired.)

Andy: Wow, good seats!  (Takes towel and wipes sweat off of face.)  How were you able to get those?

Paul: You met my buddy Steve, didnít you?

Andy: Yeah, at the last game.

Paul: Well, heís got a friend who works in the box office.  The guy always saves a few seats for Steve and his friends.

Andy: Thatís great!  We all need a little help from our friends now and then.  (Starts to move couch again.)

Paul: Yes, we do.  Are you sure you donít want me to help with that couch?

Andy: No, no.  Thatís ok.  Iíve got it. (Straining again)  There.  That should do it.

Paul: What are you going to do?  Put the stereo equipment where the couch was?

Andy: Thatís the idea, I guess.  I suggested we leave the couch and put the stereo equipment where the couch is now but Julie didnít like that idea.

Paul: Of course not.  That would be too easy!  Let me give you a hand with that shelving.

Andy: Naw, I can get it. (He picks up a piece of shelving, turns and nearly knocks Paul down in the process.)

Paul: Hey, watch it.

Andy: Sorry.  I forgot how long it is.  Oh, man!  I forgot to put the blocks in place first.

Paul: I can do that.

Andy: No, no.  Itís ok; I can get them. (He holds shelf with one hand and tries to put cement blocks in place with other hand and feet.  Meanwhile Paul looks on in frustration.)

Paul: You know, Andy, Iíd be glad to give you a hand.

Andy: Donít want to bother you, pal.  Iíve got it all under control. (Scene looks totally out of control.)

Paul: Anyway, do you want me to drive to the game?  I could pick you up around noon.

Andy:  No, Iíll pick you up.

Paul: Andy, you always drive.  Why donít you let me drive this time?

Andy: Itís ok.  I like to drive.  Besides youíre good at riding shotgun.

Paul: But you donít need a shotgun.  You know how to get there as well as I do.

Andy: Yeah, well, maybe you can drive next time.

Paul: Thatís what you say every time.  Iím beginning to think you donít want my help for anything.

Andy: There. (Finally has the shelf in place.  Begins to set stereo equipment on it.)  Thatís not true.  Iím really glad youíre here.  Youíve made this job go a lot smoother.

Paul: But you havenít let me do anything.

Andy: Just the fact that youíre here is enough for me.  Youíre a good friend, Paul.

Paul: Thanks, Andy.  Well, it looks like you donít need me here so I guess Iíll take off.  Iím going over to Larryís.  Heís refinishing his basement and he needs a hand.

Andy: Oh, yeah?  Seems like heís always asking you to help him.

Paul: I donít mind.  I like helping my friends.

Andy: Well, thanks for stopping by, Paul.  Iíll see you on Saturday at noon.

Paul: Great.  See you then.

Andy: (Talks to himself) I hate to admit it but Julie was right.  The stereo equipment looks great there and the couch fits just perfectly on that wall.  Whew!  It was a lot of work though!

(Phone rings.)

Andy: Hello.  Oh, hi Julie.  What?  You changed your mind?  You want me to leave the couch where it is?  But I already moved it!  Move it back?  But it looks great just the way it is.  Iíll tell you what - why donít I just leave it like it is and when you get home you can see if you like it.  No, huh?  Yeah, yeah, ok.   Bye. (Hangs up phone)  (Looks toward heaven) God, it sure would be nice if I were Larry and had someone to help me with this kind of stuff!

Lights out.
Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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