Confessing Other People's Sins

By Glenn A. Hascall


A hairdresser named Carol is working on Lorraine's hair, a conversation begins, but soon Carol gets quiet as Lorraine begins to reveal the secrets of the people in their little town.




Lorraine: Oh, am I glad to see you, I just haven't been able to do anything with my hair lately.

Carol: Well (patting the seat) go ahead and sit down and we'll see what we can do for you.

Lorraine: Oh, you're a lifesaver.

(Carol begins working as Lorraine opens her magazine)

Carol: How's everything going at work?

Lorraine: Oh, all right  - I guess (closes the magazine).

Carol: Is something wrong.

Lorraine: It's just that Betty, you know the one I told you about last time? Well, anyway, she just got a raise again - passed me right over - JUST LIKE THE LAST TIME. I don't understand it, I've been there longer than she has and I hardly ever complain.

(Carol remains quiet as she continues to work on Lorraine's hair and eventually Lorraine goes back to reading her magazine)

Lorraine: Can you believe this? (Makes fun of the title) Alien Explodes After Eating Cheeseburger.

Carol: (Laughs good-naturedly) The things they print.

Lorraine: Well, (closing paper and talks in a loud whisper) our local paper will never print this, but I heard it on good authority yesterday that Jim and Tanya Peterson are getting a divorce.

Carol: That is so sad.

Lorraine: Seems Jim can't stand her cooking and came right out and told her so. Well, Tanya wasn't going to stand for that. She dumps an entire dish of tuna noodle casserole on his head. He was so mad; he called the sheriff - wanted to file assault charges against his wife. (Chuckles as she anticipates a much rehearsed punchline) Sheriff said he wouldn't file charges because there wasn't any law against assault with a deadly noodle. (Chuckles some more as Carol remains silent working on Lorraine's hair. Lorraine picks up the magazine and reads some more).

Carol: You and Harold always put in such a nice garden. Doing anything different this year?

Lorraine: Oh, I don't know. We've talked about trying some different organic varieties, and Harold found a real sweet variety of carrots he'd like to try.

Carol: I bet you just love all that produce throughout the summer.

Lorraine: Sure, sure. You know that reminds me of our neighbor, Jack Thomas. He's pathetic when it comes to gardening. He doesn't even know enough to separate his squash and cucumber plants - comes up with the strangest looking vegetables. Never waters enough either. No prizes at the county fair for Jack (laughter)

(Carols looks sad and continues work on Lorraine's hair - more time than usual passes)

Lorraine: You sure are quiet, is something wrong.

Carol: No, I'm fine.

Lorraine: Got your mind on something else?

Carol: Well, yes. Actually I do.

Lorraine: I'm all ears. I love to hear about other people.

Carol: That's exactly what I've been thinking.

Lorraine: What do you mean?

Carol: (Pauses - uncertain of how to continue)

Lorraine: Go ahead tell me what's on your mind?

Carol: (serious) I just want you to know that every time you come in to my shop and sit in this chair, I pray for you.

Lorraine: (looking like a kid caught with her hand in a cookie jar) You what?

Carol: I pray for you.

Lorraine: (stammers) You...why...I never thought...REALLY?

Carol: I pray for every person that comes into my shop.

Lorraine: You do? (A look of disbelief turns to an appreciative smile) Well, thank you!

Carol: You're very welcome.

(A short time passes)

Lorraine: Are you praying for me right now?

Carol: Well, yes I was.

Lorraine: What were you praying about.

Carol: Oh, this and that.

Lorraine: Come on you can tell me.

Carol: I usually don't tell people what I pray about.

Lorraine: (seems hurt) I can't believe you pray for someone and then won't even tell them what you're praying for.

Carol: I'm not sure you'd want to know.

Lorraine: Why? Did I do something bad?

(Carol is quiet)

Lorraine: This is ridiculous, just tell me.

Carol: I was just praying that (she pauses) you would see how hurt people can be when you gossip about them.

Lorraine: Carol, you know I don't mean any harm.

Carol: I know Lorraine, but words really can hurt people. That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Lorraine: What's so wrong with sharing a story here and there.

Carol: The truth is I hear enough from the folks that come in the shop that I have to be careful that I don't spread gossip myself. I had a friend tell me once that gossip is (pause) confessing other people's sins.

Lorraine: That's a good one (chuckles). Gossip is confessing other people's sins. I'll have to remember that one.

Carol: How about your co-worker?

Lorraine: Betty?

Carol: She must be a hard worker.

Lorraine: Oh, she is.

Carol: You never mentioned that. Maybe that's part of the reason she got a raise. And Jim, I bet he feels mighty foolish about the hurtful words he said to his wife. Maybe Tanya just needs someone who knows a thing or two about cooking to help her learn.

Lorraine: I could show her a thing or two.

Carol: I just bet you could (encouraging). And what about Jim?

Lorraine: What about Jim?

Carol: How about sending Harold over to show him how to plant his vegetables.

Lorraine: We wouldn't want anymore of his mutant squash now would we? (Chuckles and catches herself) Oh, sorry Carol old habits die hard.

Carol: God has given you tremendous talent in so many areas Lorraine. I get excited just thinking of all the ways you could help other people.

Lorraine: Really?

Carol: Really. (Said as a statement)

(Carol finishes up Lorraine's hair as Lorraine finishes her magazine)

Lorraine: Say Carol, I'm grateful for your prayers. You're not gonna stop are you?

Carol: As long as I have breath in my body and good friends like you coming through that door, I'm gonna be praying for you.

(Lorraine gets up out of the chair and hugs Carol)

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