Waiting for Rescue

By Fred Lane


Two girls have gone into a cave, become lost and they are hoping for rescue.


Jaz (older girl)
Hanna (younger girl)


(Scene: lights very low with one slightly brighter light at center stage. Lights should be blue/green. Girls enter from exit door, shining lights around as if looking for something, walking bent over as if under a low ceiling to center stage.)
Jaz: (stops just out side doorway, enough for Hanna to get out, absent-mindedly shines her light in Hannaís eyes as she begins to talk) This doesnít look right...
Hanna:(turns her head and closes her eyes) HEY, donít shine that light in my eyes!
Jaz:(turns light away) Sorry..
Hanna: Now I canít see anything at all! (blinks her eyes hard and rubs her eyes with her free hand, as if trying to see again)
Jaz: (still standing still and shining her light around slowly) I just donít get it. Last week when we cam in here with the rest of the group, we made two lefts, a right, and two lefts. These suppposed to be a big open area with a hole in ceiling here.
Hanna (stops rubbing her eyes and returns to shining her light around) What did you say? 2 lefts, a right and 2 lefts? Thatís not what we did. It was 2 lefts, another left and 2 rights!
Jaz: Well, what do you know! Youíre only in middle school! (starts slowly walking to center stage)
Hanna: (sticks out her tongue hard at Jaz, but Jaz does not see, and follows Jaz to center stage)
(Hanna is looking back as Jaz stops, and she runs into Jaz: both girls scream)
Jaz: WOULD YOU WATCH WHERE YOURE GOING! and STOP following me so closely!
Hanna: ALL right! I just donít want to get lost!
(they try to see in the darkness with their lights for a moment or two longer, both turn to face the audience)
Jaz: Hanna, Iím not sure, but I think weíve been here before!
Hanna: Yeah, this looks real familiar.
Jaz: (holds light steady ahead and turns slowly to Hanna) Hanna, donít get scared, but I donít know how to get out of here.
Hanna: (looks intently at Jaz for a moment, then speaks in a high voice) You mean, you mean, weíre LOST?!!! (pause to look around w/ light, then looks back at Jaz) Wwell, wwhat are we gonna do?!!
Jaz: (Looks around with the light, notices the ďrockĒ) Look, letís sit on this rock so we can think.
(Both girls sit on table; pause for a moment while, both put down their lights)
Hanna: Jaz, Iím really scared...what are we gonna do?
Jaz: Now, donít get scared...weíll think of something (pause) If we just had some way of marking where weíve been...Iíve got it! (feels in her pockets) Give me your change!
Hanna: What?!
Jaz: (pulls out a few coins) Give me your change (Hanna starts to feel in her pockets for change) We can drop the coins as we go along so we leave a trail! That way weíll know where weíve been.
Hanna: (takes her hands out of her pockets) Iíve only got a nickel and a quarter.
Jaz: Thatís all?
Hanna: Yeah...well, I bought a candy bar at the gas station this morning.
Jaz: (frustrated) Okay, so together we have...7 coins. (holds the coins out so both can see them)
(pause, they look at the coins, then at each other)
Hanna: Thatís not enough, is it?
Jaz: No, I guess not. (pause) Thereís got to be another way...
(Jaz picks up her flashlight and shines it around as if look at the cave again)
Hanna: (scrunches up like she is cold) Jaz, Iím getting cold.
Jaz: (Puts down the flash light and rubs her own arms) Yeah, Iím getting cold, too. (pause) Letís sit close together so we wonít get so cold. (Both girls snuggle together for warmth).
Hanna: Jaz, what are we going to do?
Jaz: I guess weíll have to wait to see if someone comes along and can show us the way out.
(Jaz picks up flashlight and shines it around as the stage lights go dark)

© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: advpastor@gmail.com