The box

By Julia Wheeler


A mime. Two people become stuck in a box (symbol of their sin) and try to find a way out. One person tries on own strength, and fails. The other is shown the Bible, and manages to escape.


Two people stuck in a box. Person outside the box.


Scene:- Two mimes back to back, centre stage. Person outside box is off-stage.

Two mimes in box suddenly come to life, and realise they're stuck in a box. In typical mime fashion they make their way round the box, trying to find a way out. Box is small, keep bumping into each other. Give a shrug to each other, can't get out. Both push against the wall, try and lift one out, try and dig through the bottom, try and kick the sides down. All fail, start to panic.

In walks other character, engrossed in reading. One of the mimes in the box sees him/her and taps other mime, points to person. Both mimes start frantically knocking on the wall of the box. Eventually person with book notices them and walks over, intrigued. The two in the box motion that they'd like to be released!

Person shows them the book. The two in the box look confused and annoyed. That won't get them out! They continue trying to find their own way out, as before.

Person with book remains there. One of the characters in the box decides to take interest in what's in the book. Stands and reads the book 'through the wall'. Smiling now, becomes engrossed, pointing things out. Nonchalantly leans with one arm on shoulder of person carrying the book. They start to walk away from the box, both fully engrossed in what they're reading.

After a few steps, person realises he/she is out of the box. Motions for person with book to wait. Runs back to box and bangs on wall. Demonstrates to person still stuck that they're out. Person shrugs - 'how?'. Free character runs back and gets book. Shows it to person still in box, who looks at them as if they're stupid. Carries on trying to get out of box by themselves. Free person looks upset, bangs on wall again. Person in box waves them away. Free person tries again, this time ignored completely. Gives one last effort, but again ignored. Walks away, reading book, engrossed.

Person stuck in box steadily runs out of energy. Can't get out. Eventually sits on floor, head down, dead.


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