Finding God in Cups of Coffee

By Kyle Anderson


One can find God in places other than just church. God exists in babies, sunrises, lakes, diners and cups of coffee.



(Scene: A diner)

Joe: Hey Earl.

Earl: Hey Joe.

Joe: What are you up to?

Earl: Not much, just thinking

Joe: They say too much of that ain't good for you.

Earl: No, I suppose it ain't

Joe: So what were you thinking about?

Earl: I was just thinking about what He's all about.

Joe: What? Who?

Earl: God. What's He all about? Where is He?

Joe: Woah Earl...that's some heavy thinking for a Tuesday morning.

Earl: That's just it. I woke up this morning with God on my mind? Where is He? What's life all about? I would've headed over to the church, but it's closed. Seems God only comes down to earth from 11 to 12:30 on Sunday morning.

Joe: Even then He only stays within those four walls, right?

Earl: You've got it. Where is He the rest of the time?

Joe: Well Earl,..........let me tell you a story. One day I was out fishin' when suddenly I felt it.

Earl: It?

Joe: His presence Earl, I can't describe it. Everywhere I looked I saw the clouds floating overhead, in the calm lake, in the singing birds....everywhere. I knew I was alone physically, but I wasn't really alone. The oddest part of it was the thought that He was there all along, and only now was I realizing it............kinda hokey huh?

Earl: No I don't suppose it is. I guess I don't really know what I want......well actually I do, more coffee?

(Waitress enters with coffee pot and Earl flags her down-----)

Waitress: Here you go Earl, what else can I get you gentlemen?

Earl: The location of God.

Waitress: Shoot, I was hoping for something simple, like another cup of coffee. Anyways, finding God is easy. I remember giving birth to my first son. You folks ain't lived until you've gone through 32 hours of labour. Anywho, I remember clear as day when I was holdin' my little boy for the first time.....I looked inot his fave and I saw Him, God that is or at least one of His angels smiling back at me. And it didn't stop there. Every time my son hugs me or tells me he loves me, or brings me a boquet of dandelions.......I can feel the Lord stirrin' my soul. -------- Now will that be all?

Earl: yep, thanks.

W: Have a good one (waitress exits)

Earl: (sigh) I guess that's all fine and dandy for some folks Joe, but I'm guessin' that what I really want is definite prood. You know.......fireworks, burning bushes that talk, rolling stones, even a chorus of angels would do the trick. What do I have to do? Give everything away and spend three years in a monastery,......what?

Joe: All you have to do is ask.....ask Jeses to forgive your sins. Ask Him to be your Lord.

Earl: Lord? Sounds serious....what does He expect?

Joe: No more that what you're ready to give. Jesus accepts you as you are.

Earl: Sounds good.--- So we got the how, now the where.

Joe: The where?

Earl: I just want to know why he's hiding so hard. Some times I feel as though He's over in the next county....or country even.

Joe: God would never hide. He's all around us. You can't open your ears or you heart without feelin' His presence. You don't really have to go searching for God, becuase He's with you always---helpin' and guidin'. How's that go again? We are not alone, God is with us, thanks be to God. { Note: this is part of the United Church Creed. A Biblical verse could be used instead.}

Earl: Somethin' like that. If what you say is true that would be pretty great. So, if I did all this, I would never have any problems?

Joe: I won't lie to you. Submitting to God ain't always easy. There are tough times but he is always faithful. He carries his people through the desperate moments and the joy He brings is beyond anything imaginable. He will do this for you....all you have to do is ask.

Guy at next table: Sorry to listen in you folks, but I couldn't help but overhear your comments about lookin' for God. I can tell ya that God runs pretty much by clockwork. I mean, I work the night shift over at the factory there and I have to tell you that sometimes it's the worst. I mean, after my shift's over, I'm dirty and sweaty but worst of all I'm exhausted. It feels as though everything from my toes to my soul is pooped. But every morning I see the sunrise and it's as though God's saying, 'here you go, here's a new day fresh and clean. Make it as glorious as you can. It's my gift to you.' I realize that may not mean much to you, but I hopes it helps you gentlemen.

Earl: Thanks (pause) You know what Joe, I'm thinkin' something else.

Joe: Now what would that be?

Earl: Something's stirrin' in my soul here....I'm not sure what, but it feels wonderful. I'm thinkin' that may God works though cups of coffee.

Joe: Maybe he does.


© Kyle Anderson
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at