Man is...

By Kevin Penner


A narrated mime which asks, "what is man, really?"



(Action takes place simultaneously, not after each description)

(1,2,3, and 4 crouch down at center stage with chemical symbols on cards hung from their necks)

NARRATOR: The theory of evolution is a marvelous invention.  It has enabled modern man to explain his origin, without the problem of a creator God who might interfere with the scientific way of things.  According to evolutionists, life began by chance in the primeval ooze of an ocean beach.

(Characters get up slowly, and with eyes still closed, begin to mill around.)

With the right combination of chemicals, temperatures and lightning bolts (electronic flash) amino acids formed.

(1,H20, bumps into 3, CO2, they hold hands; 2, CH4, bumps into 4, NH3, they hold hands.)

Which turned into simple proteins.

(The two groups hold hands)

After a few million years, one celled creatures developed

(still holding hands, group forms circle facing outwards, they still have eyes closed)

which could move around,

(group moves around stage)

and reproduce themselves.

(with eyes still closed, group forms two groups, 1 and 4, 2 and 3, holding hands but back to back)

some of these cells put down roots

(1 kneels down, puts our hands like roots, 4 spreads arms like branches)

and became plants, while others developed bones and muscles

(2 and 3 put hands around head, them flow fingers down arms like a bird)

brains and nerves

(2 and 3 put hands around head, then flow fingers down arms and legs)


(their eyes pop open)

and hearing

(2 cups hand around ear)

and many other complex body functions.

(3 makes sounds like a bird)

Throughout billions of random mutations, these animals adapted to the sea, the land, and the air.

(3 acts like a monkey, other three join her as monkey's.  They spread out, 3 goes off stage)

The natural conclusion to this is that man is just a highly developed monkey with superior intelligence.  Like a animal, he acts by instinct.  He lives in communities,

(all three join together on one side)

because of the herd instinct.  He is attracted the the opposite sex by his sexual instinct.

(1 as a monkey makes eyes at 4.  They are about to join hands when 2 pushes 1 away and walks off stage with arm around 4)

He takes care of the young because of the maternal instinct.

(4  enters with a baby doll and 2 is holding 3's hand, and spanks her, as a young monkey)

And when it comes to life and death, survival of the fittest is the law of nature.

("family" sits down to eat, 1 approaches, wants something to eat, but 2 pushes him away.  1 grabs imaginary stick and beats 2 on the head.  2 staggers away holding his head.  1 sits down to eat, 3 runs ot mommy (4) and starts crying.)

Man dies like an animal, with no soul to live on.

(2 falls on back with legs sticking up in the air and dies, mouth open. PAUSE)

The scientist neglects to mention that the chance  of life evolving

(2 gets up and becomes a mathematician writing figures on paper, punching numbers on a calculator)

is much less than the chance of a million monkeys typing randomly

(the other three start typing like monkeys, with hands and feet)

for five billion years and producing a 24 volume encyclopedia.

(OPTIONAL: 3 takes paper out of the typewriter excitedly runs to Narrator, shows her paper.  Narrator says, "it says 'Mommy!' How long have you been typing?" 3 holds up two fingers.  "Two hours?" 3 shakes head no.  "Two days?" another no from 3.  "Two weeks"?, 3 nods head.  Narrator smiles and pats 3 on the head.  "Very good.  Keep on going, by the way the first word is "aardvark".  3 nods and goes back to typing.  2 goes off the stage.)

Another popular opinion is that man is an organic machine,

(all three stand up and act like robots)

a bunch of  chemicals working together in harmony.  When the chemicals are out of order, we get sick,

(1 clutches head, 3 goes into convulsions, 4 prepares a syringe with hypodermic needle - still act like robots)

a bunch of chemicals working together in harmony.  When the chemicals are out of order, we get sick.

(1 takes and aspirin, 4 gives 3 a shot in the rear end, her convulsions making it difficult, but finally it takes effect)

If there is a God, then He is the Robot Maker.

(2 enters wearing plastic nose and glasses but not as a robot, other 3 freeze in various positions.  2 starts tightening bolts, oiling squeaky joints, etc.)

Man is programmed and pre-destined and not responsible for his actions.

(2 starts pushing buttons on robots and they come ot life)

When you push the right buttons, he will perform as predicted.  With the increase of knowledge, man does not need God anymore.

(3 takes nose and glasses off 2, puts them on herself and leads 2 offstage of into and imaginary; closet)

But left to himself, man only creates chaos.

(4 bumps into 1 who pulls out gun and shoots 4.  She starts to short-circuit etc. and dies.)

There is no reason why he should choose right over wrong.

(3 comes back, takes gun from 1 shakes finger at him, who shows apathy)

But there seems to be something in man that defies scientific analysis.

(2 enters as a robot, 3 and 1 freeze as 2 inspects them with a magnifying glass, opening skull, listening ot heartbeat with stethoscope etc. ending with a look of puzzlement.)

Something that sets him apart form animals and machines.

(2 freezes)

Is man's soul a figment of his imagination or is it a spiritual reality? The Bible has a lot ot say about the spiritual side of man.

(3 removes nose, 4 gets up and all four open Bibles and read)

It says that Adam and Eve were created perfect in God's image.

(1 stands behind 2, 3 stands behind 4)

But they disobeyed God

(4 takes bite out of fruit, hands it to 2 who also eats.  They suddenly look up terrified and shield themselves from God's anger with an  upraised arm)

Everyone of us was born sinful

(1 comes to stand beside 2, 3 beside 4, all bow their heads)

and so we are all equal before God.  The spiritual condition of princes,

(1 strikes a regal pose)


(2 gives speech)


(4 tries to sell something to 3)

and paupers,

(3 has no money, begs for food)

is the same -- spiritually dead until we are made alive in Christ.  The color of our skin, or our rank in society or out number of possessions make no difference ot our worth before God.

(1 points at the color of his face, 3 puts a snobbish nose in the air looking disdainfully at 4 who is sweeping the floor.  2 pulls money out of pocket, counts notes)

He loves everyone equally but will not force us to love Him, for we are not robots.  But when we voluntarily believe in Jesus Christ and give the control of our life to Him

(everyone kneels with bowed heads)

we find true meaning in life as we seek to glorify the God who created us

(all raise hands)

we find true meaning in life as we seek to glorify the God who created us

(all raise hands)

and treat each other, not as animals, but as people created in God's image.

(all link arms and smile warmly at each other)


© Copyright Kevin Penner. All rights reserved.
This is copyrighted material, but you may use the sketches anytime, royalty-free. The only thing I ask is that you include my name and address in the copies. ("by Kevin Penner Box 2840 Swan River, MB, CANADA R0L 1Z0")