The Grinch Who Stole Missions

By Terri Savage


A take-off of Dr. Seuss's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and should be read in the same manner. Read by a narrator and acted out on stage by various people, this drama is suitable to promote missions during Christmas, such as the Lottie Moon Offering and Christmas Boxes for Children in third world countries.


Narrator - preferably a male with a deep voice
Grinch - Male adult - very animated (may use green face paint to add to the theme). Has a bag with clip-on earrings, a sales flyer, a large mirror with handle, a stack of bills).
3 or 4 families
Pastor with an offering bucket nearby
Bell ringer with a stand containing a bucket
Gift wrapper with paper, ribbons, bows, tape on table in front, and several items for sale on a table nearby
1 boy
1 girl
1 adult female - dressed nicely
1 adult male
1 adult male - homeless person who sits near the church with a sign asking for help


(Narrator enters and sits in a lit corner on stage away from the action, places script on a music holder)

The people in town all hurried about
To do last minute shopping before items ran out

(1 family enters and drops money in the church offering bucket. Another family comes in behind them and does the same, one of the children giving money to the homeless man near the church. A third family are getting their gift wrapped at the wrapping station while the last family looks over the items to purchase.)

For on their minds were distant Aunt Fran
And nice Uncle Albert and Great Uncle Sam

(The 3rd family who just had their gift wrapped put money in the charity bucket)

And also they gave to charities galore
For the Bell-ringers sat at the front of each store

(The 3rd family exits after putting money in charity bucket/giving their gift to the homeless man. As the following line begins, the 4th family leaves for sale items and exits - putting money into the offering bucket.)

But the greatest gifts given were to churches, you see
Because sharing the Gospel was priority

(Grinch is at the top of the stage behind all the scenes watching and pacing)

All except Grinch that is, for his greediness grew
And consumed all he was and all that he knew

It was well known that his heart was 3 sizes too small
So the fact he gave nothing was no shock at all

Still he hated the smiles that he saw everywhere
So he plotted to turn all their joy to despair.

(Grinch's facial expression turns bright then turns "grinchy" as he develops a plan)

But the plan he did turn in his selfish Grinch brain
Was 10 levels lower than he'd previously attained

(Woman needs to be walking in front at this point. The Grinch puts a jewellery sales flyer in front of her face to get her to stop going towards the church. She faces the audience and the Grinch gets in front of her. He drops the flyer and takes out earrings and places them on her ear lobes. Then he hands her a mirror and she admires herself. This takes place during the next few lines of reading. When the woman takes the mirror in her right hand, she puts her left hand up and the Grinch takes her money - the money intended for the church.)

I'll distract them, he thought, with gifts for themselves
With worries of payments or attaining great wealth

So out he did go with his devious plan
Not one was exempt; not one boy, girl or man

He distracted with sales of the finest of things
Purses, fur-coats and diamond earrings

(He should be done with the woman at this point. The Grinch takes out his stack of bills during the next sentence and hands them to Bill, who enters now - close to the woman but not right beside her. As he hands him the bills, he takes money from his other hand that was intended for the church as well. The man is depressed, then surprised and shocked or scared.)

Out he did search for the man without will
As he stressed him with bill after bill, after Bill

(The Grinch goes next to the woman at the table and points out the last Tickle Me Elmo doll. She goes towards it after putting down her wrapping paper. He also shows the Bell Ringer the last Tickle Me Elmo doll and she also goes after it. Both hold one end of it and begin a "tug of war" over it)

No money for giving, no money for missions
No money for sugar plum starry-eyed wishes!

It's working, he cheered, it's working quite well
Why there's no end to the sorrows I sell

(The Grinch looks with pride over his evil deeds, then notices two children coming up to him - 1 boy and 1 girl. His look turns to stubbornness. All other actors on stage should freeze at this point.)

But as he was boasting and filling with pride
He looked and saw children with eyes open wide

With smiles on their faces no worries or cares
But instead they had good news they wanted to share

(As the next lines are read the Grinch puts his fingers to his ears, then points to his watch. He puts his right hand out as if in the stop position when "I'll not budge one inch" is read. The girl then hands him a Bible.)

I'll not listen to you, resisted the Grinch
I'll not give one second, I'll not budge one inch

(He looks down at the Bible, astonished, then down at the kids. As the girl speaks, he gives his attention to her. As the boy speaks gives his attention to him.)

But the children just smiled and handed him something
Why he didn't have to steal it or sneak it or nothing!

The gift that's inside is a Gift that is free
Said the little girl to him with joy and with glee

The gift is eternal, the price has been paid
Added the boy with a grin whose grin would not fade

As they shared the wonders of Christ's perfect love
He felt something stirring; why, his heart felt a tug

(The Grinch grabs his heart, looks at the kids, then goes down on his knees to pray)

As he slid to his knees and tears filled his eyes
He asked for forgiveness for his schemes and his lies

He asked that Christ take away all of his sin
Then he opened his heart and let the Lord in

(He stands up and very animatedly indicates that his heart has expanded. He goes to the church and puts money in the bucket, then gives the homeless man nearby his coat. He runs around the stage, then pretends to call out to the Lord)

His heart that was terribly, terribly small
Grew larger that day maybe larger than all

He gave tithes to the church, he gave to the poor
But he focused on missions like none had before

(He gives money to the missionary kids, and people notice the big change and begin gathering around him.)

He cried to the Lord, Yes he lifted up prayers
Oh the gospel of Jesus' round the world must be shared!

That even the biggest one down to the least
Must be told of the gift of God's saving Grace

(The Grinch is animated and takes his hand high for the biggest and down low for the least. For the last line, the Grinch makes a sweeping motion with his hand to mime "all", then ends up with his hand on his chest in humility as the narrator reads, "not just me".)

Make it your passion!, the Grinch he did plea
For the blood of Christ spilled was for all, not just me



Copyright 2005 by Terri L. Savage.
Should you use this script would you be so kind as to let us know?