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A set of links to useful articles and essays on various aspects of drama/theatre, both in the church and outside.
(Dramatix does not necessarily endorse any of the comments in these articles - the links are simply provided as a helpful resource.)

The Playwriting Seminars

A major resource for the developing writer.

Primary Areas of The Playwriting Seminars:

Content : Story & Themes, Characters

Film : The Screenwriting Craft vs. Playwriting

Screenwriting Software : A quick guide to what's essential nowadays when you write for film and television -- and sometimes helpful for playwrights.

Structure : The -wright of The Playwright's Craft.

Working : Writing Techniques, Rewriting & Editing.

Format : For Manuscripts & More Interesting Things.

Business : Submitting Scripts, Copyright, Royalties, & Resources.

Glossary of film: A comprehensive list of all the terms used by the film industry.

History of Theatre

Prejudice Against the Theatre : An essay outlining the historical roots of Christian prejudice against the theatre. A scholarly essay.

The Tragedies and Comedies of Ancient Greek theatre. If you’ve ever seen the smiling and frowning masks used to represent theater and the dramatic arts, you’re looking at a tribute to the culture of ancient Greece. The Greeks’ influence on theater and literature is still found in the plays, movies, and books we enjoy today.

The Nature of Theatre

What is good Christian drama? By Dramatix co-ordinator John McNeil. Click here to read.

The Nature of Theatre : Essay introducing theatre and its relationship to religion.

Of Pain, Connection, and Process : The need for pain in spiritual connection.

Definitions and Spellings : Basic definitions and spellings.

Experience of Witnessing : Theatre as a witnessing agent to people.

Why do drama? A quick overview of the history of drama, its place in the church, and some of the requirements. Click here to read.

Self Indulgence and Grand Ideas.

Outreach or Inreach?

Just say no to bad drama in church:

Playback Theatre : Playback Theatre is an improvisational performance-art form based on true stories told by the audience. A summary from articles written by Playback companies.

Starting out in Drama

A Calling to the Stage: Actor's Edition. This 150-page book is available without charge, and is distributed in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), for the user to download and print out locally. This book is geared for the individual (Christian) amateur actor, and is meant to be a handbook to guide them through the complete rehearsal/performance process. A simple registration is required, but the book is free.

The companion volume to the Actor's Edition is nearing completion, and should be available some time around the middle of this year. A Calling to the Stage: Director's Edition includes everything in the Actor's Edition, but has additional chapters specific to the director of Christian drama. Currently, "pre-publication" chapters are available at our Download Center, for those who would like to sample portions of this new volume. When the new book is completed, it will be available for free download, much as the Actor's Edition. The Pre-publication chapters can be accessed at

Ok, What's With All This Christian Drama Stuff

Basic drama terminology and techniques :

Getting Started

How can I do drama when we don't have a drama team or any actors? One answer is to use still photographs and PowerPoint.

Share Your Gift

Preparing to "do Christian drama" :

Low team morale:

Theatre & Worship

Theatre as a Method for Worship : Theatre as a way to witness.

Theatre as Part of the Worship Service : Theatre as worship.

Introducing Theatre as Worship : Introducing theatre as worship to the congregation.

Conflict : Conflict in theatre as worship.

The We Can Do Anything Fish Kingdom : "Children's" story about conflict.


How Theatre Happens : Who does what.

Directing Theatre : The basic directing steps.

Directing for Reunions and Congregations : A more detailed essay on directing for church.

Tips for the Director : Thoughts about directors and directing as a way to witness.

Directing for Stage and Screen.

An actor contract : Ever had trouble with lack of commitment among your actors?

Copyright issues

How to copyright your scripts : Applies principally to United States authors.

Why Copyright ? : In which the author explodes a few myths, and explains a simple (and cheap) method to protect copyright.

Getting Scripts : About agreements and copyright laws.

Copyright :

Writing skills

Where to begin? if you want to write a play? From proper play format to learning the craft.

Marketing your script, tips on getting it read by the right people.


Script Analysis

Whaddya Mean The Script Ain't Right?

Slice of life dramas :

Improve your writing : Over 200 pages of articles designed to help anyone improve their general and writing and editing skills. 

Guide to screenwriting contests: Most writers probably know how hard it is to make it as a screenwriter whether you're brand new or have been working hard for a while. The good news is that there is a way to get your work seen by some of the biggest names. For an aspiring screenwriter hoping to break into Hollywood, then screenwriting contests, competitions, and fellowships are the best bet! This guide could be a useful resource providing advice, guidance, and external resources for writers.

Acting Technique

Acting with impact :

The Rehearsal Process: Rules for actors :

The actor and the director relationship :

Characterisation :

Acting Workshop Online : All aspects of acting are covered here.

How to portray suicide, or other highly emotional parts. By Dramatix co-ordinator John McNeil.

Not necessarily Christian BUT very much acting. The ABWAG style of acting is what we all need to become better actors. You are not you. You are the character!


Costuming in the Theatre : Some really practical tips for costuming plays from Donna Gordon, who has a passion for sewing.

Makeup and Cosmetic History: Since ancient times makeup has been used to enhance beauty. Take the ancient Egyptians for example who wore makeup made of lead ore and copper. Women of the ancient world were often innovative when it came to their cosmetic needs. Berries were used to darken lips, the ashes of burnt matches were used to darken eyes, and much more. Today, we have developed makeup for practically every application you can think of, and it plays an important part in all aspects of theatre. (Thanks to the students of Learning Haven for finding this article.)


Tim & Tanya Chartier Mime Workshop : A subset of the Dramashare site, with teaching on mime.


Thoughts on clowning from Tim & Tanya Chartier.


Using puppetry

Puppetry Traditions Around the World

How to Make Shadow Puppets

Readers Theatre

What is Readers Theatre :

Readers Theatre :


The Improv Page : a clearing house for information about improvisation.

Shadow Theatre

How to Make Shadow Puppets

Drama in schools

Arts on the Move : a set of resources for teachers of drama in school.

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