What Do They Call Us?

By Frank Irace


Five babies discuss life on the outside from their mothers' wombs, unaware they are waiting to be aborted.


Exodus 20, Exodus 21, Psalms 139



Players recite their lines from within the large plastic bags. They use plenty of movement and their voices should sound as if they are in wonderment.


(Song: Somebody's gonna have to answer)

Baby #1: Wow! This is so cool!

Baby #2: Yeah! Look at me! I can turn! ( turns in bag )

Baby #3: Awesome! I feel so alive! Check it out, I can kick! ( Kicks inside bag ) I can't wait to see the outside. What do you think it's like?

Baby #4: Outside? I don't know. But I'm kinda scared to find out. It so safe in here. I just...

Baby # 1: Cool! Hey you!

Baby # 5: Who me?

Baby #1: Yeah you. You're lookin kinda tiny, Pee Wee. Are you OK?

Baby #5: Yeah. I'm just starting out. I'm only two months old. Gimme a chance, I'll catch up with the rest of you guys.

Baby # 2: And girls!

Baby # 5: OOPS! Sorry. Check out my hands! ( Hands on plastic bag )

Baby #1: I've been in here for seven months. I'm ready to get outta here! ( Kicks )

Baby #2: Me too! What are they waiting for? Another limb to grow? I don't think we'll develop anymore.

Baby #1: I can't wait to get out! Where are we anyway?

Baby # 5: I don't know. But we're all in this same place for some reason.

Baby # 1: Well I just want out. I'm getting impatient. When I see my dad I think I'll pee-pee on him and then smile. I hear they think that's cute.

( Gas sound FX )

ALL: Augh!!!!

Baby # 4: Sorry guys. Just A little nervous tension being released. I hear they think that's cute too!

Baby # 3: What do you guys think it's like? I mean, maybe we're better off in here.

Baby #1: Stop being a baby! Oh, um... I mean relax. I betcha it's great out there. Sometimes I could hear my mom talking. She talks about so much stuff. There must be so much for us to do.

Baby # 4: Yeah, like what?

Baby # 5: Well, I hear my mom talking about something called High School. Last week I heard her say that her grades are bad, whatever that means. She said, "As soon as this baby is out I'm going back". So I guess the first place I'm going when I get out is High School!


Baby #2: I heard my mom telling my Dad that she wants her career. She said nothing is more important than her career. So I guess out there we're called careers!

ALL: Wow, I'm a career!

Baby # 3: It sounds like we'll feel the same love and security out there as we do in here. I'm starting to feel a little nervous.

Baby # 4: You know what's funny?

Baby # 2: Your chromosomes?

Baby # 4: No stupid! What's funny is that I thought we were called mistakes on the outside.

Baby # 3: Why do you say that?

Baby # 4: Well, I heard my Mom tell a doctor that she made a mistake. Then she starting making these strange sounds.

Baby # 5: Like what?

Baby # 4: Like this... ( makes weeping sounds ) It must be called crying 'cause the Doctor said "don't cry". It didn't sound like she was having a good time. The Doctor said once the mistake is taken care of, she'll be OK.

ALL: Awesome! I'm a mistake!

Baby # 5: That's weird. I heard my mom talking to a Doctor too. But he called us something entirely different.

ALL: Cool! What are we called?

B # 5: I can't remember.

ALL: Aw, c'mon!

Baby #5: Gimme a minute! It was some kinda scientific name. It sounded like AAAB...

ALL: What!

Baby # 5: ( Struggling to sound it out ) AAAAB...OOORT... ION.


Baby # 5: ( Gets it ) Abortion! that's it! We're called abortions!...

( At that moment Doctors will burst in with blood up to their elbows. The Doctors drag the babies out of their bags. Babies scream and fight back as they are carried off. )

Narrator: ( Doctor steps out of character ) Nearly half of all American woman will have had at least one abortion by age 45. Fifty five percent of women who obtain abortions are under age 25. There were one million two hundred ten thousand, eight hundred eighty three abortions performed in the U. S. alone. And there is no end in sight. Few woman with an unwanted pregnancy are told of the marvelous development of the life growing within them. In their haste and ignorance, abortion seems to be the right direction to take at the moment. Rarely are they warned of what will happen to their baby. They are not told of the possible physical or physchological affects of abortion which may stay with them the rest of their lives. Mothers are not told the cruel truth that the fragile life within them may be torn to pieces or sucked into a jar, or poisoned by a strong salt solution, or perhaps born alive and allowed to die by neglect or sometimes killed by a direct act on the part of the abortionist. God cares for those inside as well as outside of the womb. He knows us before we are even born. The Bible says you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb...I am fearfully and wonderfully made...My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place... Your eyes saw my unformed body. God wants life not death and He offers forgiveness to those who acknowledge their sin.


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