What Did I Do?

by Joanne Miller


A woman, who is an amateur actress, tells an absorbed co-worker that she got a part playing an abused wife who divorces her husband.  Suddenly all kinds of rumors are flying at work, most of them untrue, about abuse, beatings, and even attempted murder.


Anna Ė amateur actress
Tom  - absorbed co-worker
Sue  - gossipy co-worker
Tara Ė rumor loving co-worker
Jim  - concerned co-worker


(Scene opens with Tom at work (obviously very busy) behind a desk.  Anna enters.)

Anna: Tom, guess what!

Tom: (Distracted) What?

Anna: Remember that play I told you I was auditioning for?  I got the part!

Tom: Great!

Anna: I get to play the leading lady!  Itís very tragic.  (Anna plays this to the hilt) I get a divorce from a verbally and physically abusive husband who ends up being obsessed with getting me back.

Tom: Thatís too bad.

Anna: He sends me cards that read, ďto my darling wife from your ever-loving husbandĒ.  He sends me expensive gifts with the date of our wedding engraved on them.  He invites me on romantic cruises.  Of course, I donít go.  Heís a real nut case!

Tom: Sounds like it.

Anna: Iíve got to go tell Mary Ann.  See you later.

Tom: Bye.

(Sue enters.)

Sue: Hi, Tom.  Have you seen Anna?

Tom: Yeah, she just left.

Sue: Did she say anything?

Tom: Yeah.  She said she was getting a divorce.

Sue: A divorce!  From Ricky?

Tom: Is that her husband?

Sue: Of course heís her husband.  You were at the wedding, too.

Tom: Then I guess that must be whom sheís getting a divorce from.

Sue: But why would they be getting divorced?  Theyíve only been married for five months!

Tom: (Still concentrating on his work) She said something about him being abusive and obsessive.  He wants to get her on a cruise ship and push her overboard or something.

Sue: Youíre joking!

Tom: Iím just telling you what she said.

Sue: I canít believe this.

(Tara enters.)

Tara: Canít believe what?

Sue: Anna and Ricky are getting a divorce.

Tara: You canít be serious.

Sue: Anna said that Ricky beats her and heís so jealous that she canít even walk out the door without his consent.

Tara: Ricky?  That doesnít sound like him.

Sue: Thatís what I thought, but Anna was the one who said it so it must be true.  He even tried to drown her by pushing her overboard from a cruise ship.

Tara: Oh my gosh!  Heís so quiet and shy.  I guess thatís the type you have to watch out for.

Sue: Iíve got to go and find her.  She must be so upset.  Did she seem really upset, Tom?

Tom: (Paying no attention) Who?

Sue: ANNA!  Was she really upset?

Tom: I guess so.  She practically RAN out of here.

Sue: Iíve got to find her.  (Exits)

(Jim enters.)

Jim: Who is she looking for?

Tara: Anna.  Have you seen her?

Jim: No.  Is anything wrong?

Tara: Yes, it sure is.  Anna and Ricky are getting a divorce because he beats her, yells at her, and calls her names.

Jim: Really?

Tara: Not only that but the only time sheís allowed to leave the house is to come to work.

Jim: Thatís awful.

Tara: It sure is.  Sheís a prisoner in her own home!

Jim: I canít blame her then for wanting a divorce.

Tara: Thatís not the worst part.

Jim: Itís not?

Tara: He tried to drown her when they were on a cruise ship for their honeymoon.

Jim: Are you serious?

Tara: I wouldnít kid you about something like that.

(Anna re-enters.)

Anna: Something like what?

(Tara puts arms around Anna.)

Tara: Oh, Anna, Iím so sorry to hear about all the trouble.

Anna: All what trouble?

(Sue rushes in.)

Sue: Here you are, Anna!  Iíve been looking all over for you.  Oh, you poor thing!

Anna: Whatís going on?  Why are you sorry for me?

Tara:  Because you and Ricky are getting divorced.

Anna: What?

Tara: Yes, and we know how he beats you.

Sue: And how he tried to drown you.

Anna: Are you crazy?   Rickyís a wonderful husband.

Jim: He is?

Anna: Yes, he is and he doesnít beat me.

Jim: He doesnít?

Anna: No!  And he certainly wouldnít try to drown me!

Sue: He wouldnít?

Anna: Of course not.  Whatever gave you such ideas?

Sue: He did! (She points to Tom.  All turn questioningly to him.)

Tom: (Finally pays full attention) What?  What did I do?


Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
This script may be performed free of charge, provided no charge is made for entrance or for programmes. In return, the authors would like to be notified of any performance. For further information regarding performance rights, they may be contacted at: joannesmiller65@gmail.com.