Watch This!!

By Gary Hubbard


One young kid teaches another about the truth of creation.


Genesis 1 Creation Week


2 children


A clear, zip-lock bag containing a short piece of leather, a few coins, a little sand, and a watch battery.


Kid 1: (Violently shaking a plastic bag full of material)

Kid 2: (Enters, looking puzzled) Okay... I give up. What are you doing?

Kid 1: I'm trying to create a watch. A friend at school has a new watch, and I want one like his.

Kid 2: You're trying to create a watch? But you're just standing there shaking that bag like an idiot. What's in it?

Kid 1: (Looking inside the bag) I've got an old leather string for the band. I threw in some coins for all the metal parts. I know that glass is made from sand so I put some sand in. I didn't know how to create a watch battery, so I cheated and just put one in.

Kid 2: And you think that shaking those parts together is going to create a watch?

Kid 1: Well, I saw on TV last night that some scientist believe that everything came into being from some big explosion. The Big Bang is what he called it. How hard can it be to create a little ol' watch?

Kid 2: I've heard that some people think that everything in the universe came from some big bang. But, I believe that we are all part of God's great design. I believe he spoke and all things were created. I place my faith in the Creator.

Kid 1: According to the guy on TV, it's just a matter of time before I get everything in the right order. I figure I'll have my watch in just a few days. I mean it not like I'm trying to create a puppy.

Kid 2: Uck! I don't want to think what you might have in that bag if you were trying to create a puppy!

Kid 1: So you don't have faith that I'll be able to create a watch?

Kid 2: Oh, I've got a lot of faith, but I don't have enough faith to believe that.

Kid 1: As soon as I create my watch, I'll create one for you.

Kid 2: Hey, thanks. But I won't hold my breath, because you're missing the most important part of that watch.

Kid 1: (Looking in the bag) I am? What's that?

Kid 2: The watch maker. (exits)

Kid 1: (Looks confused and scratches his head)


Copyright Gary Hubbard, all rights reserved.
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