Stormyís Forecast

By Glenn A. Hascall


A severe weather update has just been issued; Stormy Kendall is a meteorologist who doesnít seem willing to take his responsibility seriously. Designed to be a springboard to discuss responsibility.


JOHN (radio announcer),


JOHN: We break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you this weather alert. Standing by at the weather desk is Stormy Kendall. Stormy?

STORMY: (Playing a game on a cell phone - pretends to lose) Ah man.

JOHN: What is it stormy?

STORMY: Just lost the game.

JOHN: (Nervous chuckle) Uh, Stormy weíre live on the air - wasnít there something you wanted to share with the audience?

STORMY: You mean that weather thingy?

JOHN: Well, you are the meteorologist.

STORMY: (Almost sarcastic - or at the very least not enthusiastic) Oh, all right. Residents in Pulanka County are under a thunderstorm warning for the next 30 minutes. Thunderstorms can and occasionally do produce tornados - be prepared for nickel sized hail, gusty winds and dangerous lightning. You might even want to stay inside.

JOHN: You know, if a tornado does approach - and youíre in a vehicle - you should abandon the vehicle and get into a ditch.

STORMY: Get out of my car - in the rain? Are you nuts, Iíd probably just stay in the car and hope for the best.

JOHN: (Stage whisper - angry) Stormy, weíre still on the air. (Back to the radio announcer voice) Of course Stormy was joking about the car issue.

STORMY: No I wasnít - and why are we even talking about the storm - I donít live in Pulanka county.

JOHN: Well, thatís in the next county to the east - we want to keep our listeners informed.

STORMY: OK, so it stinks to be in Pulanka County - big deal, I donít live there. Besides you interrupted a song that I really like - could you put that back on?

JOHN: As soon as the warning is over, Stormy. Donít you have something you should be doing right now?

STORMY: Oh yeah, right. Itís quitting time - see ya tomorrow. (Walks off stage)

(Fade to black)


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