A mime by Julia Weaver


Eat, sleep, work, party. Then Death. Surely there is more to life than just this?


John 10v10. Jesus said 'I come to give life, and life in all its fullness'

Number of Characters

between 4 and 6 (plus 'narrator').


Up to the narrator how long it repeats for, usually 3 minutes or so.


Characters stand in a line facing the audience, heads down.

Someone off-stage shouts 'Life!'

Characters look up, happy.

Person off stage starts clapping a slow rhythm and shouts 'work!'.

The characters mime working, each with a different job.

As the beat continues, person off-stage shouts 'eat!' - the characters mime eating, each in a different way (posh, not-so-posh, shovin' it in, etc…).

'Sleep' is shouted and the characters mime sleeping, in different ways.

As the beat continues, it gets faster, and 'work!', 'eat!' 'sleep!' are shouted with less time between them, making the mimes act out each word faster.

Every now and then, interspersed with 'party!' and the mimes dance in a different way.

As the clapping continues it gets faster and faster and the mimes work faster and faster and as they do so, their faces become less and less happy, and when they are sleeping, it's disturbed sleep.

Eventually, the person off stage shouts 'death!' and the mimes fall to the ground instantly, dead. Person off-stage comes forward, stands in front of the mimes and says to the audience 'There must be more to life than this'.


Script posted by Julia Wheeler. If you use it, please let me know on
Happy sharing the message of Jesus!